Lee Corso drinks beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin (Video)

ESPN’s College GameDay kicked off the 2014 season with a bang on Saturday morning. We mean that quite literally, as the program featured everyone’s favorite crazy uncle, Lee Corso, drinking beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin and firing fake guns with Kirk Herbstreit.

Stone Cold was the first guest of the year, and the WWE legend did not disappoint. He brought a couple of his trademark barley pops with him and shared one with Cordo while the crew made their picks:


And even though the entire panel picked Florida State to beat Oklahoma State in Saturday night’s game, Corso and Herbie decided to fire off some cap guns in honor of the Cowboys anyway.

Has it been a long spring and summer or what? Life is back to normal.

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Lee Corso cut his lip, started bleeding during sword fight with Kirk Herbstreit (GIF)


Lee Corso may have the most dangerous job in college football. The eccentric analyst seems to take his life into his own hands on the set of ESPN’s College GameDay every week. On Saturday, he even started bleeding.

Corso pleased the home crowd by picking USC to pull off the upset over Stanford. Naturally, he adorned himself with Trojans attire while revealing his pick. He then engaged in a sword fight with Kirk Herbstreit, which resulted in a bleeding face.

Last month, Corso was beaten up by Bill Murray on the set of College GameDay. At this rate, everyone’s favorite crazy uncle may not even make it through the end of the season.

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Bill Murray beat up Lee Corso on College GameDay (Video)

Bill-Murray-Lee-CorsoBill Murray made a guest appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday morning, and the legendary actor/comedian did not disappoint. He and Lee Corso created a fantastic dynamic that ended with Corso dressed as an Indian chief and Murray stomping on him.

Corso walking onto the set carrying a spear and wearing a headdress is an image that will likely make the Washington Redskins ownership group cringe. At the same time, it was vintage Corso and the type of antics we have grown used to seeing from him over the years. Remember, this is the same guy who once dropped an F-bomb on live television and called a little kid a “midget.” Gotta love him.

Video via The Big Lead

Lee Corso calls a little kid a ‘midget’ on College GameDay (Video)

Like a fine wine, Lee Corso seems to get better with age. And by better I mean the face of ESPN’s College GameDay seems to push the envelope more and come out with more insane comments with each passing year.

On Saturday morning, GameDay welcomed a 5-year-old guest named Braden to the panel and asked for some of his expert predictions for this week’s games. Braden picked Yale to beat Harvard on the road, and Corso apparently disagreed with the choice.

“Not so fast, midget!” Corso yelled.

Kirk Herbstreit had almost the exact same reaction he had earlier in the season when Corso dropped an F-bomb on live television, which made the moment even more priceless. Clearly he is used to being embarrassed by his colleague  Fortunately, the youngster likely didn’t understand the insult. At this point I’m not convinced Corso did, either.

Lee Corso Drops an F-Bomb on College Gameday (Video)

Looks like they need more of a delay in their live broadcasts over at the World Wide Leader. Those of you who were watching ESPN’s College Gameday on Saturday morning were treated to a special slip-up from the infamous Lee Corso just before he did his mascot head routine. Corso momentarily fooled the crowd into thinking he was going to pick SMU to defeat Houston by holding up an SMU prop (a cheerleader megaphone). He then dropped an, “Ah f*** it,” before putting on the Houston Cougars mascot head and making the crowd erupt. Check out the Lee Corse f-bomb video, which LBS contributor A. Liu brought to our attention:

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Lee Corso’s Emotional Speech at College Football Awards (Video)

I was at the Kings-Flames game on Thursday night so I unfortunately missed the College Football Awards show. I generally love watching the show for many reasons. First off, who doesn’t enjoy watching highlights and celebrating sports? It’s always fun looking back on the year and reminiscing about what we got to see, plus it’s fun seeing the players in a different environment from the playing field. Aside from the three awards Cam Newton took home, one of the memorable moments was Lee Corso’s acceptance speech after winning the Contributions to College Football Award.

Tom Jackson, one of his players at Louisville, presented the award and they played a moving video tribute. In case you missed it, here it is via Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks:

It’s been a tough run for Corso recently, not only was his mascot head stolen, but more importantly, he has been recovering from a stroke. You could clearly see the love in the house for Corso after that presentation.

Did Oregon Fan Steal Lee Corso’s Head?

Saturday’s show in Corvallis marked College GameDay’s final edition of the college football season. Keeping that in mind, one fan decided he would go home with a souvenir from the set. As ESPN host/reporter Erin Andrews tweeted via Sports by Brooks Live, Lee Corso’s costume head was stolen, so she was asking for some help finding it. SB Nation Detroit shared this picture that they found on a message board of someone with an Oregon sweatshirt wearing Corso’s head:

That is one sick souvenir if you ask me. I don’t condone stealing but let’s just say the person who took it has really good taste. Hopefully they’ll give it back. If not, this Oregon fan should hang that head on his wall.

UPDATE: The head has been recovered, via SbB Live