Demonte Harper Three-Pointer Sinks Louisville, Lifts Morehead State

Just like that, the Madness has already been put back into March. The college basketball world hadn’t even begun talking about Matt Howard’s buzzer-beater before the first contender had fallen.  After a shocker on Thursday afternoon, Rick Pitino and his Louisville squad are going home.  The Morehead State Eagles live to play another day.

No. 13 seed Morehead State defeated No. 4 seed Louisville by a score of 62-61 on a last second three-pointer to pull off the first major upset of 2011.  After the game, Eagles coach Donie Tyndall told reporters he knew the ball would be going to senior guard Demonte Harper if his team was within one or two points.

Despite previously going 0-for-5 from beyond the arc, Harper delivered in a huge way.  He banged down what ended up being the game-winning shot to send the Cardinals packing.  Louisville was believed to be an Elite 8 contender at the very least, and a Final Four candidate by many.

The real challenge for Morehead State now will be coming down from their high, as they await the winner of Vanderbilt and Richmond.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ed Andrieski

Ashton Gibbs Calls Louisville ‘Bums’ on Twitter After Pittsburgh Loss

Louisville was able to pull of an upset on Sunday when they defeated Pittsburgh 62-59 in overtime in Louisville. We use the term “upset” because the Panthers are the higher ranked team, but when you take into account the fact that the game was played in Louisville and the Cardinals are one of the best teams in the Big East the outcome isn’t that surprising — unless you’re Ashton Gibbs. Gibbs immediately took to his Twitter account after the game and called Rick Pitino and company bums.

He followed that statement with a graceful, “F*** it. On to the next.”

Damage control began almost immediately, with three consecutive tweets that read, “I apologize if my tweet offended any players, coaches, friends, or family members of the Louisville basketball program. I consider myself a competitor and we were outplayed tonight in a heated battle between two top Big East teams. I wish them the best on the rest of their season and we look forward to redeeming ourselves next game. Let’s go Pitt.”

Sounds like he wrote it, huh? Definitely had nothing to do with Pitt’s PR department. Gibbs’ comments wrapped up an interesting afternoon, one that the Pitt Panthers and the Louisville cheerleader who got a technical foul will certainly want to forget.

Louisville Male Cheerleader Jordan Alcazar Gets Technical Foul (Video)

Note to all college basketball cheerleaders: don’t touch the ball. It may be hard to believe, but a cheerleading squad is eligible for a technical foul during a college basketball game. Those of who who were watching as Louisville sealed a 62-59 overtime upset over Pittsburgh on Sunday got to witness that first-hand. Jordan Alcazar, a male cheerleader for the Cardinals, was slapped with a technical foul for throwing the ball in the air right after Kyle Kuric buried a dunk to give Louisville a five-point lead.  Check out the video, via Mocksession:

There’s already been a lot of “that could have cost them the game” talk, but let’s be serious — there was under a second remaining.  Yes the free throws made it a three-point game, but Pitt needed a full-court three-pointer with 0.3 seconds left to tie it.  That being said, I doubt Alcazar only threw the ball because he knew the game was sealed up.  He got lucky, and for that reason it’s unlikely you’ll see a Lousiville cheerleader — or any cheerleader for that matter — putting their hands on the ball in the near future. Crisis averted.


Rick Pitino Sports the All-White Suit

Rick Pitino White SuitAnd maybe the thing was cursed. With the fans pulling a white out similar to the trend we’ve seen in Miami for Heat playoff games recently (not this year, of course), Rick Pitino decided to join the movement and sport an all-white suit. Rather than baring the semblance of a pimp at P. Diddy’s all-white Hampton’s party, Pitino stuck out worse than Tom Hanks at the company party in Big. Maybe the wardrobe was constricting Pitino’s brainpower, because his Cards were trailing 31-23 at the half. In the second half, Pitino switched it up and went with the traditional all-black suit. His excuse for the garment change was somewhat lame:

“The real reason was because it was very hot in there and I was sweating like crazy,” he said. “Not having worn a white linen suit since my first communion, no one told me when you’re sweating you can’t wear blue ‘filters’ (underwear). I was about to look ridiculous.”

Whatever. Maybe it cleared his head and got him focusing on the game rather than how ridiculous he looked. That could’ve been it because Louisville came out with a vengeance in the second half and went on to win it 59-51 — quite a solid win, not to mention impressive comeback. At least Pitino has vowed not to break out the suit again until the Kentucky Derby. And as bad as he looked, nothing can compare to Joakim Noah on draft day. Now that was bad.