Manchester United reportedly blocking its stars from Olympics

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has already said this week that his striker Javier Hernandez won’t be competing in the Olympics this summer for his native Mexico. But apparently he won’t be the only Man U player blocked from competing in London.

The English juggernaut has reportedly placed an embargo on its players after writing a letter to the English Football Association warning Great Britain coach Stuart Pearce to not select any of its over-age players. Men’s soccer teams at the Olympics are under-23 squads but are permitted to have three players over the age limit.

The lone player Man U is willing to concede from its blockade is 38-year-old midfielder Ryan Giggs, who as a Welsh international has never competed in a major international tournament. That would mean Man U stars Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney are restricted from being part of Team GB. However, it was already unlikely that Pearce would have called upon them. Ferdinand and Rooney are both standouts for England, which is set to compete in the Euro Cup in June, and Pearce has said he would not choose any English players who compete at Euros.

In the past, FIFA allowed clubs to block all their players from competing in the Olympcs. Only recently did it relent in advance for the London games, making clubs leave their under-23 players available for Olympic duty (which sounds in tune to what David Stern reportedly wants to do with basketball).

But, all in all, Man U definitely isn’t the only club with this attitude. It’s just doing what’s in its best interests. And Mark Cuban is probably somewhere giving them a standing O for it.

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Wayne Rooney, Manchester United Players Face Possible Twitter Restrictions

One of the best strikers in the world, Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, viciously threatened a fan via Twitter recently. Rooney told the Manchester United fan that he’ll, “put [the fan] asleep within 10 seconds.”

Rooney was responding to a Liverpool fan who wrote to him, “Rooney ya fat whore ill smash ya head in with a pitchin wedge an bury ya with a ballast fork ya fat ugly lil nonse.” Unfortunately Rooney didn’t ignore the tweet and had that harsh response.

Rooney’s irrational doings are causing a stir within the Man U organization. Manager Alex Ferguson couldn’t believe the idiocy behind Rooney’s comments and Twitter as a whole.

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Darron Gibson Quits Twitter After 97 Minutes Because of Manchester Fan Abuse

Manchester United midfielder Darron Gibson decided he wanted to be like some of his teammates and join the world of twitter. And he did. For 97 minutes.

Gibson received so much hate from his own fans in the first hour and a half he ended up shutting down shop. The Mirror picked out some of the nasty comments he received.

“You are an abysmal excuse for a footballer,” wrote one fan. “You’re a one trick pony – a s*** one at that. What Fergie sees in you I don’t know.”

Another added: “Nothing would make me happier than if we sold you this summer. You’re probably a nice bloke, but an awful footballer.”

Man, I know our athletes get a lot of hate, but I’m not so sure it goes that far. Then again, these are the same British football fans who sucker punch their players after matches, and this is the same culture where it’s OK to run over a referee with a car after a bad call. Nevermind, maybe nobody is as crazy as soccer fan.

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Manchester United Signs Adnan Januzaj, Billed as the Next David Beckham

I’m not a Manc, nor am I someone who follows the Premier League too carefully, but I do know that when a player receives the billing of “the next David Beckham,” chances are he won’t be that good. Think about it — what do Isaiah Rider and Jerry Stackhouse have in common? They were both billed as the next Jordan. What do they each have in common now? They never came close to the hype.

Such will likely be the case for young Adnan Januzaj, who reportedly has signed with Manchester United. The Mirror says the Reds have agreed on a four-year deal with the 16-year-old that will pay the young Belgian 120K pounds per year. In dollars, that comes out to nearly 200K per season, which will keep young Adnan rolling in waffles for many years to come.

I have no idea how good this kid is or isn’t, I just know there’s an enormous amount of pressure already being placed on him. Freddy Adu was billed as a superstar when he was 14 and got drafted by D.C. United. Though he’s good enough to play for the U.S. National Team, you better be Pele good to live up to the hype of being drafted at 14. Januzaj must be plenty talented to be signed to such a deal, but you have to wonder if he’ll develop the way people think he should with the enormous pressure put on him. Hopefully he will.