Marion Barber reportedly flashed loaded gun in church

Marion-Barber-Violates-Jason-Garretts-Dress-CodeRemember Marion Barber? Sure you do, he was that mediocre running back who had a couple of decent seasons on some mediocre Dallas Cowboys teams a few years ago. But from this point forward, feel free to remember him as the guy who flashed a loaded gun in church.

Barber was arrested back in June and held for a mental evaluation after an incident that took place at a church near his home in Mansfield, Tex. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, that “incident” was Barber flashing a loaded 9mm handgun inside the church. He also had three magazines and 51 hollow-point rounds on him.

Police say Barber seemed disoriented when they arrived at the church and said he “did not know what year it was or where he was at.” A pastor told police the former NFL back was speaking nonsensically prior to their arrival and removed his jacket to show his gun to the church-goers.

Neighbors told TMZ they have not seen Barber near his home since the incident. That’s some pretty bizarre stuff. We have no idea why he would feel the need to go to church strapped, but it’s obvious we don’t understand everything that’s going on with him.

H/T Sporting News

Jason Garrett Has a Dress Code, Marion Barber Already Violated It

Earlier we told you that the Cowboys may be interested in bringing in Jon Gruden to coach the team next season.  One of the reasons we think that might be a good idea is that, simply put, Gruden wouldn’t take any b.s. from anyone on the team.  He’s not a pushover like Wade Phillips or Brad Childress and would have a better shot at keeping a locker room together than Phillips would.  Jason Garrett is trying to show he can be that guy, too.

According to Pro Football Talk, via the NFL Network’s Albert Breer, Garrett has imposed a dress code for his team that requires shirts and ties be worn on game day.  Breer says that Marion Barber already violated the dress code by showing up in jeans and an untucked shirt.  Apparently there are a lot of Cowboys — not just Garrett — who are very unhappy with Barber for breaking the new policy already.

The question for fantasy owners is whether or not Barber will be disciplined.  If Garrett wants to prove he’s head coach material and can turn the Cowboys around, he might bench Barber for at least a quarter.  If Garrett expects a 1-7 team to respect him, he has to show them they’re going to do things his way or they aren’t going to do them at all.  We’ll try to update if anything becomes known about Barber’s status before game time.