Brandon Marshall accuses ESPN of lying to him about E:60 profile

Brandon-Marshall-BearsESPN aired its latest “E:60″ feature on Tuesday night with Brandon Marshall as the subject, and the Chicago Bears wide receiver is not pleased with the way the segment turned out. According to Marshall, ESPN and reporter Lisa Salters misled him about the angle they were going to take with the profile.

“E:60 is running a piece on me tonight that they lied to me about,” Marshall wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “It was suppose to be a story on a camp. They followed me around 2 years ago and at the end put a camera in my face to talk about it and asked nothing [about] the camp or the community weekend.

“I’m disappointed that ESPN and Lisa Salters continue to try and tell my story in ESPN’s words. Better yet I’m pissed off – beyond disappointed. This is the second time ESPN did this. I trust ESPN to tell my story & they lied to me once again to get my interview. Media exploits & tells thier own stories. Disappoints again. Well I guess I probably should use my coping skills now. Thanks ESPN.”

We haven’t had a chance to watch the full feature, but our friend Michael David Smith from Pro Football Talk felt the profile should leave most people with a more favorable opinion of Marshall than they had before. Marshall has a history of alleged domestic violence, and ESPN had to acknowledge that. But according to Smith, the feature painted the 30-year-old as someone who sought help and has turned his life around.

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Dwyane Wade wants to know if Lisa Salters’ blouse is fuchsia (Video)

Dwyane Wade is a pretty fashion-conscious athlete, even if his efforts have been failures in the eyes of the LBS fashion police. After scoring 28 points in the Heat’s 93-85 win over the Knicks in New York on Sunday, Wade was interviewed by ABC’s Lisa Salters. The interview yielded very little information, but it did provide one amusing moment. After the interview concluded, Wade asked Salters if her blouse was fuchsia, adding that it was nice. With a keen eye like that, I wonder why Wade even needs a fashion consultant to dress him.

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Jon Gruden Confuses Michelle Obama with Lisa Salters (Video)

Jon Gruden may be a football expert, but he obviously doesn’t keep up with politics too much. That became evident when Clemson’s offensive coaches flashed a cue card of First Lady Michelle Obama from the sidelines to signal an offensive play during the Orange Bowl. Gruden thought it was Lisa Salters, a sideline reporter for ESPN. Here’s the video:

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