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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Mario Williams

Mario Williams questions Buffalo Bills’ defensive strategy

The Buffalo Bills fell to 3-3 on the season after losing 34-21 to the Cincinnati Bengals at home on Sunday, and their defense remains an issue. Expected to be one of the stingiest units in the league following the hiring of Rex Ryan to run the scheme, the Bills’ defense has been surprisingly disappointing. Star…Read More

Mario Williams slams Rashad Jennings down on tackle (Video)

Rashad Jennings may have some headaches tonight, and he has Mario Williams (and his offensive line) to blame. The New York Giants running back took a handoff in the second half against the Buffalo Bills and was met immediately by Williams. But Williams wasn’t content to just make the tackle. Oh no. He went full-on…Read More

Mario Williams eyes are freaky thanks to red color contacts

Mario Williams was angling for the intimidation look on Sunday when his Buffalo Bills faced the Kansas City Chiefs. Williams, the former No. 1 overall pick in the draft, wore some red color contacts that made him look kinda freaky. Though his team lost 17-13, Williams was credited with two tackles, including a sack. It…Read More

Mario Williams on getting booed by Texans fans: ‘It was great’

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams did something against the Houston Texans that we have not seen a lot of this season — sacked the opposing quarterback. Williams has not lived up to the $96 million contract the Bills signed him to over the offseason, but recording a sack against the team he spent six…Read More

Mario Williams rips replacement officials

Mario Williams is expected to have a major impact in Buffalo this season. On Sunday, he was a nonfactor. The man the Bills signed to a $100 million contract over the offseason had only one tackle. The Jets completely had their way with the defense Williams is supposed to anchor this season, smashing the Bills…Read More

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