Ron Rivera: Panthers’ Trick Play Was Inspired by Little Giants Movie

The Panthers used a trick play to score their third touchdown against the Texans Sunday, and it turns out the play was inspired by the football movie Little Giants. Asked about the play by reporters Monday, Carolina head coach Ron Rivera says the idea came from the “Annexation of Puerto Rico” play the Giants used to beat Kevin O’Shea’s Cowboys on the final play of the game.

“Just so you know, the unofficial name – I don’t know if you guys have ever seen the “Little Giants” – it’s called the Annexation of Puerto Rico. I’ve seen the movie a hundred times with my kids. They’re grown up now,” Rivera said. “So last night we were talking about and they called it everything from the Chud-a-rooskie to the Mauler to what have you. Somebody said, ‘well, it’s from the ‘Little Giants.”

Fumblerooskis are actually illegal in the NFL, but if you watch the play closely, you’ll see that quarterback Cam Newton took the snap and handed it to Richie Brockel between the fullback’s legs (watch video of the play at NFL.com). Brockel went untouched into the end zone for the score to put Carolina up 21-0. They won it 28-13, helping Doc Brown secure one of his Top 3 picks.

The only remaining question is if Ron Rivera gets to take over Gary Kubiak’s car business.

Thanks to Deadspin for sharing the awesome story.

O’Shea Brothers Bet Their Businesses on Giants-Cowboys Game

Urbania – When the Cowboys and Giants meet on the field later today, they will be playing to determine which of the two peewee teams will represent the town of Urbania in youth football. Larry Brown Sports has also learned exclusively that the coaches of the respective teams, the O’Shea brothers, have also bet their personal businesses on the outcome of the game.

Sources present at Joanne’s coffee shop on Main Street told LBS that former Heisman Trophy Kevin O’Shea was disparaging Danny’s Giants when the bet was made. Upset with the ribbing, Danny agreed to put his gas station up against his brother Kevin’s Chevrolet dealership. Not only will the winner represent the town of Urbania in youth football for the upcoming season, but the winning coach will also assume control of a new local business.

The bet on today’s game caps off what has been a rocky run for the O’Shea brothers that began at the youth tryouts five weeks ago.

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