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Friday, March 23, 2018

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LeBron James blew off Kevin Hart’s attempt to recruit him to Sixers

LeBron James
Kevin Hart won’t exactly have much sway in LeBron James’ free agency plans.

The famous comedian and Philadelphia native was speaking with TMZ Sports this week when the topic of recruiting James to the 76ers was brought up.

“Listen, I’ve already tried,” Hart replied. “I sent him $40, he didn’t accept it.

“I tried it already. I really did send him $40, and I said ‘Come to Philly,'” continued Hart. “He said kiss his a–, that’s what he said.”

The four-time MVP can, of course, become an unrestricted free agent after the season. Meanwhile, the Sixers with their high-ceiling young core are gaining steam as a possible destination should James leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As for Hart, he probably doesn’t have to be too shaken up that he got swatted away by James since plenty of others are already recruiting him to Philly.

Joe Thomas gets massive hug from LeBron James at Cavs game

Joe Thomas LeBron James

Joe Thomas was honored at Monday night’s Cleveland Cavaliers game and received quite a surprise.

The longtime Cleveland Brown announced his retirement last week. He attended Monday’s Cavs-Bucks game and was honored with a video and standing ovation during a timeout. But then the best surprise of all came when LeBron James went over to give him a hug:

Thomas was thrilled when James tweeted about him after he retired. Imagine how he’ll feel about getting that kind of respect from The King.

LeBron James, Ty Lue have tense exchange

LeBron James bald

LeBron James and Ty Lue had a tense exchange late in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ game at Portland on Thursday night.

As James was on the bench, he looked over Lue’s way and the two had words for each other:

The Vertical’s Chris Mannix says Lue had issues with James’ shot selection, leading to the exchange. Apparently the two also traded words on consecutive possessions prior to it continuing on the bench.

Lue better be careful. After all, he should be forewarned that he was yelling at the Cavaliers’ head coach.

We’ve seen James get animated in a team huddle this season, but this was a one-on-one matter between him and Lue, which is more sensitive.

LeBron James has funny response to Steelers’ attempts to recruit him

LeBron James

Inasmuch as LeBron James is chasing Michael Jordan on the list of all-time greats, he won’t be following MJ’s footsteps into a second sport any time soon.

Earlier this week, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster posted multiple tweets recruiting James to the Steelers for the 2018 season, reasoning that The King had already accomplished everything in the NBA.

While it’s hard to tell if Smith-Schuster was actually serious, the pursuit is probably unrealistic at best. But he did manage to get a response from James, who had this funny reaction when asked about it by reporters on Wednesday.

“I’m fine with my sport I got. It’s pretty funny though,” said the four-time MVP. “I’ve seen some of the edits that they had me in a Steelers uniform. But I like tank tops and shorts, I’m sorry.

“I’ve tried the shoulder pads and it was fun while it lasted,” James continued. “But I’m a tank top and shorts guy.”

Indeed, James has casually entertained the idea of playing NFL football before, at least in some capacity. But at 33 years old and presumably nearing his final stretch of being able to compete for an NBA championship, it’s easy to see why The King may have to respectfully decline Smith-Schuster’s offer.

Watch: LeBron James pulls off magical move against 76ers

LeBron James between legs

LeBron James has been playing in the NBA since 2003 and doing spectacular things on the court for nearly two decades. But what he did on Thursday night was unlike anything we’ve ever seen him do before.

James split a double-team from the Philadelphia 76ers by going behind his back. But that’s only half the story. What made his dribbling truly special is that his behind-the-back dribble went through the legs of teammate Tristan Thompson:

Let’s also not forget that James completed the move with a tough finish in traffic. What a wizard.

Cleveland company fires back at Philadelphia ads recruiting LeBron

LeBron James bald

Cleveland is not letting Philadelphia poach away their king without a fight.

Firenza Stone, a Cleveland-area masonry company, put up billboards this week that fired back at a Philadelphia company’s recent billboards in the area recruiting LeBron James to the Sixers. ESPN’s Darren Rovell shared images:

For reference, here are the Philadelphia company’s original ads, which featured prominently on a highway to Cleveland earlier in the week.

James, for his part, said in response that he was flattered by Philly’s efforts with the billboards, according to Tom Withers of the Associated Press.

With only four months now until the four-time MVP can become a free agent, the tug of war may only intensify from here. Sixers fans will be hoping that this recent rumor of a positive development on the James front is true too.

UCF building evacuated after man’s LeBron James-like powder toss

UCF Knights

A stunt by a UCF student led to the evacuation of a building on the university’s campus on Wednesday, and of course, there is a tie-in to LeBron James.

During a class held in the UCF Business Administration building on Wednesday, a man stood up and tossed powder into the air. The man was replicating LeBron James’ pregame chalk powder toss, and also yelled one of James’ infamous lines. “I’m taking my talents elsewhere. I’m going to Miami,” the man said, according to witnesses.

Not knowing the nature of the substance, UCF Police Chief Richard Beary said the matter was treated as a hazardous materials situation.

“We had an individual throw powder in one of the classrooms. We think it was going to be some type of stunt, like a LeBron James stunt, but unfortunately with the current threat situation the way it is our fire partners said we needed to treat it as a hazmat situation,” UCF Police Chief Richard Beary told News 6.

The UCF Police Department said the suspect was wearing a white LeBron James No. 6 Miami Heat jersey. UCF Police put out this tweet about the suspect:

Thankfully, the substance was later determined to be baby formula and not something dangerous. However, exercising caution was the right decision, which included evacuating the building.

Though the chalk toss was a famous part of LeBron’s pregame routine, he stopped doing it in late 2014. Apparently the tradition is still alive for some.

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