Lindsey Vonn not commenting on rumor she is dating Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods’ love life is getting complicated, but that may actually be a good thing for his golf career.

Last week we shared a report from the National Enquirer — the same outlet that first broke open the Tiger sex scandal — that said the golfer was trying to remarry ex-wife Elin. Though the story was shocking, we went with it believing that the Enquirer’s sources on all matters relating to Tiger’s love life were pretty money. But a new report adds a twist to the golfer’s personal life.

Hollywood Life reported on Wednesday that Tiger and skier Lindsey Vonn have been dating for two months. They say Tiger visited Vonn in Austria mid-January, and that the two have vacationed in Antigua together. Per Golf.com, the Salzburg News in Austria also reported that Tiger stopped in Austria last week.

“Their busy schedules mean they don’t get a lot of time together, but they constantly talk on the phone,” a source told Hollywood Life. “And Tiger has made more of a commitment to Lindsey lately — he’s pulling out all the stops.”

Rumors of Vonn and Woods dating have lingered for a few months. The Denver Post even got a comment from Vonn in December about the rumors.

“We are just friends,” Vonn told The Denver Post. “My brother was the ski instructor for his kids this November in Vail. Guessing that’s where it came from.”

Vonn was once rumored to be dating Tim Tebow, though that proved to be false.

For now, through her publicist, Vonn is not commenting on the reported relationship.

“Lindsey is currently in the midst of the World Cup season in Europe. Her focus is solely on competing and on defending her titles and thus she will not participate in any speculation surrounding her personal life at this time,” the statement read, via USA Today.

Why wouldn’t they have outright denied it if they rumors weren’t true? It makes you wonder.

Lindsey Vonn reveals she has battled depression

Lindsey-VonnOn the surface, many have always seen Lindsey Vonn as having the perfect life. The 28-year-old has good looks, gold medals, lots of money and is arguably the greatest female alpine skier in US history. However, Vonn recently revealed that she has battled depression for more than 10 years.

In an interview with People Magazine, Vonn opened up about family problems that arose after she made her Olympic debut in 2002.

“Everything about my life seemed so perfect to people,” Vonn said in the article. “But I struggle like everyone else.”

Lindsey’s parents were having marital problems in 2002, when she was only 18 years old. Vonn also had marital problems of her own with Thomas Vonn. She filed for divorce last year, but she said her depression got so bad at one point in 2008 that she could hardly get out of bed in the morning.

“I couldn’t get out of bed anymore,” Vonn explained. “I felt hopeless, empty, like a zombie.

“Everyone knows marriage is tough. But it just wasn’t working, and it was making me miserable. Nothing bad happened, but there was just unhappiness. That’s the only way I can even describe it — unhappy. Divorce doesn’t fit my cookie-cutter image. But I got to the point where I said, ‘I don’t care if I ever win another race; I just can’t live like this.'”

Lindsey’s marriage to Thomas Vonn, her former manager and coach, led to her not speaking to her father for six years. She sought medical treatment for her depression in 2008 and said she now feels like a “different person.” A reconciliation with her father has helped.

“All the parts of my life are finally in sync,” Vonn said. “I accept who I am, and I’m moving forward.”

Unfortunately for those of you who love juicy gossip rumors, her life is not moving forward with this NFL quarterback. However, it would stand to reason that his friendship has helped Lindsey get her life back on track. Her story is yet another example of how celebrity athletes have real-life problems just like the rest of us.

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Lindsey Vonn: My pain was ‘out of control’ during hospitalization

Lindsey Vonn discussed the illness that put her in the hospital for two days earlier this month in a first-person written report published by the Denver Post on Monday.

Vonn was admitted to a hospital in Vail, Colo., on Monday Nov. 12 and was released two days later. She says she had been to the hospital three previous times before finally being admitted.

While in the hospital, Vonn was tested for several intestinal pain. She says it was feared she had Crohn’s disease.

“There was a lot of pain. In the hospital, I was on morphine and Percocet, I was super drugged up and the pain was out of control,” Vonn wrote in her Denver Post report. “Thankfully they eventually got me on the right antibiotics that helped me get better.

“After I got out of the hospital, I was getting tired walking down the hall of my condo, let alone walking up a couple stairs. I had to stop every five steps. I felt like I was 100 years old, and I couldn’t even think about skiing.”

Vonn slowly began the process of training again, and she says she is getting ready to compete in Lake Louise, Alberta, this week, though she doesn’t know what to expect.

When I first heard that Vonn was being tested for “severe intestinal pain” and that she said she had “pain all over her body and that her bones [were] hurting,” I was worried she had Crohn’s disease. I experienced many similar symptoms for years before finally being diagnosed with the disease during an emergency surgery in 2008. It doesn’t seem like that is what Vonn has because, though it is manageable, it’s a literal pain in the butt. Vonn later wrote in a post on her Facebook page that she had an infection in her stomach. Hopefully it’s all gone and she’ll be able to return to good health.

Lindsey Vonn Tebows at ESPYs after presenting Tim Tebow with award (Picture)

Lindsey Vonn was up to her old tricks on Wednesday night at the ESPY Awards. By old tricks we don’t mean dominating the skiing world. So what do we mean? Tebowing, of course. Lindsey is a Tebowing veteran, having done so over the winter when she won a World Cup race. She and Tim Tebow have been linked together by dating rumors for months, and they seemed to have a little fun with it at the ESPYs in Los Angeles. Vonn took the stage with Robert Griffin III to present the award for Best Moment, and Tebow ended up being the recipient for his 80-yard hookup with Demaryius Thomas in the playoffs against Pittsburgh.

As you can see from the photos above, Vonn Tebowed on stage before embracing the Jets quarterback and congratulating him on winning the award. As far as we know, they are still nothing more than friends. Lolo Jones is still free to take her shot whenever she sees fit.

Lindsey Vonn surprised by speed of Tim Tebow dating rumors

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn sparked rumors that she was dating Tim Tebow when she “Tebowed” after a race in December. That act, combined with her proximity to the Denver Broncos and the timing of her divorce, led to rumors that the two were dating.

Vonn denied that was the case and said she was single and just a friend of the Tebow family. She told “Access Hollywood” Thursday she was surprised how quickly the rumor took off.

“[Robby] and I were both very surprised that I married [Tim] and had five kids. I didn’t know that could happen so fast,” Vonn said, referring to Tim Tebow’s brother Robby Tebow, with whom she is friends.

“I talk to Robby all the time and we’re like, ‘This is really weird. Just tell Timmy I’m sorry and I don’t know what’s going on,” Vonn told the show’s hosts.

She also joked that she will become a Jets fan now that Tim has been traded.

“Gotta support the husband,” she joked.

Even if Vonn denied they were dating, that doesn’t change that she says she’s not opposed to seeing him.

Lindsey Vonn Is Not Opposed to Dating Tim Tebow (Video)

For someone who went out of her way to tell the world she was not dating Tim Tebow, Lindsey Vonn sure seems interested in dating the Broncos quarterback. TMZ’s cameras caught up with the Olympic skier in New York City Thursday night and got her thoughts on the Tebow relationship rumors:

I guess this is her way of throwing it out there for Timmy in case he has time for a relationship in the offseason. We’re guessing he won’t. Did you hear what teammate Eric Decker said about him?

Oh, and if “not opposed” means anything, LBS is not opposed to an eight-figure buyout. Just throwing it out there.

Lindsey Vonn Watches Broncos Game from Tebow Family Box, Says She and Tim Are Just Friends

The timing of Lindsey Vonn’s divorce, combined with a few other events, has led to a few rumors that she and Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow were dating. Vonn denied that is the case, saying she is single, and that she is friends with the Tebow family.

“I am single. I’m not with anyone,” Vonn said in response to the rumors. “I’ve heard a lot of rumors and a lot of reports.”

Vonn contributed to the rumors by “Tebowing” after winning a race last week. She said that was just a sign of respect for Tim.

“He’s proving them all wrong,” Vonn said of Tebow’s critics. “In a way, that’s what “I’m trying to do as well — to be able to compete under any circumstance and keep fighting and doing my best every day. Just because I `Tebow,’ doesn’t mean I’m dating him. I said that if I won in Colorado, I would `Tebow’ because I admire what he’s doing.”

The Olympics skier watched the Broncos game Sunday from the Tebow family box. She wrote a column for The Denver Post about the experience, and explained her relationship with the family.

Vonn says she met Tim at the ESPY Awards three or four years ago. She says she spent time with him at a golf tournament, and this year at the same awards show. Vonn explains that she invited Tim to ski with her at vail, and that Tim’s brother, Robby, invited her to a Broncos game.

She says she knows their whole family now, and describes them as “great people.”

We could have told you that nothing was going on between Lindsey and Tim. Everyone already knows that Vonn is already taken by this young man.

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