Floyd Mayweather, Lindsay Lohan partied together at Foxwoods for Halloween


Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Lindsay Lohan were the celebrity hosts at a Halloween party together on Thursday night. The bash was held at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Lohan has been such a train wreck over the past several years that she probably could have gone as herself, but I must say she pulled off the “Carrie” look quite nicely. Mayweather went as Freddy Krueger.

According to TMZ, Mayweather invited Lohan into his private booth at one point and the two hung out like “old friends.” There was plenty of alcohol at the party as you might expect, which is interesting because Lohan has been in and out of rehab as of late due to a drinking problem. As TMZ pointed out, she got rid of her life coach last month and believes she can remain sober on her own.

There’s no reason to believe Lohan fell off the wagon. It sounds like she was just enjoying some good clean fun with The Money Team. Wait, clean fun with The Money Team? Hey, you never know.

Photo: Instagram/Floyd Mayweather

Lindsay Lohan spotted drinking, hanging with former Yankees

Lindsay Lohan reportedly is moving from LA to New York, which should be a good thing because maybe she’ll do less driving this way. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be the sort of story we’d cover on LBS (though admittedly, we do stretch our boundaries quite a bit), but the mention of with whom Lohan was keeping company merits our attention.

According to the New York Daily News, Lohan was spotted drinking with former Yankees Pat Kelly and Shane Spencer at an Upper East Side bar. The Daily News reports that Lohan also did some karaoke. Scandalous!

Kelly, in case you forgot, was drafted by the Yanks in 1988 and played with them from 1991-1997, hitting 26 home runs while mostly playing second base. Spencer was drafted by the team in 1990 and played outfield for the Yankes from 1998-2002, winning three straight World Series titles. He tore the cover off the ball during his rookie call-up with the Yankees in 1998, bashing 10 home runs and registering a 1.321 OPS.

Don’t ask me what the trio were doing together. I’m guessing Kelly and Spencer were hanging out together and Lohan just happened to be there. My advice to them: stay away. That girl is crazy.

H/T Hardball Talk
Photo via Lindsay Lohan/Twitter

Lindsay Lohan Loves Her Tony Romo

Two names you never thought would wind up connected: Lindsay Lohan and Tony Romo. Alas, it is such.

Romo has dated his share of hot and famous ladies over the past few years, but who would have ever expected the ankle box herself to fall in love with good ole’ number nine? Here’s the nuts and bolts from Hollywood Life:

HollywoodLife.com caught the hard-partying starlet and her family getting all googly-eyed over the Dallas Cowboys quarterback at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, Calif. July 12. Dina, 47, approached Tony, 30, first, asking if Lindsay could have an autograph.

Literally two seconds later, Lindsay, 24, who was wearing huge boots to hide her SCRAM bracelet and Ali, 16, walked in and made a beeline for Tony and asked to take a photograph with him. After he walked away, the sisters looked at one another and squealed, “He’s hot!”

Maybe she just can’t resist that quarterback/golfer charm. Our advice to Tony? Run. Candice Crawford cannot be pleased.


EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay Lohan Is All Over Tony Romo After Meeting At A Photo Studio Monday! [Hollywood Life]

Lindsay Lohan Drunk Driving Night Out at the Stadium

At first I was thinking the first thousand fans to trade in a baggy of coke get free entrance, but that wouldn’t make so much sense, now would it? Here’s how Lindsay Lohan Drunk Driving Awareness Night is going down at Grayson Stadium, home of the Savannah Sand Gnats:

It will be a Thirsty Thursday with half-priced beer and Coke and $1 Papa John’s Pizza slices presented by Connect Savannah, Rock 106.1 and Papa John’s Pizza. However, the Sand Gnats encourage all fans in attendance to learn from the redheaded actress’ mistakes and plan for safe transportation home from the game.

Hook Towing will have a wrecked car from a drunk driving accident on display on the plaza in front of the main gate. Savannah Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic (HEAT) will also be at the game with its blood alcohol testing van.

At least minor league baseball does serve a useful role in this country after all. And where would be without Lindsay Lohan herself. Hopefully she doesn’t come out of rehab fixed; we would lose inspiration for promotions.

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Lindsay Lohan Hottest in the World?

Hmm, somehow I think ScarJo, Zeta-Jones, Love-Hewitt, Alba, Simpson, and Jolie might have something to say about that. But yeah, Dlisted informs me that Maxim has named Lindsay Lohan the hottest girl in the world. That’s some retarded crap. See, the problem with the hottest in the world list, is that they’re more about a different type of hot. Rather than focusing on who’s got the banging body, or best overall look, it’s more about who’s hot with the press, hot with a movie, or hot with an album coming out. You have to be a hot item, not hot looking. Granted, Lohan is definitely attractive (even though her nipple shot was a bit disappointing), I can think of 50 chicks off the top of my head who are hotter. Heck, McAdamas and Chabert were both hotter in Mean Girls — a movie that starred Lohan. Anywhoo, you can check out Maxim to see the rest of their fraud list.