Report: Nicole Scherzinger accepts F1 racer Lewis Hamilton’s fourth marriage proposal


Former Pussycat Dolls member Nicole Scherzinger and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton have had a rocky relationship, to say the least. After dating for five years, the couple split last July. They were then spotted together late last year and have since gotten back together. And now, Hamilton has reportedly finally convinced Scherzinger to marry him.

Why do we say it like that? According to the Daily Star, Hamilton recently proposed to Scherzinger for the fourth time this year. She apparently said yes after turning him down three times during the month of February.

“Lewis is doing his best to keep the news ­under wraps but he is ­absolutely delighted,” one of Hamilton’s friends reportedly told the Daily Star. “He got down on one knee and Nicole finally accepted.”

Hamilton, 29, and Scherzinger, 35 are apparently planning to live together in Switzerland and get married sometime in August, when Hamilton has a three-week break from the F1 racing schedule. Hamilton took to Twitter on Monday to deny the rumor:

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Lewis Hamilton on Michael Schumacher ski crash: Everything happens for a reason

Lewis HamiltonFormula One driver Lewis Hamilton is trying to offer some words of encouragement amid a heartbreaking situation with Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher remains in a coma following a December ski crash in the French Alps that left him with severe head injuries.

In an interview with The Telegraph in Melbourne this week ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton offered some positive spiritual thoughts.

“He’s a legend in the sport, you know, who has achieved so much, a very motivated individual,” Hamilton said of Schumacher

“So I feel like all things happen for a reason, I think that this is an experience that will really show his character and depth and even more so than any other experiences he’s had.”

Hamilton’s comments have raised eyebrows for understandable reasons. If you just look at the headline, you might interpret it as Hamilton was saying Schumacher deserved the life-threatening crash. But a closer look at his full comments reveals he was trying to offer some positive spiritual words during a rough time.

One of Schumacher’s representatives said on Wednesday that the former champion driver has shown some small signs of encouragement.

“We are and remain confident that Michael will pull through and will wake up. There sometimes are small, encouraging signs, but we also know that this is the time to be very patient,” his rep said in a statement to the AP.

Doctors put Schumacher into a coma to rest his brain and decrease swelling. They also operated to remove blood clots, but some were too deeply embedded.