Kings are closing in on a Stanley Cup, and Los Angeles is finally taking notice

Wait, so Devils were playing in Los Angeles and it wasn’t a home game? (I really could have used a response from a sidekick like Ed McMahon for that one.) It’s almost official. The L.A. Kings are having their name removed from a rather lengthy list of teams never to have won a Stanley Cup. In response to the team’s meteoric rise, most of the city has come to realize that there is no monarchy within the city limits but indeed a pretty good hockey team.

Los Angeles and hockey is a funny concept. Think about it. The closest thing to icy the city ever gets is the daily interaction between fellow drivers on the 405. Vulcanized rubber? Sure, if you’re thinking about the constituency of a starlet’s face, not a hockey puck. Fighting and violence have traditionally been confined to Chavez Ravine, a few miles north. However, since the beginning of the 2012 NHL annual marathon postseason, Los Angeles has been the center of the universe for the so-called “fastest game on earth.”

Since the Los Angeles Kings ascended to the throne in 1967, the team has been more of a veritable peasant in a sports market saturated with more popular sports. For many years, the running joke in the league while the Kings played in the Forum was that the folks across the street had a better chance at the Cup than did the franchise. (The team’s former home was situated next to a cemetery.) The latest slapshot in the face was when the Los Angeles-area NBC affiliate tried to show a graphic celebrating three simultaneous playoff runs with the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings all in the postseason for the first time since the opening of Staples Center, where all three play, in 1999. The only problem was that the Kings logo was portrayed as the Sacramento Kings. Perhaps, one can chalk this up to a lazy graphics editor, not realizing the fundamental fact that Sacramento (scrawled across the top of the logo) is not Los Angeles, or the fact that double-checking wasn’t all that necessary because no one would care. One would highly doubt that such an error would happen in hockey-crazed markets like Detroit or Boston.

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L.A. Kings fans heckle Devils with giant ‘Jersey Shore’ heads (Picture)

The Kings currently hold a commanding 3-0 lead over the Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals. The series is all but over. In fact, all four series the Kings have played in this postseason have been all but over after a mere three games. Los Angeles has completely dominated the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. They are the first NHL team to ever take a 3-0 series lead over all four of their playoff opponents, so I’d say their fans are pretty much entitled to do whatever they want. That includes heckling the opponent with giant “Jersey Shore” faces.

As the Devils watched their Stanley Cup hopes drift further away on Monday night, they also had to look at giant cardboard cut-outs of Mike “The Situation,” Snooki, and some of the other stars from MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” If this was Game 1, we’d call it a pretty weak attempt at heckling the opponent. Since the Kings are in total control, it’s hilarious. You may not appreciate it, but we know a certain NFL coach who would love to give these fans a pat on the back.

Conan O’Brien zings L.A. Kings on Twitter; Kings zing right back

Let’s be honest. With the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals, a lot of people in the L.A. region who haven’t a clue about hockey or the Kings are jumping on the bandwagon (driven by Enter Your Favorite Hollywood Star Here).

And while Conan O’Brien isn’t jumping on the Kings bandwagon per se, he showed he obviously has no grasp on anything NHL- or Kings-related when he tried to make a topical joke about the team in this tweet sent Friday:

Not bad, Conan — if it was sent a week earlier. The Kings, of course, disposed of the Coyotes on Tuesday, making Conan’s tweet outdated and useless. Knowing Conan, he’ll probably joke that an intern will get fired for letting him send that tweet. If Twitter was fair game for Conan’s Fan Corrections segment, the tweet would probably be the subject of a hefty portion of viewer submissions.

The Kings’ Twitter account, which has been on a roll these playoffs, was none too amused by O’Brien’s failed attempt at a joke and fired back with a joke of its own:

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CBS LA shows wrong Kings mascot (Video)

At first it was NBC LA botching the Kings’ logo, then it was FOX’s Liz Habib butchering some highlights, and now it’s CBS’ turn to screw up something LA Kings-related.

CBS rolled some Kings mascot footage before showing Kings-Coyotes highlights from Game 4, but they used the Sacramento Kings mascot.

Disappointingly, the blunder gives CBS LA into repeat offender status.

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Sharks Upset Kings Coach Terry Murray Didn’t Shake Their Hands After Series

One of the best traditions during the Stanley Cup Playoffs is seeing the opposing teams line up to shake hands at the end of a series. The tradition is a wonderful display of sportsmanship and it shows that the players still respect each other even though they just got done beating each others’ brains in for two weeks.

Even though it’s a great tradition, the handshake lineup sometimes results in friction between teams. That’s exactly what happened with the Sharks and Kings.

San Jose eliminated Los Angeles from the playoffs with a 4-3 overtime win Monday night in Game 6. A few Sharks players were bothered that Kings coach Terry Murray didn’t shake their hands after the series and made their feelings known after the game.

Winger Jamal Mayers wrote on twitter “Kings battled hard! Tough series with 3 OT games! Too bad Murray didn’t have class to shake hands like players (who bled) and Asst Coaches!”

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So the Kings Had Ice Girl Tryouts

You might be inclined to go with the Laker girls over the Kings ice girls at first reaction, but I might have to change my initial thought based on what I saw from the Kings tryouts that took place recently. I’m not exactly sure what role ice girls have at a hockey game, but I’m all for anything that brings extra skin to a sporting event. The Kings have said that they’re looking for girls that will help represent the team as well as possible. My advice for them: You can teach anyone to skate better, but you can’t teach hotness. Feel me? Check out some of the talent on the ice: