Les Miles got an LSU-themed cake for his birthday


LSU football coach Les Miles turns 60 on Sunday. That is a big milestone, but before he can think about entering his sixth decade of life Miles has to focus on trying to defeat No. 1 Alabama on Saturday in Tuscaloosa. Perhaps that is why the team decided to treat Miles to a birthday celebration a few days early.

On Wednesday, Miles got to enjoy a very LSU-themed cake that looks like it could be the centerpiece of a table at a 1970s wedding. His staff also presented him with a massive birthday card.

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Les Miles brings us the best ‘happy Columbus Day’ ever (Video)

Les-MilesLSU football coach Les Miles is an incredibly eccentric person. On Monday, we learned that holidays like Columbus Day bring out the best in people like Miles.

Prior to his scheduled press conference, Miles took a few moments to wish everyone a happy Columbus Day. Since I literally have no idea what the hell he was talking about, I’ll just transcribe it for you and let you figure it out.

“I just want to remind everyone that it’s Columbus Day,” Miles said. “All of those of you who know Italians, like Italians, or the people who might venture onto a ship and travel to explore and find new lands, this is your day. So, ah, it’s not St. Patty’s Day — that’s a different day entirely.”

Thanks, coach. I’m glad that’s all cleared up. Maybe lay off the extremely weird foods on your next round of recruiting visits. It doesn’t sound like it’s doing you any good.

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Les Miles rappels down 24-story building for adoption awareness


LSU head coach Les Miles helped raise money for adoption awareness on Thursday the only way he knows how — by rappelling down the side of a 300-foot building. Miles, who is known for quirky antics like eating grass before games, got all strapped in with safety gear and participated in the “Over the Edge for Adoption Challenge” by scaling the side of the 24-story One American Place Building in downtown Baton Rouge.

As you can see from the gem above that Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis shared with us, the unique event led to arguably the best Les Miles photo that will ever be produced. Blue helmet? Check. Helmet cam? Check. Yellow harness? Check. Nads of steel? You bet. LSU Football was kind enough to share the following clip of Miles’ death-defying plunge:

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Les Miles gets raise, extension from LSU, confirms interest from Arkansas

LSU announced on Wednesday that Les Miles will remain at the school as head coach of the football team, and that he will receive a raise and contract extension.

The new contract and raise comes a day after it was reported that Arkansas was heavily pursuing Miles to be their next head coach, offering him $27.5 million over five years. LSU Director of Athletics Joe Alleva confirmed that the interest from Arkansas played a role in the timing of the extension and raise.

“Our intent was to address his contract following this year’s bowl game, but speculation about other job opportunities accelerated our process a little,” Alleva said in a press release. “I think we have accomplished the important step of securing Les Miles as our head coach for the long-term good of the program.”

Miles confirmed in a news conference on Wednesday that he did speak with Arkansas.

“Our conversation were very preliminary and fell short of any major major interest,” Miles said. “I kind of recommended other candidates. I spoke with [athletic director Jeff Long]. I did not speak to Jerry Jones.”

Miles also said the reported $27.5 million figure Arkansas reportedly was offering him was incorrect.

“I’m an LSU head coach and will be an LSU head coach as long as I can be.”

Terms of the contract extension and pay raise are still being negotiated, and will be announced at a later date, the schools says.

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Arkansas reportedly pursuing Les Miles as coach, made him huge offer

Arkansas reportedly is aiming very high in its pursuit of a new head football coach, and reportedly has made a huge offer to LSU coach Les Miles.

Our friend Sports by Brooks reported the news over Twitter on Tuesday that Arkansas has made a five-year, $27.5 million deal to Miles.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune confirmed that Miles has an offer from Arkansas. They also reported that Miles is meeting with the Arkansas athletic director.

LSU’s sports information director says Miles was shown Brooks’ report “and he didn’t have anything to say.”

Miles currently makes $3.75 million per season, not including bonuses. He has the Tigers at 10-2 this season and ranked No. 7 in the BCS standings. Miles has gone 85-20 over eight seasons as head coach of the Tigers. He has reached two BCS National Championship games and won one.

Miles could very well be talking with Arkansas to gain leverage in discussions with LSU. Smart Football believes he may be trying to leverage LSU into paying his coaching staff more money. Miles was also pursued by Michigan in 2011 but reportedly turned down offers for a pay raise on two occasions.

Arkansas has one of the most passionate fan bases in college football, so I don’t doubt that they are willing to pay Miles that kind of money. Truthfully, this sort of money would make almost any college football coach seriously consider a move.

UPDATE: Miles will receive a contract extension and raise to remain at LSU. He confirmed he spoke with Arkansas about their vacancy.

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Bobby Hebert: I have forgotten more about football than Les Miles knows

If Bobby Hebert disappeared off the face of the earth, I highly doubt LSU coach Les Miles would shed a tear. Hebert is a die-hard Tigers fan but also one of the biggest Miles critics going, and he was back at it again during a recent interview with Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports.

Hebert is a former New Orleans Saints quarterback and has a son, T. Bob Hebert, who played for LSU last season. After the Tigers lost to Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game last year, Hebert went off on Miles during his postgame press conference for calling conservative plays when his team was trailing by multiple scores. Bobby stands by that criticism, to say the least.

“I know this and I actually believe this, and people say ‘Oh come on;’ but I know I’ve forgotten more football than Les Miles knows,” Hebert told Yahoo! Sports. “If you could bring me down and call plays and know what you’re doing. I would never make that statement about Sean Payton. Come on, I know. But I know when the defense is doing this and blitzing how are you going to attack it? What do you need to do?

“Like its 3rd-and-10 against Alabama, you’re going to run the option? Come on. You can get away with that against Washington. When you’re playing Alabama and you have 15 NFL players, well so do they. And you got to have some imagination.”

Earlier this season, Hebert was ejected from the press box for cheering LSU too loudly during their most recent loss to Alabama. At least you know his heart is in the right place. After bashing Miles for not knowing as much as him about the game, Hebert then seemed to take a full 180-degree turn.

“With the success that Les Miles has had he is probably in the history of football the most successful unloved coach I have ever seen,” he said. “To dominate and as much as he has had success [to] have people not think he walks on water? No, it’s unbelievable.”

So wait, does this guy love Miles or hate him? Chances are not even he knows the answer.

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Les Miles goes on epic postgame rant after win over Ole Miss (Video)

Les Miles may be a proud coach who stands up for his players, but he also may have a screw or two loose. LSU came away with a dramatic victory over Ole Miss on Saturday during which it erased a 35-28 deficit in the fourth quarter. The Tigers never led in the second half before freshman running back Jeremy Hill ran for a touchdown with 15 seconds remaining to give LSU a hard-fought 41-35 win.

As you may have gathered from the video above, Miles was pleased with his team after the game. He went ballistic in praising his players and even told any females out there to give them a kiss right on the lips when they see them. He also dropped an f-bomb when emphasizing how proud he was of the Tigers for not packing it in.

This is not the first time we have seen an animated Miles. Remember, this is also the same guy who has admitted to eating cow tongue and inspired other coaches to eat grass. Saturday’s rant, however, is definitely up there with some of the best Les moments of all time.