Big Foot Silva gives Mark Hunt a kiss after epic fight

Big Foot Silva kiss Mark Hunt

Big Foot Silva and Mark Hunt fought to a majority draw on UFC Fight Night in Australia in what will go down as one of the most memorable heavyweight fights of all time.

The two traded shots all night yet they somehow made it through all five rounds. That was a major shock — based on their knockout power, everyone thought there was no way the fight could go the distance.

Silva hurt Hunt with leg kicks and some punishing ground and pound that was reminiscent of what he did do Fedor Emelianenko. Silva was so gassed from delivering all that punishment, and Hunt was so sapped from receiving all the punches and elbows, the two barely had any energy left for the final round. Yet they showed tremendous heart and dedication by standing for the final round and bloodying each other the entire time.

As soon as the long five minutes finally came to an end, the two embraced in a show of amazing sportsmanship. They held up each other’s arms, fully recognizing that they had just combined for an epic battle.

Though one judge ruled it in favor of Hunt by a point, the two others scored it a draw, meaning the final outcome was a majority draw. After the announcement, the two once again embraced, and Silva showed love for his opponent one more team with a kiss and affectionate hugs.

Everyone absolutely loved the fight. UFC boss Dana White said he was giving both fighters “Fight of the Night” and win bonuses for the epic performance.

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UFC fighter Mark Hunt shows off disgusting staph infection in leg (Video)


UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt suffered a fractured right toe during a loss to Junior dos Santos at UFC 160 last month, but a separate injury has been causing him more problems. A broken toe sounds painful, but Hunt has also been dealing with an infected hematoma in his left leg that has required multiple surgeries.

Hunt shared the photo you see above on Twitter over the weekend, which shows how red his left leg had become as a result of the infection. He said at the time that he had just finished surgery and needed “a couple more” surgeries to clean everything up. He later recorded a video that shows the horrible infection up close. If you have a weak stomach, I would not watch this:

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