Redskins tell LaVar Arrington not to market himself as ‘Redskins great’

LaVar Arrington flier Redskins

Is there a sports franchise more caught up in petty and frivolous matters than the Washington Redskins? Here’s a team that has one of the more offensive nicknames in sports and refuses to change it, yet they go out of their way to make sure one of their franchise “greats” does not market himself that way. Seriously.

LaVar Arrington, who was a first-round pick by the team in 2000 and made three Pro Bowls during his brief injury-shortened career, tweeted Thursday night to say that he received a cease and desist letter from the team telling him not to use the moniker “Redskins great” or the team’s uniform on a flier for his football camp (seen above).

He then sent out a series of tweets about the laughing matter:

At least Arrington has a sense of humor about the matter. Too bad the Redskins don’t.

The irony in all this is as The Washington Post pointed out, Arrington was actually named one of the 80 greatest Redskins in franchise history back in 2012. The team gave him that honor.

Plus, does anyone really think that putting “Redskins” on the flier actually helps attendance? Gimme a break.

Photo: Twitter/LaVar Arrington

LaVar Arrington: Keeping kids from playing football is ‘sissification’

And the mixed reactions keep coming. Since Kurt Warner made his comments about not wanting his sons to play football, we have seen a number of players and former players share their thoughts on the matter. Some feel as though football is an extremely dangerous game and Warner has every right to prefer that his kids not play, while others like LaVar Arrington think his opinion is absurd.

“To me, it’s sissification, and I think that’s the only way to put it,” Arrington said on Outside the Lines Tuesday according to Pro Football Talk. “I will not go through my life scared and I don’t want my children to go through life scared. I started playing football when I was 8 years old and I would never not want to give that opportunity to my children.”

Arrington said he wants his son to play football and that he believes young children are generally not big enough nor strong enough to injure each other — assuming they’re supervised properly. The basis of the three-time Pro Bowler’s argument is that teaching kids that football is dangerous is more harmful to them than allowing them to play a physical sport.

The bottom line is I doubt Warner would prefer that his children play Xbox instead of football, and I don’t think people are getting that. Usain Bolt seems to be in decent physical condition, and he doesn’t smash helmets with his opponents to remain in shape. Given the lasting consequences some athletes have faced as a result of head injuries, Warner would prefer that his children play something associated with less risk.

Serena: Screw LaVar, I Got a New Guy

OK, the closest thing I could find on the internet about the rumored romance between Serena Williams and LaVar Arrington was from a chat answered by LaVar on The Washington Post website in which LaVar says the two are just friends. By just friends, I’m sure he meant Carrie and Mr. Big. But anywhoo, getting to the point, Media Take Out has pics of Serena Williams and her reported new man — actor Jackie Long. (is it bad that I’ve never heard of him?)

Am I the only one who thinks they look like brothers in the pic on the right? Man, she’s brutal without makeup. Kinda reminds me of someone else without makeup. But my man HG at You Been Blinded says she’s hot, so I guess that puts me in my place. Congrats to Long, he’ll most likely be living off Serena’s fame. And with more messes like this, don’t be surprised not to see a stellar performance at the French Open and Wimbledon by Serena. Pre-quarterfinals exit anyone?