Larry Brown doesn’t seem to think Jeremy Lin is worth $29 million

If all goes as expected, the Knicks will match the Rockets’ four-year, $28.8 million offer sheet for Jeremy Lin. The guy who came out of nowhere last season to do crazy things for the Knicks and astound the basketball world for two, maybe three, weeks and then fizzled out almost as quickly as he came into the spotlight (thanks mostly to injury), that guy’s getting offered $29 million? Yes, over four years in one of those whacky and problematic “poison pill” contracts.

While it might seem to some basketball observers that offering $29 million to a wild card like Lin might qualify as overpaying, former Knicks coach Larry Brown doesn’t necessarily disagree. Brown on Thursday was a guest on The Mike Lupica Show and expressed some reservations about New York going in for that much on the popular point guard.

“I think the kid was great,” Brown said. “The system helped him be really great. It’s a wonderful story. But I look at him as a terrific backup in the NBA. I may be wrong, I really want him to be successful but I think if you overpay him for the interest that he created that’s not the best thing.

“I think you overpay him if you think he’s going to make you better, going to make Stoudemire better, going to make Carmelo better, going to make Tyson better….then pay him as much as you can.”

Brown was coach of the Knicks when Isiah Thomas was running the team. So, you’d think he’d know a bad Knicks transaction when he sees one.

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Larry Brown cuts SMU team captain who ‘wasn’t good enough to play for him’

Larry Brown isn’t playing around when it comes to this SMU job. Introduced on Monday as the Mustangs men’s basketball coach, Brown has already cut three players, including team captain and starting point guard Jeremiah Samarrippas. Brown was reportedly blunt when he broke the news to the him.

“He basically told me that I wasn’t good enough to play for him,” the sophomore said, according to The Daily Campus.

Oof. Brutal.

Samarrippas averaged 6.9 points, 2.2 rebounds and 4.2 assists in 31 starts last season. He was fifth in the conference in assists and assists-to-turnover ratio. We don’t know the whole story that led to his dismissal. (For all we know, there could have been a Gene-Hackman-in-“Hoosiers” moment where Brown less than 5 minutes into the first practice cut guys who were being jerks.) But if it is performance based, I don’t know what Brown is expecting. He’s inheriting a 13-19 team in Conference USA.

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Larry Brown rips Michael Jordan’s Bobcats, Jordan responds

Larry Brown continued his criticism of Michael Jordan’s Bobcats this week, and Jordan has responded.

Brown was announced as SMU’s new basketball coach last week, and he also gave a lengthy interview to NBA.com. In that interview, Brown, who was fired by Michael Jordan as coach of the Bobcats in December 2010, was critical of Charlotte’s front office.

“The biggest problem — and [Michael Jordan] might get mad at me — he needs more people to challenge him and I don’t think he has enough of that,” Brown told NBA.com. “He needs more people around him who he has respect for who are not afraid to tell him what’s right. That’s the one thing I’m disappointed in. He tries to help a lot of people, put a lot of his friends in positions where he can kind of help them, but at the end of the day if they have his best interests they’ll be challenging him because he does want to be the best. We made the playoffs, but he wasn’t satisfied with that.”

Brown was even more critical of Jordan’s Bobcats during an interview with The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday.

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Larry Brown drops Allen Iverson ‘practice’ reference in SMU speech (Video)

Larry Brown has officially accepted the head coaching job at SMU, and the 71-year-old coach says he’s most excited about returning to teach young kids. Brown emphasized he’s looking forward to working with players at practice, and that’s when he dropped an impression of his former star player, Allen Iverson.

“I just think being a college coach, you’re really a teacher, and that’s something that I love to do. I love practice,” Brown said.

“Practice?” he said, mimicking Allen Iverson. “I love practice.”

“Do you guys know what I’m talking about?” Brown said, pointing at his young players. “I don’t have to explain that one.”

As young as those guys must have been when Iverson went on his rant, I’m sure they’ve all probably heard about it. It’s kind of hard not to.

As for the hire, I don’t think it’s as bad of an idea as most other people. Even if Brown is only there two seasons, if he can improve the program, the job will become more attractive the next time SMU is looking to hire.

Larry Brown reportedly interviews for SMU job (Update)

Larry Brown wants back into coaching and is willing to go back to college to stay in the game. Reports over the past week stated Brown was interested in the vacancy at SMU, and he confirmed that was the case while appearing on NBA TV Saturday.

“I’d like to coach or be involved in basketball in some capacity,” said on NBA TV. “I would certainly be interested in SMU, but for the time being, I have bigger fish to fry.”

Several reports stated Brown was scheduled to arrive in Dallas on Sunday to interview for the SMU job. There hasn’t been any confirmation that he in fact interviewed for the job or speculation where he ranks on the list of candidates. But we do know the 71-year-old wants a chance to lead the Mustangs back to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1993.

“I love the preparation, I love being around the coaches, being around the players, and what I’ve found, pro or college, guys want to get better. They want a coach that’s going to challenge them, try to teach them, and that’s something that I really like,” Brown said on NBA TV.

SMU fired Matt Doherty last month and is looking for a replacement. We’re still waiting for Brown to get on with his retirement to end the ambiguity between this site and the coach, which are completely unrelated.

UPDATE: The Dallas Morning News considers Brown the favorite for the job.

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Coach Larry Brown believes Kentucky could beat half the teams in the NBA

Just when you thought the “How would Kentucky do against an NBA team?” debate had ended, coach Larry Brown had to go ahead and restart the conversation.

Brown, who is in New Orleans watching the teams of his former staff members John Calipari and Bill Self, reportedly told SI’s Tim Layden that Kentucky could beat half the teams in the NBA.

Brown must have been impressed with the Wildcats’ performance against Louisville to say something like that. I wouldn’t go as far as Magic coach Stan Van Gundy who said the notion that Kentucky could beat an NBA team is “absurd,” but I’ll repeat that oddsmakers would have the Wizards as a 30-point favorite over the Cats in a game. Kentucky might have a shot at beating the worst teams, but that’s unlikely. Don’t tell that to Brown, however.

There Was Nothing Wrong with the Name

Until that no-talent carpet bagger decided to start taking coaching jobs all over the place, sullying the name that is Larry Brown. I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting a response to my namesake taking a job with the Bobcats, so I’ll have at it. First of all, I would like to say that I was planning on this ass clown being done with his coaching career by the time I actually started doing productive things with my life like masturbating caged animals for a living writing a sports site and giving scores on the radio. I tried the whole middle initial thing for a while there in college, but Larry W. Brown never seemed right. Neither did Laurence Brown, nor L. Whitney Brown as it were. I’ve always just been Larry Brown. So now I’m just waiting for this dude to kick the coaching bucket. So anyway …

This is probably a good move for Mr. Brown. He goes to a team with no expectations, no culture of winning, and no history of success. He can easily step in and be the savior, making the franchise respectable and blow their mind by taking Charlotte to the playoffs. There was no way Larry was going to end his career on the Knicks note. But now he can be the charmed prince just by leading this team to the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference — a feat well within his means. It’s a talented roster with some good pieces in place. Hopefully he leads the turnaround and sends Charlotte to the playoffs next season, and then retires following his second year there, after they’ve won their first playoff series in franchise history. That’s the sort of the timeline I have in my head, and I’m guessing both LB and MJ are thinking the same thing. Then he can ride off into the sunset and never be heard from again, and I can go on living my life without this Waldo mucking everything up.