Adrien Broner flops after headbutt from Marcos Maidana (Video)

From humping his opponent in the ring to getting knocked down twice and losing, Adrien Broner had many embarrassing moments in his unanimous decision defeat to Marcos Maidana on Saturday.

One moment that cannot be overlooked is how he flopped after being headbutt by Maidana in the eighth round.

Maidana recorded his second knockdown of the fight in the eighth, and Broner was so desperate to gain any edge possible that he totally faked being hurt after Maidana raised his head into his chin. I mean just look at Broner’s pathetic delayed reaction. He got hit, realized he had a chance to gain a point, and went down about a second or two later. What an acting job.

Maidana’s headbutt wasn’t the traditional head-to-head type of headbutt, but he still was penalized a point because of Broner’s act.

Luckily for Maidana, losing the point did not affect the outcome of the fight as he won easily on all three judges’ cards. But you can definitely add this to the list of embarrassing moments that Broner will have to work awfully hard to overcome. He really lost a lot of respect among fans for his poor showing.

Adrien Broner faking

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Marcos Maidana humps Adrien Broner to get him back (Video)

Marcos Maidana humpMarcos Maidana beat Adrien Broner by unanimous decision on Saturday in San Antonio to steal the former champion’s WBA welterweight title, and he also got even with Broner in the simulated sex act category.

At the end of the first round, the flashy Broner slipped behind Maidana in the corner and pretended to hump him. Maidana knocked Broner down the next round and again in the eighth, and then he got him back by pretending to hump him from behind in the 11th.

The crowd absolutely loved it when Maidana got Broner back with the fake hump. The fans seemed to be pro-Maidana the entire way and even threw drinks at Broner as he and his entourage exited the ring after the decision was announced.

This is a perfect example of why so many fans can’t stand Broner. If you’re going to be flashy and disrespectful in the ring like that, you better back it up. Broner couldn’t and is now a major disappointment.

Also see: Video – Adrien Broner humps Marcos Maidana

Adrien Broner humps Marcos Maidana during fight (Video)

You know how we talk about Adrien Broner being desperate for attention? He’s so hungry for headlines and the spotlight that he’ll even break out a sex act in the ring while he’s losing a fight.

Broner was dropped for the first time in his career during the second round of his fight with Marcos Maidana on Saturday in San Antonio. He deserved the knockdown after what he did to Maidana a minute earlier.

With about 15 seconds left in the first round, Broner slipped behind Maidana in the corner and pretended to hump him. The Showtime announcers couldn’t believe the disrespectful act, and the crowd began to boo and even flipped him off for what he did.

Adrien Broner Marcos Maidana

A few minutes later, Maidana got even by flooring him.

Several rounds later, Maidana returned the favor by pretending to hump Broner:

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Victor Ortiz: Marcos Maidana Is Not in my Class, Not Champion Material

Victor Ortiz, LBS’ favorite sombrero-wearing solider, recently beat Andre Berto to win the WBC welterweight title. Ortiz looked so impressive in the fight it’s made people wonder who he’ll fight next. Selcuk Aydin is the WBC mandatory challenger but his promoters probably have something bigger in mind.

Andre Berto was thought to be in the mix for a shot at Manny Pacquiao which was ultimately awarded to Sugar Shane Mosley. Since Ortiz beat Berto, he could be next in line to fight Pac Man. Floyd Mayweather Jr., who was ringside for Ortiz-Berto could be a possibility if he decides to make a return to the ring. Maybe even a rematch with Andre Berto could be appealing. But a fight we know won’t happen is a rematch between Ortiz and Marcos Maidana.

Ortiz is 29-2-2 with his most recent (and significant) loss coming two years ago against Maidana. Ortiz knocked Maidana down three times but lost by TKO in the 6th. He also says the two aren’t in the same class. When asked about a Maidana or Berto rematch on On the Grind’s Boxing show via Boxing Scene, Ortiz laughed.

“Maidana? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I honestly had a fluke, off-night that night. Maidana isn’t anywhere near the caliber fighter I am nor Andre Berto. For anyone who can ask a question [like that] is a slap in the face to both Berto and myself.”

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Erik Morales Has Questioned His Ability to Beat Marcos Maidana

Erik Morales will face Marcos Maidana Saturday in Las Vegas in his first true test since returning to the ring a year ago. When Maidana watched some of Morales’ comeback fights, he said Morales looked like someone who was coming back from retirement. Apparently Marcos isn’t the only one questioning Morales’ ability.

Between Maidana’s words and the questions from the media, Morales has said he’s expressed uncertainty recently. In a pre-fight press conference, Morales admitted “After so many interviews, I am starting to say to myself, ‘Was this the right decision? Am I the only crazy one that thinks I can win?” But when the media’s not around, he regains confidence saying, “When I am alone at night lying in bed, I start thinking to myself, I am not wrong.”

Morales says he is going to win Saturday and prove all the doubters wrong, but something tells me all the questions are there for a reason. Plus, you have to be 100% confident heading into a fight, especially as an underdog. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think this is the best mentality to have entering a big fight.

Marcos Maidana: Erik Morales Looked Like a Guy Who’s Been Retired

Marcos Maidana and Erik Morales are set to meet on Saturday at the MGM in Las Vegas for the WBA light welterweight title. Maidana is 27 years old, 29-2, and coming off a loss to Amir Khan in December. Before the loss, he had recorded impressive wins over Victor Cayo and Victor Ortiz. Now he’s set to face Erik Morales who’s 34 years old, 51-6, and whose partial claim to fame is going 1-2 in legendary trilogies against Marco Antonio Barrera and Manny Pacquiao. After losing four straight fights from ’05-’07 (including two to Pacquiao), Morales decided to hang up the gloves and he retired for just over two years.

Morales returned to the ring a year ago, has won three fights since, and is now fighting an up-and-comer. During a recent press conference to promote the fight, Maidana was asked for his thoughts on how Morales looked in his three comeback fights. Maidana was not kind, saying “he looked like a fighter that was retired for two years, but that doesn’t take away anything. I’m prepared for the best possible Morales for this fight. I think that he’s going to come.”

Maidana is preparing for the old Morales, but his words point to an issue for Erik — he has a long way to go to get back to his old form. Now if you thought the critical talk was all going one direction, you were wrong.

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