Lindsey Vonn: I am definitely not getting married again

Lindsey Vonn Tiger WoodsLindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods appear to be enjoying their relationship and doing a great job of ignoring what gossip magazines and tabloids are saying about them. That does not mean they will ever get past the dating phase.

During a recent interview with Vogue magazine, Vonn talked about how she made a mistake by mixing business with her personal life by marrying her former coach Thomas Vonn. While she said she does not regret that part of her life, she also said she has no interest in ever getting married again — to anyone.

“No, thanks!” Vonn said when asked if a second marriage is a possibility. “I am definitely not getting married. To anyone.”

Vonn’s first marriage nearly destroyed her relationship with her father and led her toward a serious battle with depression, so you can understand why she feels that way. Tiger’s first marriage ended with the most infamous sex scandal in sports history, so he probably is in no rush to say “I do” again at any point in the near future, either.

Maybe this is what makes it work. Vonn said that the media coverage of her relationship with Woods has been intrusive and that she has felt overshadowed by him at times, but the two still seem happy together. Taking marriage completely off the table might be one of the keys to their happiness.

Lindsey Vonn: I’m more than just Tiger Woods’ girlfriend

Lindsey Vonn Tiger WoodsLindsey Vonn has made it clear on numerous occasions that she is very happy to be in a relationship with Tiger Woods, but that does not mean she never experiences frustration. In a rather candid interview with Bill Pennington of the New York Times on Friday, Vonn talked about how there have been times when she has felt overshadowed by the world’s No. 1 golfer.

“Some people seem to forget that I’m not just Tiger’s girlfriend,” Vonn said. “I’m actually a successful athlete. I’m Lindsey. I have my own career and my own life.”

Before she started dating Woods, Vonn was typically discussed in the context of being one of the best Olympic skiers in the world and a two-time gold medalist. Now, as she continues to rehab her knee and prepare for the 2014 Olympics in Russia, Vonn has rarely seen her face on the cover of a magazine without the word “Tiger” next to it.

Earlier this month, Vonn said the media coverage of her relationship with Tiger has been intrusive. She reiterated that on Friday, mentioning how she largely goes unnoticed when Woods is not alongside her.

“I can be normal by myself; no one notices me,” she said. “But wherever he’s around, we’re living in a fishbowl. I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into. It’s weird. But it’s just something I have to deal with. He has his job, and I have mine. I just have to get used to it.”

While Vonn is obviously uncomfortable with some of the tabloids following her every move, she seems genuinely satisfied with the way her relationship has gone. In fact, she even used an interesting metaphor when talking about whether or not she and Tiger give each other advice about their respective sports.

“I don’t give him a lot of feedback about his golf game,” Vonn said. “We talk golf after his golf rounds, but mostly I listen. We really are normal in that way. Lots of people go home and talk to their wife or husband about their job. That’s what we do.”

Wife or husband? Why not girlfriend or boyfriend? Run, Tiger! Just kidding. Good for them.

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Elin Nordegren supposedly ‘hates’ Lindsey Vonn and her relationship with Tiger

Elin Nordegren Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods are parading around the country, flaunting their relationship, and that reportedly isn’t sitting well with Elin Nordegren.

Nordegren, Woods’ ex-wife, “hates Lindsey Vonn and everything about this romance,” a source told Us Weekly.

But her unhappiness with the situation doesn’t end there. According to the source, Elin is “angry Tiger even has visitation rights to the kids.”

A previous report from a different outlet said that Elin approved of Vonn, so you can take this report however you want to.

What we know is that Vonn and Woods have been all over the place lately. The two made a red carpet appearance together last month, while Vonn watched her boyfriend golf at the Masters. Additionally, Vonn has even been photographed by the paparazzi taking Woods’ children to school. Maybe Nordegren doesn’t like having another person play the role of parent to her children.

Nordegren should stick with her billionaire coal magnate boyfriend and just chill, if you ask me.

Lindsey Vonn was reportedly drug tested while at a fashion event

Lindsey-VonnLindsey Vonn reportedly had to take a mandatory drug test earlier this week, and the timing could not have been much worse. According to the NY Post, Vonn was dressed in a fancy gown at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards on Monday night when she got a call from the International Olympic Committee.

Like the NFL, the IOC has the right to drug test its competitors anywhere. No seriously, anywhere. Several drug testers were reportedly waiting for Vonn outside the Lincoln Center in New York City. Designer Cynthia Rowley rushed them into the event and allowed them to perform the test.

“Lindsay met the IOC at the bathroom,” a source told Page Six. “Cynthia stood guard outside, and no one was allowed to enter the bathroom. They were in there for about five minutes.

“Here Lindsey is in this custom-made gown, feeling like Cinderella, and she has to get up and do a drug test.”

The urine was reportedly tested on the spot and Vonn was given the results — she passed — and told to enjoy her evening. Vonn, who is rehabbing from a knee injury and training for the 2014 Olympics in Russia, did not mention the test afterword and seemed accustomed to that type of unexpected visit.

And this NFL player thought being tested while he was visiting his grandma was bad? Between the media pestering her about Tiger Woods and drug testers showing up at fashion events, it seems like Lindsey literally doesn’t have a moment of privacy these days. In many ways, that’s the path she chose.

Lindsey Vonn: Tiger Woods and I are happy, but coverage is intrusive

Lindsey Vonn Tiger WoodsLindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have been dating since last November and even went public about their relationship in March. Vonn continues to say the two are happy together, but she does say the media coverage — and specifically the interest from the paparazzi — is a little much.

Vonn attended the 2013 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City on Monday and spoke with E! News among other outlets. She was asked by E! if she was used to all the attention from the press.

“It’s weird. I’m used to it in the ski world, but not my personal life. So it’s been difficult and interesting,” Vonn told E!.

“It’s weird when people are taking pictures of you and you don’t know it. It’s a little bit — a lot — intrusive. But we’re dealing with it and we’re happy, and that’s all that matters.”

Vonn should not be surprised by the interest from the press. She is a famous Olympian and Tiger is one of the most well-known athletes in the entire world. Whether she is watching him play in a golf tournament or taking his kids to school, people want to know about it. She shouldn’t be surprised by that.

The relationship between the two has helped rehab each of their public images. This is just one tradeoff to it.

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Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods make red carpet appearance

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods made their relationship official in March, but it wasn’t until this week that they made their first red carpet appearance.

The two stepped out in public for the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on Monday night. They went to an after party at the Standard Hotel afterwards. US Weekly says Tiger got tipsy at the party and somewhat embarrassed Vonn, for whatever that’s worth. The Superficial even has pictures of Tiger appearing to look wasted.

Vonn also posted a “selfie” to her Facebook and Instagram Tuesday morning.

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Lindsey Vonn’s ex-husband jokes that he ratted out Tiger Woods

The tweet of the weekend definitely goes to Lindsey Vonn’s ex-husband Thomas, who joked that he was the one who called the Masters to rat out Tiger Woods for taking an improper drop on the 15th hole Friday.

Here’s what Thomas Vonn tweeted on Saturday:

Thomas VonnThomas’ tweet links to a Yahoo! Sports article that notes it was a fan watching on TV who called the Masters to report Tiger’s drop violation, which later resulted in a two-shot penalty.

Thomas and Lindsey married in 2007 and announced plans to divorce late in 2011. Before their divorce finalized in January, rumors, which were later confirmed, said Lindsey was dating Tiger Woods.

Thomas Vonn used to serve as Lindsey’s ski coach. Now he settles for zinging her and her boyfriend with awesome jokes.

Photos: Lindsey Vonn watching Tiger Woods at the Masters

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