Maria Sharapova Takes Shot at Andrea Petkovic for the Petko Dance

Maria Sharapova may have gotten destroyed by Victoria Azarenka in the finals of the Sony Ericsson Open Saturday, but she still managed plenty of big wins along the way. The most notable victory for Sharapova came in the semis against Andrea Petkovic whom she defeated 3-6, 6-0, 6-2. The win avenged a 4th round loss to Petko in the Australian Open, and you could tell Sharapova took pride in the win, and beating Petkovic specifically.

As LBS contributor Sam shared with us, Busted Racquet picked up on some digs Sharapova threw at Petkovic in her post-match press conference. From the transcription via Tennis-X, Sharapova said:

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Maria Sharapova Complains About Reporter James McOnie Stalking Her

A goofball TV show host from New Zealand has been hijacking Maria Sharapova press conferences lately with off-beat questions, and apparently the tennis star has had enough. Sharapova was in New Zealand for the ASB Classic as a tuneup for the Australian Open. While at the tournament, she kept getting annoyed by host James McOnie who did the “late night TV thing at the Super Bowl” to her all week. The video below is an example of what went on:

Fast forward to Sunday where Sharapova won her opening round match of the Australian Open. After her match, McOnie was there to interrupt the press conference once again, but this time Maria made her uncomfortable feelings known. When asked, Sharapova said she considered him a stalker.

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Sasha Vujacic Engaged to Maria Sharapova

According to a TMZ report, Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova are engaged.  For some reason, I can’t stand Sasha Vujacic.  I got tired of hearing about him in the 2007 NBA playoffs and it kind of went downhill from there.  He’s not even good.  Plus, he let Chris Paul completely punk him out and get in his head because Paul was being such a meanie.

However, this engagement doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  Call me crazy, but I’m not a Sharapova guy.  I just don’t see the hotness.  I feel bad that some creep once photographed her crotch, but I can’t understand the hype.  That being said, she’s still probably too good for Sasha.  For those of you who are Sharapova guys (or gals), here are some pictures of Sasha Vujacic’s new fiancee.


Agency Head Likes Photographing Maria Sharapova’s Crotch

Apparently he likes photographing not only Sharapova’s crotch, but that of many other women. The NY Daily News says this agency head was busted for snapping shots of Maria’s privates. From the Daily News, via Ben Maller:

The head of a leading Japanese ad agency secretly snapped crotch shots of tennis star Maria Sharapova as she posed for a popular Canon camera ad in 2005 – then passed the photo around to colleagues, a federal lawsuit claims.

Toyo Shigeta, chief executive officer of Dentsu Holdings, used a telephoto lens to satisfy a perverse obsession with photographing women’s private parts, according to a suit filed by the firm’s fired former creative director, Steve Biegel.

“Taking closeup crotch shots of women is a personal obsession of defendant Shigeta,” Biegel says in the discrimination suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

This creep is apparently notorious for his womanizing ways. Co-workers say the dude went to brothels on business trips and bathhouses as well (Turkish ones?). What you may call creep, I will call man’s man. That is, until it gets you sued. Now how’s Maria ever going to be a Bond girl allowing dude’s to take shady pics like that? Double-O-Seven would not be pleased.

UPDATE: Per Gene in the comments, SPORTSbyBROOKS and With Leather have the alleged photo.

Sharapova and Djokovic an Item?

That’s what the New York Post is suggesting, as they’ve been known to do from time-to-time. Novak denied the rumor saying that the two are “just friends.” However, Sharapova was seen cheering for Djokovic in the finals of the US Open, and then the two reportedly followed up a Chinese dinner with all-night karaoke. Maybe there’s a reason Djokovic’s impression of Sharapova is so dead on. Just one question, if they were in fact practicing karaoke together, did it look like this?

Maria Sharapova, a James Bond Girl

I may have been a tad bit harsh on little old Maria around the time of the French Open when she was busy getting crushed by the likes of Ana Ivanovic. Well, I’m happy to say that Maria and I can now make up. As reader Nick points out to me, Maria Sharapova’s dream is to be a James Bond girl. That is definitely something I can get down with.

The 6ft 2in Russian blonde is an ardent fan of 007 films and thinks that she would be perfect partner to current Bond Daniel Craig.

“But her biggest dream is to be a Bond girl. She’s always talking about it,” a friend was quoted as saying. “Maria loves the James Bond films. And with her Russian blood, she thinks she would be perfect,” the friend added. And her ambition to become a Bond girl comes from her favourite hobby, which is spying.

I don’t know about the whole Daniel Craig thing, I’m not much of a fan. But I’ll let her spy on me any day. You know what, I could actually see her in this role somewhere down the line. That would be flippin’ sweet.

Ana Ivanovic Is Definitely Hotter Than Maria Sharapova

As someone who actually watches tennis (please reserve your laughs for another time), I’ve been onto Ana Ivanovic for quite some time. Translation, she’s been the wallpaper of my computer for the past eight months. Back on Valentine’s Day, I proclaimed that Ana Ivanovic was probably hotter than Maria Sharapova. Now, combining Ivanovic’s win over Sharapova in the French Open semis, with Maria’s disgusting on-court demeanor (she behaves like a five-year-old brat), I’m here to say that Ivanovic is definitely more attractive than Sharapova, no question. (more pics after the jump)

According to Ana’s bio, she’s 19, turning 20 in November. She’s from Belgrade, Serbia, but speaks some good English. Ana’s officially listed at 6’1″ 159 (makes for some good genes). She sometimes plays backgammon and sudoku in the locker room to prep for matches (it soothes the mind). She’s also won three tournaments (Kournikova who?).

It’s also nice to see Ana getting her due from some heavyweights like SPORTSbyBROOKS, With Leather and AOL FanHouse. She deserves it. Especially if she keeps up her winning. No matter to me; I’ll still love her either way.

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