Manu Ginobili’s shoe completely explodes during game (Video)

Have you ever seen a basketball shoe completely explode during a game? Neither had we. That was until Manu Ginobili’s shoe came completely apart during Wednesday’s San Antonio Spurs-Detroit Pistons game.

If you’re wondering what kind of basketball shoes NOT to buy, just find out what Ginobili was wearing. He’s lucky he didn’t break an ankle.

He does have nice socks though:

Manu Ginobili shoe

Image via SBNationGIF; Video via Beyond the Buzzer

Manu Ginobili’s Spurs contract reportedly got lost because of a bird attack

Manu GinobiliIf you are in the mood for one of the most bizarre and hilarious stories you will ever hear, you’re in luck on this fine Tuesday afternoon. Wait until you hear about the time Manu Ginobili was supposed to receive a new contract from the San Antonio Spurs while he was at home in Argentina but it never got to him because the person delivering it fell victim to a bird attack.

That’s the story Jere Longman of the New York Times relayed to us in a piece about the success the Spurs have had with international players. He tells it much better than I can:

Hours before the Spurs’ intern was to fly home from Buenos Aires, team officials said that he was strafed by a bird in a park. As he tidied up at a fountain, his backpack disappeared. Inside were Ginobili’s signed contract, along with the intern’s passport, cellphone and laptop.

Luckily, an international sports crisis was averted. An assistant traveling to Buenos Aires soon after brought a fresh contract and returned it to Texas without incident.

‘No birds got to him,’ Sean Marks, the Spurs’ director of basketball operations, said with a laugh. ‘We were all waiting for Manu’s contract to show up on eBay. It hasn’t yet.’

You’ve probably heard it all now, right? If you thought signing international players was difficult before, this story about Ginobili’s contract should give you an entirely new perspective. Getting attacked by a bird is a much more acceptable reason for a contract flub than what happened with Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Elvis Dumervil over the offseason.

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Manu Ginobili’s comments after Game 6 suggest Spurs are mentally done

If Manu Ginobili’s comments after the Spurs blew a Game 6 lead to the Miami Heat in the final minute are any indication, then San Antonio won’t have much of a chance to win Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

The Spurs were so close to winning the NBA championship on Tuesday that losing the game may be too much to overcome. San Antonio was up by five points with 20 seconds left and blew it. Ginobili made a few costly errors in the final minute of the game. Kawhi Leonard only made one of two free throws when the team probably would have won the title had he made both.

Manu GinobiliGinobili was asked after the game to reflect on the defeat, and he sounded defeated.

“It’s a tough moment. We were a few seconds away from winning the championship, and we let it go. A couple of rebounds that we didn’t catch. Tough three by Ray [Allen]. A couple of missed free throws. It’s a very tough moment,” admitted Ginobili.

A game after getting his first start of the season and scoring 24 points with a season-high 10 assists, Ginobili returned to his disappointing Finals form and had nine points and eight turnovers in 35 minutes.

“I had a very good game last game, and today I just couldn’t maintain it. I was very insecure. I had probably a career high in turnovers at a very bad moment. It really helps to make me feel terrible. Even with all that, we were so close to winning it. So it’s one of many things I’ll be thinking tonight.”

Asked how they’ll bounce back for Game 7, Ginobili admitted he had no clue.

“I have no clue how we’re going to be re-energized. I’m devastated. But we have to. There’s no Game 8 afterwards, so we’re going to have to play our best game. Even better than today. Shoot better, better defense, less turnovers. but there’s no secret recipe for bouncing back.”

Some of the other Spurs players who had better games — like Tim Duncan and Danny Green — might have more confidence entering Game 7, but I figure the blown game will stick with Ginobili and possibly Kawhi Leonard. The missed chances will be too much for them to overcome. How often does a team blow a championship and bounce back to win it? It’s infrequent.

Tim Duncan curing Manu Ginobili’s baldness makes a phenomenal GIF


Manu Ginobili had a nice game against the Miami Heat on Sunday night as his San Antonio Spurs took a 3-2 lead in the NBA Finals. Ginobili scored 13 points in 30 minutes of play, but none of his baskets were as special as what Tim Duncan did for him at some point during the victory.

As you can see from the GIF above that Got ‘Em Coach put together, Duncan has cured Ginobili’s baldness with the swipe of a hand. One minute the bald spot on the back of his head was there and the next it was gone. It was truly a miracle. Duncan is more than just one of the best power forwards in NBA history. He’s a medicine man.

Between this and the amazing then and now Spurs GIF we showed you last week, there have been some fantastic GIFs scattered throughout the 2013 postseason.

Manu Ginobli: Photo of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker aiming gun at Joey Crawford just a joke

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker decided to have a little too much fun at a Halloween party this year, and now they are hearing about it from all angles. As you can see from the photo above that was posted on Reddit and quickly made the internet rounds, Parker and Duncan dressed up as characters from “The Avengers” and held fake guns to the head of a person dressed as NBA officiating veteran Joey Crawford.

Many people thought the bit was violent and in poor taste. Parker and Duncan were not made available for comment on Monday, but teammate Manu Ginobili didn’t think the costumes were a big deal.

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Manu Ginobili’s brother calls Spanish team ‘pussies,’ says they threw game

Leandro Ginobili, the older brother of Spurs star Manu Ginobili, has a reputation in Argentina for being honest and outspoken. He is a media personality, as he writes for the Spanish newspaper Ole and does color commentary for a state-owned TV station. And he doesn’t think much of the Spanish national basketball team.

After Brazil defeated Spain 88-82 on Monday, Leandro took to Twitter to blast the Spanish team for what he perceived to be throwing the game. Since it was their last game before the knockout round, Ginobili believes Spain lost intentionally to avoid playing the US later in the week. According to Jorge Sierra of HoopsHype.com, the tweet roughly translated to calling the Spanish players “pussies.”

“If you understand just a little bit about basketball, it should be clear that Spain didn’t want to win the game,” Ginobili told HoopsHype.com. “I would be OK with giving the main guys on the team a break, but not with the attitude displayed. When you’re 5-6 points behind with two minutes to go and you don’t foul and you play long possessions, that’s strange, right?

“Spain has been the top FIBA team for the past five years, but they put a stain on the sport. Their attitude was uncalled for.”

If Spain’s plan was to avoid Team USA until a potential matchup in the gold medal game, it worked. They defeated France on Wednesday in the quarterfinal — although one of their players had to get punched in the man region in the process — and will face Russia in the semifinal on Friday. As for whether or not giving less than 100% to avoid the best team in the tournament would be cowardly, that’s up for you to decide. The idea is to win a gold medal, so perhaps the Spanish team was simply doing what they thought gave them the best chance to accomplish that goal.

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Manu Ginobili says Argentina should yell in Tony Parker’s face to fog up his goggles

Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are accustomed to winning basketball games together, but on Tuesday only one of them will be victorious when France takes on Argentina at the Olympics. Such is the joy of Olympic basketball. Argentina’s Ginobili and France’s Parker will likely find themselves guarding one another in London, and Ginobili says he already has a strategy in mind.

Parker, who suffered an eye injury after the NBA season ended during a nightclub brawl involving rappers Chris Brown and Drake, has been wearing protective goggles during play. According to Spurs Nation, Manu is planning to use that to his advantage.

“Go right up to him and go ‘whooo!’” Ginobili said while demonstrating how he would blow air out of his mouth. “That should fog up his goggles.”

Sounds like a simple strategy that just might work. Unfortunately for France, Ginobili may not even need gimmicks to keep Parker at bay. The Spurs star was 4-for-11 shooting with four turnovers during France’s loss to the USA over the weekend, and he admitted that the month he had to take off of basketball after the eye injury has left him “totally out of shape.”

Having seen how much zip Ginobili is capable of putting on a pass, I’d be worried about not being able to see basketballs that are flying my way at close to the speed of light if I was Parker.

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