Florida Marlins Look Foolish for Demoting Logan Morrison

The Florida Marlins announced one of the most shocking, inexplicable moves of the season Saturday night. The team demoted left fielder Logan Morrison to Triple-A New Orleans hours after batting him third in their lineup against the Giants. The move was stunning for several reasons.

Although Morrison was hitless Saturday, he had two hits in each of the previous two games. He was second on the team with 17 home runs, third with 60 RBIs, and second with a .791 OPS. Yes, the Marlins sent one of their best hitters down to Triple-A to work on things.

Sure, Morrison struggled in June and July after getting off to a scorching start in April and May. His batting average had dropped to .249 and he struggled in the field, but he had plenty of time to turn it around. It’s apparent the demotion was due to several factors, very few of which related to baseball. In short, the Marlins wanted to teach him a lesson about falling in line.

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Logan Morrison Attacked by Praying Mantis (Video)

Somebody needs to explain the concept of messing with the bull and getting the horns to Logan Morrison.  If someone was staring you down wouldn’t you go after them?  You don’t just walk around looking at people and expect them not to get pissed off.  That’s not how the world works.  Recent history already told us Morrison was a pretty weird guy, but he should know better than to stare a dangerous insect in the eye.  Check out this video of a praying mantis attacking Logan Morrison on Tuesday night, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks:

What did you expect, bro?  Have you not heard the rumors that female praying mantises (manti?) bite their male counterparts’ heads off while they’re doing the dirty?  That’s the last time he’ll walk around the dugout acting tough.

For the record: Yes, I ignored the announcer’s ridiculous laugh on purpose. Didn’t even feel like getting into it.

Hanley Ramirez Reportedly Called Out by Logan Morrison for Being Late

When Jack McKeon was hired by the Florida Marlins as the team’s interim manager Monday, his first order of business was to bench shortstop Hanley Ramirez for that day’s game. McKeon said he was benching Hanley for not running hard enough during Sunday’s game. A report in The Miami Herald posted Tuesday evening via Hardball Talk suggests McKeon may have benched Ramirez for a different reason.

The Herald reports that Hanley was last to arrive for McKeon’s meeting Monday when he addressed the team (the Palm Beach Post says he was late). Hanley says he shows up at 3:30 on game days, but the expectation was that players would arrive early for the new manager. Left fielder Logan Morrison reportedly ripped into Hanley for being late to the meeting. He also reportedly suggested that Hanley’s tardiness (he arrives to the park later than most teammates) is contributing to his poor batting.

Because I’m not around the team enough to know what time Ramirez arrives at the park each day (not to mention if it’s the same routine he employed during his All-Star seasons), I will leave that out. But I will say that showing up last for the new manager’s team meeting shows disrespect, so I can understand if that’s why he was benched.

What’s sad is that such a talented player continues to be involved in issues suggesting he’s not a good team leader. In 2009, Dan Uggla questioned his toughness and desire to win. Last year he was yanked for not hustling after a booted ball. Ramirez has shown he can be a great player, but as the franchise player he should also be a great team leader. It’s pretty indisputable that he’s not, and that is a shame.

Logan Morrison Shaves Body Hair To Break Out of Slump

For whatever reason, baseball players tend to be the most superstitious people on the planet.  We rarely hear about football players sacrificing a chicken to recover from a string of bad performances.  We have never heard of a basketball player wearing a thong to snap a stretch of poor shooting, but guys like Aubrey Huff and Jason Giambi have done it to break out of hitting slumps.  And never can I remember catching word of an entire hockey team destroying a piece of locker room equipment to turn their luck around, yet somehow these things are common in the baseball world.

Looks like the latest weirdo to go to extreme measures in an attempt to bust the slump is Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison.  According to the Miami Herald via Ben Maller, Morrison decided to shave all of his body hair off twice in a 24-hour period when he found himself in an 0-for-14 slump this past weekend.  Thinking a hairless body may not be enough to do it, he also started avoiding sidewalk crevices during that period.

Morrison may have been onto something, as he recorded three hits on Monday to break out of the slump.  I wonder if his speed benefited at all from improved aerodynamics.  In any event, Morrison’s slump buster idea worked.  What does that mean?  Chicken sacrifices, thongs, beaten-down toolboxes, and hairless bodies are here to stay in the baseball world.