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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Articles tagged: Magic Johnson

Donald Sterling: Magic Johnson is not a good example for the children of LA

Donald Sterling recently sat down for an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that will air on Monday night. The discussion features Sterling’s first public apology as well as a half-hearted apology to Magic Johnson. “The only one I’ve talked to is Magic Johnson — twice,” Sterling told Cooper. “He knew the girl, he said. He…Read More

Magic Johnson admits he’s interested in buying Clippers

Before NBA commissioner Adam Silver dropped the hammer on Donald Sterling, rumors were already circulating that Magic Johnson and his billionaire backers are interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers. Johnson was quick to deny the reports, probably because he works as an NBA analyst for ESPN and didn’t want his opinions to come across…Read More

Magic Johnson dances on the Mike D’Antoni grave

Kick a man while he’s down, why don’t you, Magic Johnson. It was no secret that Magic was not happy with the Lakers. He’s expressed his disappointment with Jim Buss, Mike D’Antoni, and the franchise as a whole over the past few years. But when the Lakers announced Wednesday that D’Antoni resigned as head coach,…Read More

Magic Johnson reportedly interested in buying Clippers

The pressure on Donald Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers is only going to increase by the day. The NBA wants him out, and league commissioner Adam Silver is expected to make a decision on possible disciplinary action against Sterling by Tuesday. If the most stubborn owner in the NBA does decide to sell…Read More

Magic Johnson sends possibly dumbest tweet of all time

Magic Johnson has outdone himself this time. The Los Angeles Lakers legend has said some ridiculous things while working as an NBA analyst, but nothing he has ever said on the air can top what he wrote on Twitter Thursday night. The only way San Antonio or Miami don't win the championship is if neither…Read More

Magic Johnson done ripping the Lakers, Mike D’Antoni

Magic Johnson has developed a curious habit of ripping the Los Angeles Lakers over the past year, but he says all that is over. The Lakers franchise legend tweeted on Thursday night to announce his change of plans, which began with some praise of coach Mike D’Antoni: Laker Nation: I want to give Coach D'Antoni…Read More

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