Marcus Hall selling autographed photos of himself flipping double bird


Some would argue that one of the more embarrassing moments of former Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall’s career came when he flipped Michigan fans off last season. After he was ejected from a spirited game, Hall threw a hissy fit on the sideline and gave Michigan fans the double bird on his way to the locker room. He’s now turning a profit because of the outburst.

Hall was a solid player for the Buckeyes but wasn’t exactly well known prior to his infamous gesture. He is now apparently selling autographed photos of the double bird on eBay and to local memorabilia shops. You can’t really blame him for trying to make some money now that he is eligible to do so.

If Hall has children, he might want to wait a few years before hanging up one of these pictures of daddy in their bedroom.

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Marcus Hall flips double bird to Michigan fans after ejection (GIF)


Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall was ejected during a fight that broke out early in the second quarter against Michigan. The Wolverines were leading 21-14 when things got out of hand. Hall was one of three players — two Ohio State and one Michigan — who were ejected. Michigan’s Royce Jenkins-Stone and Ohio State’s Dontre Wilson were the other two players who got the boot.

Hall threw an epic hissy fit on the sidelines after he was tossed, slamming his helmet and kicking benches. Some team staffers were trying to calm him down when he flipped the double bird to Michigan fans as he headed to the locker room.

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Photo via Cork Gaines
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