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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn takes picture with Tiger Woods fans dressed as tigers

A group of Tiger Woods fans dressed in tiger costumes followed Tiger around the course at Muirfield at the British Open on Saturday, and Lindsey Vonn decided to take a picture with the gents. The result was photo magic. Then she put this super lame caption on Instagram: “Loved the enthusiasm out there today! Tomorrow…Read More

Elin Nordegren reportedly feels Lindsey Vonn is a ‘good influence on Tiger Woods

Another day, another conflicting gossip report about Elin Nordegren and how she feels about Tiger Woods’ relationship with Lindsey Vonn. Last month, a report claimed that Tiger’s ex-wife “hates” Vonn and everything about the gold medalist’s relationship with the father of her children. A new report indicates that quite the opposite is true. According to…Read More

Lindsey Vonn: I am definitely not getting married again

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods appear to be enjoying their relationship and doing a great job of ignoring what gossip magazines and tabloids are saying about them. That does not mean they will ever get past the dating phase. During a recent interview with Vogue magazine, Vonn talked about how she made a mistake by…Read More

Lindsey Vonn: I’m more than just Tiger Woods’ girlfriend

Lindsey Vonn has made it clear on numerous occasions that she is very happy to be in a relationship with Tiger Woods, but that does not mean she never experiences frustration. In a rather candid interview with Bill Pennington of the New York Times on Friday, Vonn talked about how there have been times when she has…Read More

Elin Nordegren supposedly ‘hates’ Lindsey Vonn and her relationship with Tiger

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods are parading around the country, flaunting their relationship, and that reportedly isn’t sitting well with Elin Nordegren. Nordegren, Woods’ ex-wife, “hates Lindsey Vonn and everything about this romance,” a source told Us Weekly. But her unhappiness with the situation doesn’t end there. According to the source, Elin is “angry Tiger…Read More

Lindsey Vonn was reportedly drug tested while at a fashion event

Lindsey Vonn reportedly had to take a mandatory drug test earlier this week, and the timing could not have been much worse. According to the NY Post, Vonn was dressed in a fancy gown at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards on Monday night when she got a call from the International Olympic…Read More

Lindsey Vonn: Tiger Woods and I are happy, but coverage is intrusive

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have been dating since last November and even went public about their relationship in March. Vonn continues to say the two are happy together, but she does say the media coverage — and specifically the interest from the paparazzi — is a little much. Vonn attended the 2013 CFDA Fashion…Read More

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