Larry Johnson allegedly strangled his ex-girlfriend until she passed out

This Larry Johnson character is truly quite the gem.

The former All-Pro Chiefs running back reportedly was arrested for battery with strangulation on Friday after allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend inside a Bellagio hotel room in Las Vegas.

This marks the FIFTH time Johnson was arrested for an alleged violent incident with a woman. We’ll run through the list later, but first, more details on this event.

Johnson was arrested at 4:30 a.m. on Friday and was said to be drinking before getting into it with his ex-girlfriend, who had marks on her face and bruises on her neck when police saw her.

The two reportedly had been partying and drinking together and went to Johnson’s room to catch up. Johnson reportedly became enraged when the subject of his daughter came up, and he responded by attacking his ex-girlfriend. He allegedly choked the woman until she passed out. According to TMZ, she told police she woke up in the 10th floor hallway of the hotel wearing just underwear and a see-through top, and that she had to bang on doors to get help.

The ex-girlfriend reportedly also told police that Johnson had attacked her multiple times in the past. Knowing that, you have to wonder why she would be going to hang out with him in his room.

Johnson supposedly bragged to police that he got off on past charges, but now he could be facing a minimum of two years in state prison if convicted on domestic violence charges. Given his history, we’re hoping they finally put him away.

Here’s a rundown of his past acts of violence against women:

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Patriots Should Consider Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson has mustered up a total of 2 yards on 5 carries this season with the Washington Redskins.  To date, the signing has looked like an experiment gone bad.  That’s why no one here was surprised when larrybrownsports.com learned that Redskins released Johnson on Tuesday evening.

Washington GM Bruce Allen is indicating that the move had only to do with roster complications in saying that the team, “needed to make a roster move in preparation for this week’s game against the Rams.”  Sources tell the Washington Post that LJ — who has had his commitment questioned in the past — had been playing nice and doing what the coaches asked of him.  With that in mind, it isn’t out of the question that the Redskins will resign him after they make the necessary roster adjustments.

With an erratic personality like Johnson’s, it also wouldn’t be a shocker if he felt offended and decided to seek employment elsewhere.  Having dealt Laurence Maroney and just received news that Kevin Faulk has a torn ACL, the Patriots might do well to take a chance on the 30-year-old back.  If New England sticks with what they’ve got, they’re going to have to rely on 34-year old Fred Taylor and 33-year-old Sammy Morris to remain healthy.  BenJarvus Green-Ellis has shown some signs of life for the Patriots at times, but he’s certainly not an every down back.

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Chiefs Post New Sign About Losers, Directed at Larry Johnson?

The Chiefs are in the midst of yet another losing season, having a record of 1-6 on the year. While we’re already aware of the issues they’ve had with volatile running back Larry Johnson, it seems as if they’re trying to avoid any other problems within the organization — the sort of the thing that can mount as the result of constant losing. Rotoworld has tipped me off to the latest sign posted at the team’s facility, courtesy of beat writer Josh Looney. See it below:

Chiefs Larry Johnson sign

Judging by this sign, it’s safe to say LJ won’t be back with the team next year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets less than 100 carries over the course of his career following the season. In other words, after several heavy workloads with the Chiefs, he’s probably done. Although the team stinks right now, I do have confidence they have some of the right pieces in part to slowly start turning things around. Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel is a good start.

Larry Johnson Deserves to get Paid

If there’s one player whose plight I can cope with, it’s definitely Larry Johnson. In a Q&A with Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star, Johnson says he’s prepared for a holdout. Grandmama’s set to make $1.7 million this year, but that’s nothing compared to what he does. Johnson is a banger and a bruiser, and at the pace he’s going, he’s not going to have much of a shelf life. Let’s break it down.

Larry carried the ball 417 times last year. He also caught 41 passes. The guy’s a freaking workhorse like no other, and he’s a fantastic back. Dude’s 27-years-old, and he’s taken the pill almost 900 times in his career. I don’t think he’ll be around a heck of a lot longer. Maybe what, five more years of good production? Most likely 2-3, right? So of course the guy wants to capitalize on a payday while he has the chance.

And as my buddy Michael David Smith mentioned to me, he’s probably thinking he can do just what Priest Holmes did a few years ago, holding out until the Chiefs cave in and give him a contract. Normally I feel that athletes who sign deals should live up to them. But in this case, I definitely sympathize and understand Johnson’s plight. He deserves to get paid. The Chiefs might as well do it now, rather than later, when LJ’s on the downswing of his career.