Michelle Beadle goes nuts celebrating Manu Ginobili 3-pointer (GIF)


Manu Ginobili took over for the San Antonio Spurs late in the second quarter to spark a crucial run before halftime, and no one was happier about it than Michelle Beadle. At one point during the Spurs’ Game 5 win over the Miami Heat, Beadle could be seen screaming from her courtside seat in celebration.

Beadle grew up in Texas and spent a large portion of her childhood in a town outside San Antonio. She also graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio, so you can see why she is such a big Spurs fan. As Game 5 came to an end and it was obvious San Antonio had sealed the deal, Beadle looked like she was ready to do a bit of drinking.

In case you’re wondering where Beadle gets her Spurs fever from, look no further than her old man.

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Charles Barkley calls Manu Ginobili’s dunk on Chris Bosh

There might not be a bigger fan in the media of Manu Ginobili than Charles Barkley. Everyone knows that Chuck goes nuts when Manu balls out. He always bellows “Ja-NOBE-LYYYYYY” when Manu does great things on the court. And Manu did something special in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Ginobili set the tone for the entire game by dunking on Chris Bosh during the Spurs’ massive run in the second quarter. Our buddy CJ Zero decided that the Ginobili dunk had to be served justice by putting Chuck’s voice on it since TNT was not covering the Finals, meaning we wouldn’t get to hear Chuck go nuts over it. At least this replacement works.

As LB mentioned on Sunday, look at all the black jerseys that were around when the 6-foot-6 guard threw it down.

Manu Ginobili dunk Chris Bosh

You know everything’s going right when your guards are dunking on the opposition.

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Manu Ginobili: Spurs made fun of me after Caron Butler blocked my dunk

What a difference a few weeks make.

Manu GinobiliSome of you may recall a play during Game 5 of the Western Conference finals two and a half weeks ago when Manu Ginobili was rejected hard by Caron Butler on a drive and dunk attempt late in the third quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The missed bucket didn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things since the Spurs won 117-89, but it sure received a lot of attention in the Spurs’ locker room.

Fast forward to Sunday when Ginobili made one of the plays of the game in Game 5 by dunking hard on Chris Bosh in the second quarter as part of an 8-0 individual run. After the Spurs took the lead in that quarter, they didn’t relinquish it.

Manu says the dunk was redemption for what happened against Butler and OKC.

“The last time I tried (a dunk like that) I got blocked by Caron Butler against OKC badly,” Ginobili said about his dunk on Chris Bosh in Game 5, as transcribed by Eye on Basketball. “And I was made fun of by my teammates in a rough way. They actually made me promise that I wasn’t going to try that again, and I said I won’t try that again.”

If Ginobili promised he wouldn’t try a dunk like that again, what made him do it?

“But in the heat of the battle with the adrenaline pumping and the situation really, I don’t know what happened. I went hard and once I was in the air, I felt like I had a shot, and I tried. I think it helped me, and it helped the team too to get pumped up.”

Tony Parker also talked about the significance of the dunk.

“That was a big dunk,” said Parker after the game. “Manu was just in that mode.”

Man, can you imagine the things they were saying to Manu after he got rejected on that play? They must have ridden him hard for it! At least he didn’t listen to his teammates and went right to the hole like his instincts told him to. He still has it.

Manu Ginobili talks about evolution of Spurs’ offense

Manu GinobiliWhat’s so impressive about the San Antonio Spurs is how they’ve had such a prolonged period of excellence with the same core group of players.

The Spurs won their fifth NBA championship Sunday. Gregg Popovich has been the coach for all five, and Tim Duncan was one of the star players for all five. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili joined the team a few years later and have won four apiece.

Obviously the NBA has evolved over the past 15 years and the game has changed a lot. The Spurs went from being considered one of the most boring teams in the league to being by far one of the most enjoyable teams to watch. They have a fast-paced offense based on incredible ball movement.

“We’ve shifted the way we played so much in the last 10 years,” said Ginobili in response to a question from Grant Hill on NBA TV after the game. “When I got here, it was basically every single possession, put it in the post. Because it was what gave us the most.

“Then for a couple of years — I think ’05-’07 — it was mainly pick and roll from Tony (Parker) and for me. And from there we created and posted up (Tim Duncan). But in the last two, three years, it was about ball movement and trying to get everybody involved. The fact that we added pieces like Danny Green and Patty Mills to shoot the way they shot. Kawhi Leonard was just incredible this series. Last year, too.

“We had some pieces that made us shift because it’s what gave us the most. Attacking those seams and kicking it and making threes, it was fun to watch and fun to play in.”

Whereas many coaches sometimes become outdated in their methods, Gregg Popovich has not only evolved and kept up with the game, but he’s been at the forefront of a new offensive movement. After the show we saw the Spurs put on in the Finals, do you think

“It was an incredible, incredible playoff run.”

Five titles. Three decades. Enough said.

Manu Ginobili dunks on Chris Bosh (Video)

The San Antonio Spurs went on a massive run in the second quarter of Game 5 of the NBA Finals Sunday that was highlighted by the efforts of Manu Ginobili.

Ginobili scored eight straight points for the Spurs to help widen their lead over the Miami Heat late in the second quarter. He made a sweet reverse layup, went 1-for-2 on free throws, blew past Ray Allen and dunked on Chris Bosh, and then he hit a step-back 3-pointer. It was sick.

Look at all the black jerseys in this image … and it’s Manu dunking over them for the two points:

Manu Ginobili dunk Chris Bosh

14 points for Ginobili in the first half and 15 for Kawhi Leonard. Even 20 points in the first half from LeBron can’t match up with that.

Manu Ginobili throws amazing pass to Danny Green (Video)

Manu Ginobili passIt wasn’t a behind-the-back dribble, ankle-breaking crossover, or rim-rocking dunk, but a regular old pass made by Manu Ginobili on Wednesday night that left everyone in awe of his skills.

Ginobili was being double-teamed in the corner late in the second quarter of San Antonio’s Game 2 win over Oklahoma City and found Danny Green wide open in the opposite corner. Manu somehow whipped a one-handed sidearm pass to Green that hit the sharpshooter in a perfect place for him to spot-up and drill a 3-pointer during a 22-8 run to close the second quarter.

“I didn’t expect [Ginobili] to get the pass there,” Green said via The Point Forward’s Ben Golliver. “They kind of blitzed him in the corner, he was stuck further away than I expected and I didn’t think he was going to throw it. He still threw it because he’s Manu, and it was a curveball, and I got it. Timmy set a great screen and I just let it fly. … When Manu throws it, its coming from all types of angles and has a lot of different curves on it.”

Passes aren’t always glamorous plays, but that dime by Manu was a beauty. Who else would even think to make a play like that?

Just look at Manu Ginobili’s eyes as he puts on Chapstick

Manu Ginobili eyes Chapstick

Is that the face of pure ecstasy or what? That’s Manu Ginobili applying some Chapstick during Game 7 between the Spurs and Mavericks on Sunday. Guy had the same face as a puss after getting some catnip.

Ahhhh … feels good, doesn’t it, Manu?

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