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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Luke Walton says Lakers got punked by Grizzlies

Luke Walton

Luke Walton was disappointed with his team’s effort in a loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday, specifically saying that they got punked.

The Lakers, who were without Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball, fell to the Grizzlies 123-114 as they shot below 40 percent for the game. Walton said after the contest that the Lakers were not physical enough in the game.

“I think the biggest (problem) is we weren’t physically, mentally ready to match what Memphis brought tonight,” Walton said. “And that’s disappointing. That has nothing to do with anything but the toughness to engage in a fight. We’ve been good at that, but for whatever reason, tonight we let them punk us all over the floor.”

Walton said he wasn’t sure if playing without Ball and Ingram impacted the team, but he hoped it didn’t. Walton expressed disappointment that they allowed Memphis to dominate the game and get to the line so much.

“We let them move the ball wherever they wanted,” he said. Walton also noted that they didn’t follow their scouting report, which said not to let the Grizzlies get to the free throw line too much. Memphis attempted 34 free throws, while the Lakers had 31.

The Lakers are now 15-28 after the loss, while the Grizzlies are 14-28.

Magic Johnson full of praise for Luke Walton after Laker win

Magic Johnson

It’s safe to say the Los Angeles Lakers’ braintrust are voicing their support for coach Luke Walton.

After what has been a tumultuous week for Walton, team president Magic Johnson became the latest in the organization to effusively praise his coach after the Lakers won 107-101 for their fourth consecutive victory.

Between this and a vote of confidence from owner Jeanie Buss earlier Saturday, it’s quite clear that there’s a concerted effort from Lakers executives to push back against reports that Walton’s job is not secure. It’s not a particularly combative response, but it’s a very clear statement that Walton isn’t going anywhere.

Jeanie Buss offers Luke Walton endorsement on Twitter

Luke Walton

While it’s hardly as overt as it could have been, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss made clear Saturday that the organization is still firmly on Luke Walton’s side.

With controversy still ongoing about LaVar Ball’s recent comments about the Lakers coach, Buss sent a Twitter message Saturday that included a picture of herself with Walton and GM Rob Pelinka. The caption offered a clear message: in Luke we trust.

The timing of this probably isn’t a coincidence. Ball’s comments have sparked an uproar in NBA circles, and rumors that Walton’s job could be in jeopardy have followed. Buss could certainly be offering the dreaded vote of confidence, but she isn’t a constant chatterbox about team-related matters. The fact that she posted this is noteworthy.

Report: Lakers do not support Luke Walton completely, may be eyeing David Fizdale

Luke Walton

Is LaVar Ball now about to speak a head coaching move into existence?

In an appearance Friday on “The Rich Eisen Show,” ESPN’s Brian Windhorst dropped a bit of a bombshell about the LA Lakers and coach Luke Walton.

“Whatever you want to say about LaVar Ball, he has smoked out the fact that the Lakers do not support Luke Walton,” said Windhorst, according to Ryne Nelson of SLAMOnline. “And that is now crystal clear. And there are now guys out there wondering openly to me — executives, coaches, agents — who the Lakers are going to hire as their next coach. Because that has been revealed here –that they do not have unconditional support for Luke.

“What coach has LeBron [James] tweeted about most recently? What coach got fired this year and LeBron tweeted about it?” Windhorst continued when pressed on who the Lakers might hire if they were to fire Walton. “Los Angeles native David Fizdale … I got executives in my ear, I got agents in my ear, saying, ‘Oh yeah, they’re probably going to hire David Fizdale.'”

Since Ball went viral earlier this month with his controversial comments about Walton supposedly losing control of the team, the Lakers, both players and management, have indicated that the second-year coach still has their full support. But they remain a rotten 14-27 on the year, and questions about the 37-year-old’s Walton’s fit for this team at this point in time still persist.

It’s worth noting that Fizdale, who was fired by the Memphis Grizzlies earlier this season, coached James, presumably the Lakers’ top free agent target this summer, as an assistant in Miami for many years. Though both he and Walton have roughly the same amount of head coaching experience, Fizdale seems to be the more respected of the two right now. That could leave the Lakers with a decision to make, especially if their struggles under Walton continue.

Report: Luke Walton in no danger of losing job

Luke Walton

LaVar Ball’s criticisms of Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton are doing nothing to permeate the team’s front office.

USA Today’s Sam Amick reported Wednesday that the organization has complete faith in Walton and his job is not in any danger.

Notably, the same Laker source told Amick that the organization has no regrets about selecting Lonzo Ball No. 2 overall in last June’s draft, despite the distractions that have been caused by his father.

Walton is only in the second year of a five-year contract and there is an understanding that the Lakers require a hefty rebuild, so ownership remains firmly behind their coach.

Ball’s comments have caused a lot of speculation, but there really doesn’t seem tobe anything to it. The bigger issue may be ensuring that Lonzo’s head is where it should be.

Kyle Kuzma offers strong defense of Luke Walton

Kyle kuzma

Los Angeles Lakers rookie forward Kyle Kuzma is standing up for his head coach in a big way amidst the team’s recent turmoil.

Speaking on Monday, Kuzma gave a strong defense of Lakers coach Luke Walton. Here is what he had to say, per Lakers Nation’s Matthew Moreno:

Kuzma’s comments come just one day after LaVar Ball, the father of fellow Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, caused major controversy by blasting Walton and saying he had lost control of the team (full remarks here). The Lakers have also lost 11 of their last 13 games and are a Western Conference-worst 12-27.

Nevertheless, Kuzma’s ardent support for Walton is a sign the Lakers players are still all-in on their coach, and management appears to feel the same way.

Luke Walton reportedly not in danger of losing his job

Luke Walton

LaVar Ball may think the Los Angeles Lakers need to fire head coach Luke Walton, but Ball’s opinion means virtually nothing to the people who are in charge of making those decisions.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reported on Sunday that Walton is in no danger of losing his job despite how poorly the Lakers have played over the past few weeks.

The Lakers snapped a nine-game losing streak on Sunday night with a 132-113 win over the Atlanta Hawks. The victory came on the heels of LaVar Ball saying he believes players are tuning Walton out and do not want to play for him.

After the game, Walton was asked about giving Lonzo Ball some time with the second unit. He joked that he was punishing the rookie for the remarks his father made.

“Um, yeah, his dad was talking s— so I took him out early,” Walton said.

Walton then said he was “just kidding” and explained that Lonzo was tired a few times and asked for breaks and that the plan going into the game was to play him more with the second unit.

The Lakers have failed to live up to expectations this season, but team owner Jeanie Buss recently tweeted her support for Walton.

Lonzo and his teammates insist LaVar’s comments are not a distraction, but the way some NBA coaches are reportedly trying to take a stand against LaVar has to create at least some awkwardness for his 20-year-old son.

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