Lingerie Football’s Liz Gorman hoping league ditches skimpy outfits in the future

What would the Lingerie Football League be without Lingerie? I guess it would just be the Football League, but that might get confusing — you know with the National Football League already being kind of a big deal and all. The LFL has been increasing in popularity lately, with 12 teams in the United States, six in Canada, and four more set to join in Australia next year. My gut tells me the skimpy outfits are one of the main reasons the league has been so well-received, but Liz Gorman of the Tampa Breeze is hoping to do away with it in the future.

“I mean, I don’t like it,” Gorman said according to CBC News in Saskatchewan. “You’d rather wear full clothing. I have a bunch of scrapes on me.

“You look back at basketball, you used to have to wear skirts. Obviously it’s changed, they have the WNBA now. So if you look back, women’s sports has constantly evolved and I think that this sports league is going to end up changing the uniform.”

Yeah, about that. Maybe I haven’t watched enough Lingerie League games, but something tells me the lingerie part is more than just a minor detail. They didn’t feature a full spread in Playboy for no reason. Even if the girls get good enough at football to make the outfits a more minor detail, my guess is revenue would dip quite a bit if they put more clothes on.

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Lingerie Football League could expand to Australia by 2013

Who said the Lingerie Football League wouldn’t last? Not only is it here to stay for the foreseeable future, but the LFL could be going global. The league currently consists of 12 teams in the United States and six more in Canada. Australia is scheduled to hold an all-star game tour this summer featuring 32 players from the LFL. In addition, an Australian website is reporting that Australia could have its own four-team Lingerie League by 2013.

“We could have never imagined the incredible response of Australia to LFL Football,” said Mitchell S. Mortaza, Chairman, Lingerie Football League.

“This is truly a significant moment in the short history of the league as we take our first step toward introducing Aussies to LFL Football and the eventual premiere of LFL Australia in 2013.”

Queenslander Chloe Butler is the face of the LFL as it pushes to establish a competition in Australia by 2013 with four teams – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Butler will serve as the ambassador of LFL Football coming to Australia and will captain the Western Conference squad.

With women who look like this, it’s no surprise the Lingerie League is increasing in popularity around the world. Plans have also been discussed to expand to Europe by 2014. Watch out, world — half-naked women playing football are coming to a city near you.

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Lingerie Football League’s Toronto Triumph Team Members Quit in Protest

There’s turmoil in Toronto concerning the city’s Lingerie Football League team. 22 of 26 members of the Triumph reportedly have quit in a protest over some players and a coach being released.

The players were upset when four players and assistant coach Sebastian Clovis were released following the team’s season-opening loss to the Tampa Breeze 48-14. That’s the only game they’ve played all season. Team captain Krista Ford explained her decision to walk out on the team.

“I am really sad to let you all know that I have left the Toronto Triumph, along with many of my teammates,” Ford wrote on her Facebook page. “It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make thus far, however, I had to stand up for what I felt was right. Unfortunately, it cost me the greatest sport in the world.

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Donovan McNabb Took in a Lingerie Football League Game Friday Night

Things are not going well in the world of Donovan McNabb. The former Pro Bowler has been benched by the 1-5 Vikings who finally realized that having a QB average fewer than seven yards per attempt is not a winning formula. So how did five spend his last supper? Taking in a local Lingerie Football League game between Minnesota and LA Friday night.

Analyst Sean Salisbury was giving McNabb a lot of love on the telecast. Here’s a video of Dunbar with his buddies at the LFL game:

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Lingerie Bowl Prep: Lingerie Football League Playboy Pictures

If you’re not the type interested in watching the Black Eyed Peas perform at halftime of the Super Bowl, one of your options will be the Lingerie Bowl. The Lingerie Bowl is being played for the eighth time, and it’s available for $19.95 on pay-per-view.

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Lingerie League’s Chicago Bliss Getting Hard Knocks-Style Reality Show

On the Lingerie Football League‘s Facebook page, they made the announcement that the ladies of the Chicago Bliss will be part of a new reality series Lingerie Football, Behind the Lace and Leather. The show is supposed to be an LFL version of the NFL’s Hard Knocks, though they won’t have the built in reputation of some of the NFL’s clowns.

I think this is pretty cool. It will show viewers what the LFL is all about — and it’s not just eye candy for men. All of the women who play in this league are beautiful, talented, and dedicated to the game of football. I think this will give fans and naysayers alike a better look at what it’s like to play in the this league.  I was excited to hear of the league expanding to Orlando and Baltimore and I feel like this is just another step towards these ladies getting the recognition they deserve.  Take a good look fellas — these girls are proving that football isn’t just for guys.

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LFL’s Orlando Fantasy Making Dreams Come True

What used to be a simple form of Super Bowl halftime entertainment has now evolved into a flourishing business. As surprising as it may be, the Lingerie Football League is making sure more fantasies come true by adding franchises.

The Lingerie Football League, or the LFL, debuted last year and enjoyed much success across the nation. Teams are already established in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York amongst others large cities. The newest additions to the LFL are the Orlando Fantasy and soon-to-be-named team in Baltimore, not to mention the Nashville squad which was looking for a coach.

While the Lingerie Football League has enjoyed initial success, I have to wonder about the message it sends to women. I think it’s empowering. It’s showing that women play with as much heart as the athletes we see in the NFL, or maybe more. These women are playing to prove that talent and beauty can go hand-in-hand. If they have to play in boy shorts and bikini tops then so be it — at least it’s a form of positive attention. If you got it flaunt it, and these girls definitely have it.

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