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Monday, September 24, 2018

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Lane Kiffin made up fake quote for bulletin board material

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin is willing to go to great lengths to motivate his team to face one of its toughest opponents of the year on Friday — even if it means making up quotes from opposing players.

With FAU preparing to take on UCF, Kiffin printed out a quote from Knights defensive back Nevelle Clarke and hung it in the weight room. The comment makes it seem like Clarke predicted he is going to get the best of star running back Devin Singletary.

The problem? Well, there are actually two of them. For starters, Kiffin misspelled Clarke’s last name. But more importantly, Clarke never said anything about stopping Singletary in his tracks. The quote likely stems from an article in the Orlando Sentinel, in which author Brian Murphy wrote that Clarke is “looking forward to that challenge and stopping Conference’s USA’s reigning Most Valuable Player dead in his tracks.” The only actual quote he attributed to Clarke, however, was Clarke calling Singletary a “pretty good back.”

We know Kiffin has a lot of respect for No. 16-ranked UCF based on what he said about them earlier this week, but he probably should have stuck with just hanging that fake quote in the weight room. The Twitter police catches everything.

Lane Kiffin has very high praise for UCF

Lane Kiffin

Florida Atlantic will face one of its toughest opponents of the season on Friday night, and Lane Kiffin believes it will be as difficult of a task as facing any team in the country.

With his team preparing to take on No. 16-ranked UCF this week, Kiffin seemed to indicate he agrees that the Knights could have been in the College Football Playoff last season. As far as Kiffin is concerned, facing UCF is like matching up against an SEC team.

Coming from a guy who was both a head coach and an offensive coordinator in the SEC, that is a noteworthy compliment.

If you subscribe to what one FAU player said about the Owls prior to the season, Friday night’s game might as well be a showdown between SEC powerhouse teams. UCF may not be quite as strong as a year ago under Scott Frost, but the Knights have not lost a game since 2016. Kiffin’s team was dismantled by Oklahoma to start off the season, and he knows they will have to be much better to hang with UCF.

Lane Kiffin says his Twitter personality attracts recruits

Lane Kiffin FAU

Lane Kiffin may have toned down his brash attitude a bit since becoming Florida Atlantic’s head coach, but one area where he remains vocal is on Twitter.

Kiffin’s Twitter is a goldmine for humor, but you can also frequently find him trolling Alabama there.

Other college football head coaches aren’t acting so boldly on their Twitter accounts, so why is Lane? He says it helps bring attention to his school and attracts recruits.

“People say ‘Why is he doing that on Twitter? Why is he doing that? Well, he’s doing that because it’s helping the school. It’s bringing more kids here. The recruits like it. The recruits’ parents like it. And our fan base likes it. Maybe someday you guys will get that,” Kiffin told SI’s Andy Staples for a story published on Wednesday.

It seems to be working, too.

Kiffin is bringing in some recruits — many as transfers — and helped the team go 11-3 last season. The school also says applications were up 35 percent, which they attribute to the attention Kiffin has drawn to the university.

Maybe he does know what he’s doing.

Lane Kiffin on Kyler Murray: ‘He’s a problem’

Lane Kiffin FAU

Lane Kiffin’s FAU Owls will open up the season on Saturday against Oklahoma, and he knows how difficult of a challenge that game will be.

The Sooners, who reached the College Football Playoff last season, lost Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield. Taking the No. 1 draft pick’s place at quarterback will be Kyler Murray, the two-sport star who plans to pursue a professional baseball career with the Oakland A’s after the season.

Murray is a special athlete, which will make him particularly tough to defend.

“He’s a problem,” Kiffin said of Murray, via the Palm Beach Post. “These are the guys you want to play the least. People that give you all those problems are the guys who, when plays don’t happen in rhythm like a plays in football, especially college (don’t), they have the ability to get out of trouble and you can cover everybody and have the play matched perfect and the guy still takes off and runs for 15 yards.”

The Post says Kiffin also compared Murray to some of the dual-threat QBs who gave Alabama trouble the past few years when Lane was the Tide’s offensive coordinator.

Oklahoma enters the game as a 21-point favorite over FAU. Kiffin will need some serious magic to pull off a win.

Lane Kiffin explains the strategy behind his Twitter account

Lane Kiffin

Since becoming head coach at Florida Atlantic, Lane Kiffin has attracted all sorts of attention, including for his Twitter account. Sometimes irreverent, sometimes funny, sometimes trolling, Kiffin’s tweets attract attention.

So is there a strategy behind it? According to the man himself, not really. He simply decided to be his true self after leaving Alabama in 2016.

“It really wasn’t some detailed, thought-out plan,” Kiffin told Adam Kramer of Bleacher Report. “We’re all so worried about what people will say, how they look, what they wear and things like that. I’m not like that, obviously. You only live once.”

Kiffin originally joined Twitter to use it as a recruiting tool, but has taken it above and beyond. He is aware that his tweets are a good way to attract attention from recruits and non-recruits alike, and likes the authenticity it can provide.

“A lot of these coaches have their GAs [graduate assistants] or other people writing their stuff,” Kiffin said. “How real is that? I don’t want to read your tweets that somebody else did. I can look up your stats, your graduation rates and how many touchdowns you’ve thrown on my own.”

Kiffin uses Twitter to offer his thoughts on life, politics, football, and even his former employers. It has certainly made him unpopular in some circles, but given the on-field success they had in 2017 and the recruits they’re competing for that normally wouldn’t be available to a smaller program, it’s hard to deny that his strategy — or whatever you wish to call it — is working.

Lane Kiffin defends Nick Saban against ‘cheating’ allegation

Lane Kiffin FAU

Lane Kiffin loves to troll Nick Saban and take jabs at his former boss, but this time he decided to come to the Alabama coach’s defense.

A CBS Sports poll asked coaches to identify the most overrated and underrated coaches. One coach called Saban overrated and even said that he cheats.

“If you had the No. 1 recruiting class in the country every year [you’d win like Nick Saban]. He shows up at every single game with a better roster than the teams he ‘s playing. … If you count cheating and getting the best players in the country as part of running a program, he’s the best in the country. It’s like saying an NFL coach is the best coach in the league if he gets 25 first-round picks every year,” one coach said about Saban, according to the poll.

Kiffin was asked about that allegation during an interview with Colin Cowherd and tore it apart. Instead, he attributed Saban’s success in recruiting to his work ethic.

“He’s the best recruiter in the world because of the time he spends,” Kiffin told Cowherd, according to The Spun. “He’s on the phone with recruits every single day. At night he has a list of recruits he’s personally calling himself.

“The only cheating they do is he works harder than everybody else.”

Kiffin further praised Saban on Twitter, calling him the “best coach in the history of college football.”

“The best coach in the history of college football ever!! How can u say he’s overrated??? Coaches just hate on him bc he beats them on the field and out recruits them off the field!!”

It’s good to know that beneath all the jabs and shots at Saban, Kiffin does have a deep level of respect for the Alabama coach.

Lane Kiffin does his best to rile up LSU fans

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin is probably a bigger troll than any head coach in college football, and LSU fans are his latest target.

In an appearance on “Off the Bench” on 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge this week, Kiffin was asked about a 2014 game when Alabama pulled off an overtime win against LSU at Tiger Stadium. Kiffin, who was an offensive assistant with the Crimson Tide at the time, said a lack of crowd noise made the victory possible.

“It’s because Tiger Stadium wasn’t loud enough,” he said, as transcribed by Matt Moscona of Gridiron Now. “We were able to whistle from the sidelines and audible to the pick play — I mean rub play, not pick play — to score down there in the end zone.”

Alabama tied the game at 13-13 with a field goal at the end of OT and went on to win on a six-yard touchdown pass from Blake Sims to DeAndrew White. As Kiffin remembers it, Alabama was able to change the play because crowd noise wasn’t a factor.

“C’mon Tiger fans. You gotta be a little louder,” he added. “I thought it was supposed to be loud there at night. Night games in Baton Rouge are supposed to be tough or something.”

Kiffin, of course, is now coaching at Florida Atlantic, so he won’t have to worry about interacting with LSU fans in the near future. As Nick Saban could tell you, Kiffin never passes up an opportunity to take a swipe at someone.

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