Liz Dickson golf stunt video shows why she is suing Playboy

On Friday, we told about a former Playboy model named Liz Dickson who is suing Playboy and radio host Kevin Klein for a golf stunt gone wrong. Dickson said she suffered permanent injuries after she was convinced to lie on her stomach, have a golf ball teed up between her butt cheeks and allow Klein to take a swing at it. Now, we have a video of the incident.

TMZ released footage on Saturday that shows Dickson going along with the stunt only to have Klein badly miss and nail her in the right butt cheek. Dickson was laughing at first and Klein insisted he “didn’t swing very hard,” but TMZ also shared a photo of a nasty bruise that proves the mishap was no laughing matter.

Dickson is suing Playboy and Klein for $500,000. The video and bruise should serve as fantastic evidence.


Playmate Liz Dickson suing Playboy after golf shot allegedly hit out of her butt cheeks

Golf-teeApparently somebody’s mother never told them one of the most basic rules of childhood — never let someone stick a golf tee between your butt cheeks and try to hit a drive. It never ends well, and Playboy model Liz Dickson is claiming she found that out the hard way back in May 2012.

Dickson is reportedly suing Playboy and radio host Kevin Klein for a stunt she was talked into at a Playboy golf tournament a couple years back. As TMZ revealed, Dickson claims in the lawsuit that she was told to lie on her stomach and pose for a photo with Klein. A golf tee was then placed between her butt checks and a ball was teed up on it.

Klein allegedly took a swing at the ball and missed, drilling Dickson in the rear end instead. She claims she suffered serious injuries — some permanent — when the club hit her and is also suing for $500,000 in punitive damages.

That doesn’t sound like it was a pleasant experience, though I don’t know why Dickson wouldn’t stop allowing it to happen when she realized a tee was placed between her cheeks. Only David Feherty would be stupid enough to do something like that.