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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban says Roger Goodell handled Deflategate ‘masterfully’

Roger Goodell’s handling of Deflategate was praised by an unlikely subject in Mark Cuban. Cuban told reporters before Wednesday’s game in Boston that he thought Goodell handled the scandal “masterfully.” “As an owner, it was obvious to me that it was up to Roger Goodell to take the heat and take responsibility,” Cuban told reporters…Read More

Mark Cuban takes shot at Chris Broussard

Mark Cuban revived an old beef on Wednesday when he fired a shot at ESPN reporter Chris Broussard. You may recall that during the Mavericks’ courtship of then-free agent DeAndre Jordan, Broussard had reported that Cuban was driving around Houston begging for Jordan’s address. Cuban called out Broussard for the report and challenged him to…Read More

Mark Cuban saved all text messages from DeAndre Jordan

Mark Cuban may not want to talk about the Los Angeles Clippers at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t stock-piling ammunition for a later date. Speaking to reporters Tuesday night about the Dallas Mavericks’ upcoming game against L.A., Cuban cracked a few jokes about Jordan’s infamous flip-flop over the summer. He also revealed…Read More

Mark Cuban: I don’t give a sh** about the Clippers

Mark Cuban does not hate the Los Angeles Clippers because of what happened with DeAndre Jordan during the offseason — he just doesn’t care. Before the Clippers cruised to an easy 104-88 win over the Dallas Mavericks Thursday night, Cuban was asked to share his thoughts on his team’s second opponent of the season. Simply…Read More

Mark Cuban reacts to Brady decision: ‘NFL is freaking out’

“I think the NFL is ten years away from an implosion. I’m just telling you: pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And they’re getting hoggy.” That’s what Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said in an interview from March 2014, commenting on the growing greed of the National Football League. Now that the NFL is on…Read More

Mark Cuban calls Donald Trump a ‘paper tiger’ on Cyberdust

Mark Cuban has had beef with Donald Trump for a while, and he decided to reignite his issues with the businessman once again. In some thoughts shared on the Cyberdust app for which he is a chief investor, Cuban questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s 2016 presidential bid. Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks and whose…Read More

Doc Rivers: DeAndre Jordan doesn’t owe Mark Cuban anything

When DeAndre Jordan called Doc Rivers to inform him that he was having second thoughts about leaving the Los Angeles Clippers, you can probably guess what Rivers said. It definitely wasn’t anything along the lines of “you can’t do that to Mark Cuban.” There has been plenty of talk about Jordan breaking the unwritten rules…Read More

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