Les Miles says he once had to eat cow tongue during a recruiting visit

Being a coach in the SEC isn’t easy. Aside from all the pressure that comes with having to figure out the X’s and O’s of coaching against some of the toughest competition in the country, there are also the challenges of recruiting. And with recruiting comes sitting down to dinner at a recruit’s house, which can lead to having to scoff down some pretty strange stuff.

As part of their Playbook SEC Coaches’ Questionnaire for the upcoming college season, ESPN asked every head coach in the SEC what the weirdest thing they have been served during a recruiting visit was. Most said they have enjoyed all of their meals or enjoyed watching their assistants struggle through them, but LSU head coach Les Miles had a story that stood out.

“I had cow tongue,” Miles said. “It was a dessert, and it was in Louisiana. It was pickled. And it looked just like a cow tongue. In fact, it was cow tongue and cow lips, for that matter. Everybody took a little sliver. Kind of chopped it up good. And… it tasted pretty good. It really wasn’t all that bad. It was kind of a little briny. But, you know, I kind of enjoyed it.”

You know how jokes can sometimes write themselves? If you remember, this is the same guy who has admitted he eats grass and has inspired other college coaches to try it. Of course he enjoyed eating pickled cow tongue.

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Bobby Hebert Ranted at Les Miles’ Postgame Press Conference Like an Angry Sports Talk Radio Caller

The sea was angry last night my friends. Like an old man trying to send soup back at a deli, Bobby Hebert’s rant towards Les Miles commanded the media’s attention.

First, we need a little background. Hebert is the former Saints and Falcons quarterback. He’s a current sports talk radio host in New Orleans, and his son, T. Bob Hebert, is the center on LSU’s team.

So not only is Hebert one of those shouting sports talk hosts, but he’s also a parent. Keep that in mind.

Bobby was the first person to address Les Miles in the coach’s postgame press conference, and rather than asking a question, he ranted like an angry sports talk radio caller.

Here’s what was said:

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Les Miles Stuck with Jordan Jefferson Over Jarrett Lee Because of His Mobility

Jarrett Lee was LSU’s leading passer during the season, throwing for 1,306 yards, 14 touchdowns and three interceptions, but he did not see the field in the National Championship Game. Lee struggled in the November 5th win over Alabama, getting pulled after going 3/7 for 24 yards and two interceptions. Fellow senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson finished the game going 6-10 for 67 yards. He also ran for 43 on 11 carries in the 9-6 victory.

Even though Jefferson was awful against Alabama in the National Championship Game, the first meeting between the teams must have been enough to convince coach Les Miles that Lee was unsuited to face the Crimson Tide. Miles never pulled Jefferson Monday no matter how much the quarterback struggled.

He explained his decision after the loss.

“We felt like with Jordan Jefferson’s feet and ability to move and get out of the rush, it was fair that he finished,” he told ESPN’s Erin Andrews.

Miles repeated the same idea to the rest of the media.

“We did consider Jarrett Lee, but with the pass rush…we needed a mobile quarterback,” Miles said.

The calls for Jarrett Lee to play came during halftime. They were incessant late in the third and fourth quarter when the Tigers weren’t doing much. But I understood why Miles stuck with Jefferson.

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Les Miles Gives an Alabama Fan a Sarcastic ‘Nice Hat’ (Video)

We still have almost a month to go before the BCS National Championship trophy is claimed, but Alabama fans have wasted no time commencing the trash talk.  At the Heisman Trophy ceremony over the weekend, a bunch of rowdy fans dressed in Alabama gear decided to give Les Miles a “Roll Tide” welcome as he was walking into the Best Buy Theater in New York City.  Miles didn’t say much, but he didn’t really need to.  A simple “nice hat” to the gentleman wearing the Bear Bryant had was plenty.  Check out this video that Outkick the Coverage passed along:

Clearly Les has been around the rivalry enough to have it figured out.  These Bama fans are completely erratic, and it does a coach no good to try to stand up to their grown-man sobbing ways or signs hanging from bridges above interstate highways.  Did Miles actually think the Bear Bryant hat was a nice touch?  Was he giving the Alabama fan a genuine compliment?  Was it the perfect insult?  The guy in the hat has been asking himself the same questions all weekend.

Video: Bobby Petrino Cusses at Les Miles After Late Field Goal

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino apparently was unhappy with LSU coach Les Miles for kicking a field goal late in the Tigers’ romp over the Razorbacks Friday. LSU was already up 38-17 when they decided to tack on three points to make it 41-17. The CBS cameras then flashed to a ticked off Petrino who tossed a few choice cuss words Les Miles’ way:

If Petrino indeed was upset with Miles for running up the score, it would be pretty hypocritical. 70-7, 59-7, 55-7, 61-10, and 69-14 were all scores Petrino won by as head coach at Louisville. The dude practically invented the concept of running up the score. I really hope that wasn’t his issue.

No surprise, he was in a pretty foul mood for the postgame handshake too:

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Western Kentucky Coach Willie Taggart Goes Les Miles, Eats LSU Grass (Video)

What exactly is it that has made LSU the best team in the nation this year? Is it their defensive line, which does a tremendous job of getting after the quarterback? Is it their secondary, which is led by the Honey Badger himself? The offense doesn’t seem all that spectacular, but it has certainly been explosive enough at times. But maybe — just maybe — the fact that Les Miles likes to eat Louisiana grass has given the Tigers a boost. Western Kentucky head coach Willie Taggart was willing to test that theory on Saturday when he sampled some upon entering Tiger Stadium. Check it out:

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Stanley Jacobs Says Les Miles Turned Down More Money from Michigan Twice

The story we all figured was true has been confirmed by someone on the record: Michigan offered LSU coach Les Miles truckloads of money and he turned it down to remain in Baton Rouge. Stanley Jacobs, who is a member of the LSU Board of Supervisors, told the Shreveport Times that Michigan offered their head coaching job to Les Miles twice, only to have him turn them down. Jacobs says that Michigan naturally offered Miles more money the second time after they had already been turned down before.

As a testament to Les’ character (in Jacobs’ eyes), Miles didn’t even leverage the Michigan offer into more money from LSU. I’m not as willing to make the same connection because I figure Miles had some other motivation, but it still is a meaningful piece of information. Les already makes $3.75 million at LSU and according to Jacobs, was offered in the $4.25 million range in Michigan’s second attempt to hire him.

Michigan AD Dave Brandon has insisted that only one person was offered the job and that was Brady Hoke, but that’s just a matter of semantics. It’s like when a coach answers a question about whether or not he’s talked with a team about a job. The coach can always say “no” and be truthful because it’s his agent who’s talking to the team, but the answer is deceitful.

If Brandon wasn’t trying to make Miles Michigan’s coach, why did he bother meeting with him on a few occasions? And if Michigan was so set on Brady Hoke, why did they bother attempting conversations with Miles and Jim Harbaugh? It’s because Hoke was a backup plan as everyone knows, and the school ultimately failed to get Miles. And you know what? That might not be a bad thing.