Mark Buehrle’s family will not move to Toronto with him because of pit bull ban

Mark Buehrle and his family may have finally found a solution to their family pet problem, if you can even call it a solution. Last year, we told you how Buehrle was unable to live in Miami while playing for the Marlins because of a pit bull ban in Miami-Dade county. As (bad) luck would have it, Toronto also does not allow people to have pit bulls as pets, meaning Buehrle’s dog Slater is not allowed to join him in Blue Jays country either.

According to ESPN.com’s Jerry Crasnick, the Buehrle family has decided not to move to Toronto with Mark for the upcoming season in order to remain home with Slater.

“We’re not trying to make people feel sorry for us,” Buehrle explained. “Obviously they’re going to say, ‘You make a lot of money. Boo hoo.’ I know it’s part of baseball and every person deals with it, but this is our first time being away from each other all season. We’re going to travel and see each other and make it work. But those nights when we have a Sunday day game and I can go home and have dinner with the family and give the kids a bath and put them to bed, that’s what I’m going to miss.”

The Buehrles said that a number of people have suggested they leave Slater with a friend for the six months during the season or offered to watch after him, but Mark’s wife Jamie says they would not leave the dog behind just as they wouldn’t leave one of their children.

“A lot of people have said, ‘We’ll just keep Slater for you,'” Jamie said. “To me, that would be like if we moved somewhere that only allowed boys. I wouldn’t leave my daughter behind. Six or seven months is a lot of time. Slater would adjust. He’s real easygoing. But I don’t want him to bond with someone else. He’s our dog. That wasn’t really an option.”

Pit bull bans have been a heavily-debated topic across the country, and we all know which side of the argument the Buehrles are on. As we know from that time Buehrle unloaded on Michael Vick over the dogfighting scandal a few years ago, Mark and his wife are big time dog people. From all indications, Slater looks like a friendly dog. It’s a shame the irresponsible actions of some dog owners lead to laws like this one.

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Mark Buehrle’s pit bull will also not be allowed in Toronto because of ban

One of the downfalls Mark Buehrle had to face when playing for the Miami Marlins was that his dog was not allowed in Miami-Dade county due to a pit bull ban. Buehrle says his dog, Slater, is very friendly and his wife Jamie even started a petition in Miami to end the ban. Now that Buehrle was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays in a blockbuster deal on Tuesday, at least he, Jamie and Slater can live in peace — or not.

Unfortunately for the Buehrles, pit bulls have also been banned in the province of Ontario, Canada since 2005. Mark and Jamie might have an even bigger issue on their hands in Canada, since that means they would have to make a long commute from Toronto over to the nearest province, which is Quebec.

As we learned from his harsh criticism of Michael Vick nearly two years ago, Buehrle is a big time dog lover. He’s not the type of person who is just going to leave Slater behind in Florida, so I’m sure he’ll either get used to the drive or fight to be able to keep his dog in Toronto. As Kevin Kaduk of Big League Stew pointed out, another petition is pretty much inevitable.

Mark Buehrle cut his thumb opening a jar of mayonnaise, blames it for rough inning

Mark Buehrle’s Marlins debut went pretty well overall last Thursday, but Miami gave him no run support. Buehrle managed to go six innings and allowed just two earned runs on seven hits, but he still picked up the loss. Had he been more careful while making a sandwich earlier in the day, the left-hander says he could have given his team an even better chance to win.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Buehrle sliced the thumb on his pitching hand a few hours before game time while he was opening a jar of mayonnaise.

“I came in to make a sandwich and they said ‘You know we have people who can make sandwiches for you,’’’ Buehrle said. “(I said) ‘I’m a grown man, I can make my own sandwich.’ It was just a complete freak thing.”

While the injury did not force him to miss his start, Buehrle said it was on his mind in the first inning when he allowed a hit, walked a batter and hit another.

“The ball sat right there, a couple of times I would move my thumb forward just thinking I don’t want to rip it or hurt it even worse,” he said. “Once I realized I’m all over the place, walking guys and hitting guys I said, ‘screw it. I got to deal with it.’’’

You may remember last season when Brewers hurler Chris Narveson had to miss a start after slicing his hand with scissors while trying to fix his glove. Blue Jays pitcher Brett Cecil also hurt his hand trying to clean out a blender. I admire Buehrle for trying to be a big boy and make his own sandwich, but as we’ve learned MLB players are just too darn fragile. Maybe some professional athletes have a good reason for making other people wipe their butt for them.

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Mark Buehrle says he skipped a start because he has ‘Dutch Elm Disease’

Those who know Mark Buehrle or those who follow the White Sox would not be alarmed to hear that the left-hander skipped a start earlier this week. It’s just something Buehrle does as part of his preparation for the regular season. However, any missed time is a cause for concern for reporters — especially ones who are not accustomed to to newly-acquired Buehrle’s preseason habits. Naturally, Mark took their inquisition as an opportunity to have some fun.

“I’m hurting… They said I have Dutch Elm Disease,” Buehrle told reporters Friday morning according to the Palm Beach Post.

Unfortunately, Buehrle is not a great actor and was unable to keep a straight face. The gag, he says, started in Chicago when reporters would rush over to him assuming he was injured when he missed a start in spring training.

“I told them, ‘They say I have Dutch Elm Disease. Don’t know much about it,’” he said. “I had to be dead serious. I’m trying to hold back. One day I came in and I had a bag of fertilizer in my locker. One of the reporters got it for me as a joke back at me and said, ‘It treats Dutch Elm disease.”’

As Eye on Baseball pointed out, Dutch Elm Disease does in fact exist and is harmful to elm trees when spread sexually by beetles. Who knew Mark Buehrle was such a prankster? No wonder he and Ozzie get along so handsomely.

Mark Buehrle Can’t Live in Miami Because of a Pit bull Ban

When Mark Buehrle signed a four-year, $58 million contract with the Miami Marlins this offseason, he became one of a number of additions to a team that is trying to make waves with its new ballpark and location.  I’m sure Buehrle is very pleased with the money the Marlins are giving him, but the drive to work could be a bit of a hassle.  According to the Miami Herald, Buehrle and his wife Jamie cannot legally settle in Miami-Dade County because they own an American Staffordshire terrier.  That breed of dog falls under the county’s pit bull ban.

“It’s kind of ridiculous that because of the way a dog looks, people will ban it,” Buehrle said. “Every kind of dog has good and bad, and that depends on the handlers. If you leave a dog outside all the time, it’ll be crazy. Slater would never do anything harmful.”

Mark and Jamie are known animal lovers, as they are spokespeople for the Best Friends Animal Society.  According to the Herald, the Utah-based animal society took in 22 of Michael Vick’s pit bulls after the dog fighting scandal.  As you may remember, Buehrle had some harsh comments for Vick after that whole incident came to light.

As you can see from the photo above, Buerhle’s dog doesn’t look like much of a killer.  He is right about dogs being a product of their handlers, but unfortunately many people who own this particular breed have a tendency to turn them into aggressive animals.  The law was passed for a reason, even if it is unfortunate for people like Jamie and Mark who are responsible owners.

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The Ozzie Guillen Saga is a Reality Show Mark Buehrle Enjoys

Regardless of his relationship with the White Sox front office, it would be tough to argue that Ozzie Guillen has not done a ton for the Chicago franchise.  Guillen played shortstop for the White Sox for 13 seasons before becoming their manager in 2004.  In only his second year in charge of the White Sox, Ozzie led the team to its first World Series championship in almost 90 years.  In a way, the eccentric, outspoken Venezuelan has been a savior for Chicago’s south side.

Unfortunately, that is sometimes not enough to repair a broken relationship between manager and front office.  Many believe Ozzie’s days with the White Sox could be numbered, as the relationship between he and GM Ken Williams is beyond repair.  As for whether or not that has distracted the team, one pitcher who has never been afraid to speak his mind said he actually enjoys the drama.

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Mark Buehrle Stands by His Michael Vick Comments

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle made headlines a week ago for saying he and his wife rooted for Michael Vick to get hurt when watching football games. The exact quote, which was later removed from the MLB.com article, was “He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game and I know it’s bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt. Everything you’ve done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys.”

Buehrle’s remarks were controversial because of his extreme negative feelings towards Vick. Disliking someone to the point that you wish injury upon them is about as harsh as it gets. It’s not exactly poisoning trees, but it’s really bad.

Well Buehrle was asked about his controversial comments during Spring Training and stood by them. “I said it. It’s an old story. Again, we are not bringing drama inside and past history stuff. So, I said it, meant it. It’s over, and we’ll move on.”

The best point of all is one raised by Rick Chandler at Off the Bench last week. Chandler noted that Buehrle enjoys hunting, and he even dug up an old story about Buehrle killing a bear. In terms of ethics, how can Buehrle despise Vick for killing dogs while he willingly kills other animals? Outside of a way of life our society deems right and wrong, what makes Buehrle’s hobby of hunting acceptable? If you’re a professed animal lover, that should apply to all animals, right? What makes dogs any different from bears?

Buehrle rests his answer upon the foundation of our societies norms, but his answer lacks any genuine basis. Maybe he should listen to the critics and realize how out of line he was for his feelings about Vick, and how hypocritical it makes him. Then maybe next time he’ll understand the error of his remarks.