Lou Amundson signed by Pelicans, didn’t have last name on jersey

Lou Amundson jersey

Lou Amundson was signed by the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday and was immediately pressed into action for the team’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers the same day. Since he was only on the team for a few hours before playing in his first game, the equipment staff didn’t have time to stitch his last name onto the back of his jersey. He ended up playing with no name on his back.

I guess that’s one way to ensure your players are playing for the name on the front of the jersey.

Amundson actually works out in LA — I’ve seen him practicing in the offseason at UCLA many times — so he had no trouble joining the Pelicans at Staples Center for the contest. It actually worked out quite well.

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Lou Amundson Serviced by Trainer After Game 4 Win

It wasn’t quite as bad as the Visanthe Shiancoe wardrobe malfunction after a Vikings game on FOX TV nor Shannon Brown’s bare butt on FSN, but TNT still gave us quite the visual on Tuesday night. After Game 4 in Phoenix between the Suns and the Lakers, TNT played a clip of Suns coach Alvin Gentry giving a postgame speech to his team. It was difficult to pay attention to what Gentry was saying because of the image in the background. Backup center Lou Amundson was being treated by a trainer and it resulted in these curious pictures:

I’m guessing the Suns won’t be happy to see these pictures make the internet and they’ll probably let TNT know about it. Hopefully that will mark the end of television cameras in the locker room for pre and post game coach’s speeches; they have no business being there in the first place for what should be private moments between a coach and his players.

Shaq Gets Pranked, Seeks Revenge by Cutting Louis Amundson’s Hair

To quoteth the greateth Shaquille O’Nealeth, “Two things you don’t touch for a black man: His food, and his car.” The Suns ponytailed chick off the bench apparently violated the first commandment with a prank on Shaq’s car, filling it up with Styrofoam. Kings rookie Jason Thompson says packing peanuts is much more pleasant than buttery popcorn, so Shaq shouldn’t complain. But Shaq being Shaq you know he has to get the last word. He says he’s planning Sampson-like revenge on Louis Amundson. The video is pretty uneventful but it gives you an idea of the result of the prank.

I guess when you’ve been knocked out of the playoffs for a solid week you have to come up with different ways to keep things interesting. This would be one of them.