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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Lingerie Football League

Lingerie League quarterback delivers devastating hit (Video)

The Lingerie Football League isn’t just about girls in skimpy outfits and reality shows — they actually play some real football. Witness the hit above: Regina Rage quarterback Nikki Johnson lowers her shoulder on Toronto’s Devine Burton to score a touchdown in Regina’s week 3 upset win. I mean Johnson just laid a forearm shiv…Read More

Lingerie Football League players fight during All-Star Game (NSFW Video)

Slowly but surely, the Lingerie Football League has emerged as a microcosm for two things people love in America: sex and violence. The sex — well, that’s pretty self-explanatory. There are certain players who would like to see the skimpy outfits go away sometime in the future, but that’s not happening as long as the…Read More

Coaches brawl at Lingerie Football All-Star game (Video w/ very NSFW language)

Over the years we’ve watched a number of All-Star games from various professional sports leagues, and rarely do tempers ever boil over. Guys who are typically stone-faced and irritable during the regular season (see Belichick, Bill) even seem to enjoy themselves when they get together for events like the Pro Bowl. Apparently the coaches in…Read More

Bummer: The Lingerie Football League is taking a year off

Just when it looked like things were really starting to get exciting, the Lingerie Football League has to go and leave us hanging for a year. According to an Associated Press report, the LFL is taking a year off this fall and will resume play in April of 2013. The good news is the one-year…Read More

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