Clippers wear black wristbands, armbands, socks to protest Donald Sterling


The Los Angeles Clippers used their gear on Sunday to make a number of statements that were obviously directed toward owner Donald Sterling in the wake of his alleged racist remarks. The players wore inside out shirts during warmups to hide their team logo and also piled their jackets at center court before beginning their shootaround. They also wore black socks, wristbands and armbands.

Chris Paul wore a black undershirt with a long black sleeve. DeAndre Jordan and Matt Barnes wore large black armbands:


All of the Clippers players wore some sort of black clothing. The entire team wore black socks and most players wore a black wrist band on their left wrist.

Clippers turn their shirts inside-out during warmups


Despite owner Donald Sterling potentially being exposed as an idiotic racist over the weekend, the Los Angeles Clippers still had a game to play against the Golden State Warriors on Sunday. Rather than boycotting the game like they were reportedly considering, the team made an extremely loud statement with its choice in clothing during pregame warmups.

According to ESPN’s Arash Markazi, the Clippers players took the floor at Oracle Arena and gathered at center court to take off their Clippers warmup jackets and throw them in a pile. They also wore their warmup shirts inside out so that no team logo was displayed.

The powerful message spoke for itself.

Photo: Twitter/Arash Markazi

Roy Hibbert is hearing that Andrew Bynum wants to go to Clippers or Heat

Andrew BynumThe Cleveland Cavaliers are going to have a difficult time trading Andrew Bynum before the Feb. 20 trade deadline. From the sound of it, there are very few — if any — teams in the NBA that have interest in rostering the 26-year-old center. And why would they? Bynum has a team-friendly contract, but it’s pretty clear he does not care about winning.

The Cavs have reportedly had discussions with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat about potential trades involving Bynum. However, both the Lakers and Bulls would likely waive Bynum to free salary cap space if they acquired him. According to Roy Hibbert, Bynum is interested in going elsewhere.

Hibbert, who has become quite the jokester this season, was probably just taking a shot at Bynum. I can’t imagine the Heat would want to poison their championship locker room with a turd who laughs when his team loses.

It’s also worth noting that NBA rules forbid players and coaches from discussing trades involving players who are under contract with other teams, so Hibbert is flirting with tampering. If it means mocking Bynum, it’s well worth it.

Warriors-Clippers fight during and after game (Video)

Warriors ClippersThere is a heated rivalry developing between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors, and that was evident when the teams played on Wednesday night.

Two players were ejected for incidents during the game, and the teams had a scuffle at the end of the game that continued by the locker rooms.

Early in the fourth quarter, Warriors forward Draymond Green was ejected for throwing an elbow at Blake Griffin. Video of that is below:

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Lamar Odom reportedly drawing interest from Lakers, Clippers

Lamar OdomLamar Odom has insisted that his NBA career is not over, and the 34-year-old may wind up being right about that. Both the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers have reportedly expressed interest in bringing Odom back.

According to Ramona Shelburne and Marc Stein of ESPNLosAngeles.com, both LA teams would consider signing Odom if he can show that his turbulent personal life has settled down. As you know, various gossip outlets have claimed Odom has a serious drug and alcohol problem and has been hanging around places like Beacher’s Madhouse getting hammered.

During a recent interview — albeit a very bizarre one — Odom claimed he has been working out and could play right now if the opportunity arose. Sources reportedly told ESPN.com that neither the Lakers nor the Clippers have had recent contact with Odom’s camp aside from checking up on the status of his personal affairs. Both teams would want to “carefully” evaluate the situation before extending a contract offer.

Earlier this week, a report indicated that Bruce Jenner has been mentoring Odom and that Lamar is currently clean and sober. Given the nature of some of the disturbing rumors we have heard about the 14-year veteran, we’d certainly love to see him clean up his act and return to basketball.

Clippers reportedly refuse to hold chapel with Warriors before game

Doc RiversThere is very little love lost between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors. Both California teams are likely to make the playoffs and may even contend for the Western Conference championship, so you can understand why the players on either side may not be best friends with one another. That being said, bad blood is usually pushed aside when it comes to gathering for prayer.

Most NBA teams gather for chapel and pray together before games. After all, basketball is just a game. But according to Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times, the Clippers refused to hold chapel with the Warriors on Thursday. Instead, the Clippers held their own prayer service.

“Man, they don’t want to have chapel with us?” a team source reportedly said. “I never heard that before, but OK.”

As Thompson pointed out, there were a number of incidents during the four times LA and Golden State faced off last year that fueled what has become a budding rivalry. As you may remember, the Clippers bench clowned Blake Griffin pretty hard during one game after he bricked a three-pointer.

You have to wonder if there is more to this story. For one thing, Doc Rivers wasn’t even with the Clippers last season. He typically has shown the utmost respect for opponents and is considered one of the more classy coaches in basketball. If LA chose not to hold chapel with their opponents, it’d be tough to believe the decision came from Doc.

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Magic Johnson defends Clippers for covering Lakers’ banners

Magic Johnson Nate Robinson PredictionMagic Johnson on Thursday defended the Los Angeles Clippers’ decision to begin covering up the Lakers’ championship banners and retired jerseys inside Staples Center when they host games.

News emerged last week that the Clippers would begin covering the Lakers (and Kings) banners inside Staples Center for their home games in order to make it more of a home atmosphere. New Clippers coach Doc Rivers is the one who came up with the idea.

Magic, whose jersey is retired by the Lakers and hanging in Staples Center, said on Twitter Thursday that he has no problem with what the Clippers are doing.

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