Couple in Singapore has as Liverpool a wedding as you can possibly have (Video)

If you thought England was the home to the biggest Liverpool fans in the world, Mr. and Mrs. Han may change your mind. Liverpool fans are everywhere — even Singapore. As you can see from the video above that Dirty Tackle passed along, the newly-married Mr. and Mrs. Han are about as hardcore as they come. If they weren’t there’s no way they would have thrown down that hard for their wedding and decked themselves and their bridal party out in head-to-toe Liverpool red.

“We are Liverpool fans living in Singapore some 6823.5 Miles from the city of Liverpool,” the couple wrote on their YouTube video according to 101 Goals. “In late 2001, (through) our support for our beloved team, we met each other @ Official Liverpool FC Fanclub Singapore Branch. What (followed) was a courtship unlike other couples. Our dates were watching Liverpool FC together every weekend. Everywhere we go, we were dressed up in identical LFC tops…”

Then came the most diehard Liverpool wedding you’ll ever see and they all lived happily ever after. Your move, lady with the Manchester United wedding dress.

Liverpool Fans Force Manchester United Supporter to Remove Jersey (Video)

Liverpool is on tour in Malaysia and faced the Malaysian national team Saturday. Before their game, they had a training session on Thursday that brought a contentious moment in the stands. One brave soldier decided to wear his Manchester United Wayne Rooney jersey to the training session, and that didn’t sit well with the Liverpool fans. Check out this great video via EPL Talk:

The brazen youngster in question never donned a Liverpool jersey, but he eventually switched into a Malaysia shirt. Much like this dufus he learned the hard way not to wear the wrong jersey around Liverpool fans.

Soccer fans, hardcore.

Video Credit: YouTube user lioedexing