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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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LaVar Ball predicts all three of his sons will be on Lakers by 2020

LaVar Ball Lakers

The Big Baller braggadocio is already on full display in Lithuania.

Speaking with the Lithuanian media at a press conference on Friday, LaVar Ball was asked by a local reporter to sign his Los Angeles Lakers cap with the date he believes all three of his sons will be playing for the purple-and-gold. In response, the Ball family patriarch made clear that he thinks Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo will be together on the Lakers just two years from now in 2020.

Indeed, 2020 is the year that youngest son LaMelo, who is 16, will be eligible for the NBA Draft. Of course, LaVar has in fact been vocal in his belief that all three boys will land on the Lakers, and he’s a third of the way there with eldest son Lonzo already on the team. But with middle son LiAngelo a questionable NBA prospect at best (not to mention the headaches LaVar has already caused in Los Angeles), the Lakers may just decide that one Ball brother is enough.

Ball brothers’ arrival sparks media circus in Lithuania

LiAngelo Ball

The two youngest Ball brothers, accompanied by their father LaVar, are set to arrive in Lithuania on Wednesday, and they have quite the arrival awaiting them.

LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball are preparing to start their professional basketball careers overseas with Prienu Vytautas in Lithuania. If there was any question as to whether anyone in the country would care that much, it’s been shown to be quite clear that, based on the gaggle of media present at the airport in Vilnius, they’ll get plenty of attention.

At least according to their new coach, the Ball brothers will be playing “a lot” together. We also expect we’ll be hearing from LaVar a lot about their exploits.

Lithuanian coach says Ball brothers will play ‘a lot’

LiAngelo Ball

The coach of the Lithuanian team where LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball are set to ply their trade has assured them that they will get their share of playing time.

Prienu Vytautas head coach Virginijus Seskus said through his son Edvinus, a guard, said that he hoped he could help the Ball brothers get better.

“They are young, but I can promise that they will play a lot and I hope we will help them to get better and they will help us to win more games,” Seskus said, via ESPN’s Jeff Goodman. “We are waiting for them. Don’t worry, they will play!”

Seskus admitted that their playing time will depend on game situations.

“They will play, but how many minutes it depends how they will play in the game,” Seskus said. “But still they will play, and they will also play in the Lithuanian league.”

Seskus apparently has quite a reputation in Lithuania. Perhaps he’ll be able to bring out something in the brothers.

10 most interesting early-season developments in college basketball

College basketball’s first semester has come to a close. For the casual fan, this means the season has barely begun, but for the diehard followers, so much has already taken place. Top teams have crumbled, surprising contenders have emerged, and star players have made their mark on the landscape. Despite the best efforts of all parties involved, the college basketball schedule early on fails to really attract attention.

Now as the calendar turns, teams are sliding into conference play with more on the line. Beyond bragging rights, tournament bids and seeds are there for the taking. Teams, both good and bad, are now required to step out of their comfort zone and play true road games in front of packed crowds. This is where the season truly begins to get chaotic. Before that happens though, it’s crucial to look back at what has already occurred and what events will set the stage for the rest of the season.

10. LiAngelo Ball’s departure from UCLA

The middle brother of the most boastful family in basketball was never going to make an impact at UCLA this season. He was given a scholarship mostly as part of the Bruins’ recruiting of his older brother Lonzo, who is now with the Los Angeles Lakers. LiAngelo entered his freshman season as an undersized forward with few skills other than an outside jumpshot. In the span of a four-year career, he may have developed into a contributor.

A player of his caliber being mentioned on this list is no easy feat. For the college basketball world to care about LiAngelo Ball, he had to become part of an international incident, reportedly involving two of the world’s most powerful figures, when he and two teammates were arrested in China for shoplifting. After a few presidential tweets and a flight home, the Ball family chose to pull LiAngelo from college. Fans of the collegiate version of basketball let out a collective sigh of relief as LaVar Ball became someone else’s problem.

9. Fletcher Magee on historic pace


LiAngelo Ball featured on UCLA tickets despite leaving school

LiAngelo Ball

Not only did UCLA lose to Cincinnati at home on Saturday, but they had another (minor) embarrassing matter stemming from the game.

LiAngelo Ball, who was suspended indefinitely by the program before leaving school entirely, was featured on the ticket stubs for the Bruins’ game against the Bearcats:

Few fans of the program want to be reminded about Ball, but they were forced to on Saturday. Ball never played in a game for UCLA. His mark on the school was being arrested for shoplifting in China that caused an international incident and great embarrassment for the university.

LiAngelo Ball says UCLA made him apologize to Donald Trump

LiAngelo Ball

LaVar Ball has been in an off-and-on public dispute with Donald Trump since Ball refused to thank the president for his role in helping his son LiAngelo avoid shoplifting charges in China. Heck, even LiAngelo thanked Trump when he gave a speech apologizing for his actions.

But apparently the younger Ball’s expression of gratitude was not exactly genuine. LiAngelo told “The Breakfast Club” on 105.1 FM Wednesday that he only thanked Trump because UCLA officials wanted him to.

“They wanted to hear that. And he tweeted about it before my speech, so I had to add him in there right before I gave it,” LiAngelo said. “I wrote my original speech and then I had to put his part in there right before. My school wanted to hear it. Before I went up there they were like, ‘You’ve gotta thank him.’ I just threw him in there real quick before I gave my speech.”

Ball was asked specifically if he would have apologized to Trump had he known he was eventually going to quit the team and leave UCLA.

“If they didn’t tell me to do it, it wouldn’t have been in there, to be honest,” he said.

It makes sense that LiAngelo doesn’t feel like Trump did a whole lot to help him, especially when you hear some of the things LaVar has said about the situation.

Coach of LaMelo, LiAngelo Ball described as ‘LaVar Ball of Lithuania’

LiAngelo Ball

LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball may be headed to a place very different from Chino Hills, but their new coach may remind them of someone very familiar.

On Monday, LaMelo and LiAngelo agreed to contracts to join Lithuanian team Vytautas Prienai next month. Each reportedly signed a one-year deal.

The two brothers will likely have quite an adjustment to make, going from Chino Hills, Calif. to Lithuania. Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress did an excellent job shedding some light on what LaMelo and LiAngelo can probably expect in their new country. Among the tidbits of information Givony shared is how small the village is where the team is located, and potentially how much the brothers could earn in wages. Givony was also informed the coach of Vytautas Prienai has been described to him as the “LaVar Ball of Lithuania.”

The team is said to be experiencing financial troubles, an area which adding the Ball brothers (and LaVar) could provide some assistance. On the other hand, one Lithuanian coach has already taken a shot at the Ball family. There’s no telling how this moves works out from a basketball stand point. Away from the court, there’s the potential for it to be a very interesting situation to follow.

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