Mark Brunell’s daughter Caitlin wins Miss Alabama


Mark Brunell is not the only winner in his family. The three-time Pro Bowler’s daughter, Caitlin Brunell, was crowned Miss Alabama on Saturday night.

Caitlin, 22, recently graduated from the University of Alabama. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and performed Disney’s “Let It Go” during the talent portion of the competition.

“I’m in complete shock,” Brunell said after winning the competition, via AL.com. “I don’t know if I even have words to describe, but I have worked so hard for this moment. I could not be more proud to represent this state. This is an absolute honor and blessing. I’m just so thankful.”

Saturday was Brunell’s third time competing in the Miss Alabama pageant. She will now represent Alabama in the Miss America Pageant this September in Atlantic City.

Photo: Twitter/Caitlin Brunell

The irony in these Mark Brunell marijuana comments is so strong

Marijuana leafWhether marijuana should be a legal substance in the NFL has been a topic of debate recently. It mostly started when Seattle and Denver, teams from states that have legalized marijuana, met in the Super Bowl, aka the “Weed Bowl,” the “Bud Bowl,” the “Stoner Bowl,” or my personal favorite, the “Bowl Bowl.”

When asked during media week, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll seemed to support marijuana being allowed in the NFL for medical purposes. New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie said so many players already smoke that they should just allow it. Steelers DB Ryan Clark said NFL players use it and that the league is fighting a losing battle by making it a banned substance. But one person who feels differently is Mark Brunell.

Brunell, a former longtime quarterback and current analyst for ESPN, weighed in on the topic on “SportsCenter.”

“There’s really no place for marijuana in the NFL,” Brunell said. “It is harmful. It hurts brain function. It hurts brain development. Marijuana can ruin lives. I’m very much against it.”

We’re awaiting Brunell’s thoughts on concussions.

God forbid players smoke a little weed in a league where they’re running around and smacking each other in the heads for 60 minutes 16 times a year. Wouldn’t want the pot to kill whatever brain cells they have left.

H/T my boy Jimmy

Mark Brunell Bankrupt After Whataburger Investment, Hopes Lockout Ends

Like most other NFL players and coaches whose careers hinge on an agreement being reached between the NFL and the NFL Players Association, Mark Brunell is hoping there is football in the fall.  However, unlike guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, the issue with Brunell is money.  Don’t worry, Brunell didn’t go out and buy unnecessary things like Siberian tigers or eight Lamborghinis.  The man made a simple investment, it just happened to be in a restaurant chain called Whataburger.

If Tim Lincecum or Bruce Carter were fans of Whataburger, business would probably be booming for Brunell.  It’s not.  According to The Florida Times-Union via The Big Lead, Brunell filed for Chapter-11 bankruptcy a year ago because of “two failed business partnerships,” one of which was an investment in a real estate development company and another in 12 Whataburger restaurants.

That means Brunell has to have approval from a judge to reorganize his debts, and when we say he is crossing his fingers there is an NFL season we aren’t kidding.  The judge’s final ruling in Brunell’s bankruptcy claim is contingent upon whether or not he signs another contract with the Jets.  That means Brunell is not only hoping for a speedy resolution with the labor dispute, but also that the Jets can use his veteran presence on the sidelines this upcoming season.  Best of luck, Marky Mark.