Jim Leonhard Unhappy with Jets Fans for Booing Mark Sanchez

Despite Rex Ryan vowing to stick with his starting quarterback as long as he is the Jets head coach, the fans in New York have grown tired of Mark Sanchez.  It is Sanchez’s third year as an NFL starter, and he has not taken significant strides toward proving he deserved to be selected in the top-5 picks of the draft.  Since Ryan has decided to ride it out with Sanchez under center, Jets fans have decided to let it be known that they don’t support the decision.  That’s why Sanchez was booed during the pregame on Sunday, which did not sit well with safety Jim Leonhard.

“I think we have a great crowd,” Leonhard told WFAN on Tuesday. “I think probably for one of the first times, I was kind of disappointed. Our starting quarterback gets booed in introductions…. That’s frustrating when … As players, you kind of turn to each other and say, ‘You know what? I guess we’re in this one today by ourselves.’ We can’t rely on the crowd to give us that energy because it’s already started off on a bad note. So I will say that this past weekend was really the first time that I’ve been kind of frustrated going into a game, which is bad.”

Leonard added that he understands where the fans are coming from and that the team is also frustrated with the results, but wishes they would have their back and give the benefit of the doubt.  As we all know, there is no benefit of the doubt with NFL fans.

Despite leading a comeback against the Bills and keeping the Jets playoffs hopes alive, Sanchez continued to struggle.  He threw a horrible interception from his own end zone and got away with at least two other passes that should have been picked off.  If he can’t stop making crucial mistakes like those, it will be difficult for the Jets to even reach the postseason, let alone match their success from the previous two years.

Supporting Mark Sanchez Will Likely be Costly for Rex Ryan

Mark Sanchez is one of the most heavily-debated quarterbacks in the NFL. Some people feel he is overrated because he has not lived up to the price the Jets paid to move up and draft him (a first and second-round pick, plus three players). Many people also feel the amount of national exposure he receives does not match where he ranks amongst NFL quarterbacks. Still others believe that he is the “Sanchize” quarterback for the Jets.

I feel like Mark Sanchez is only so-so at best, and really a below-average quarterback. He was carried by a stellar defense and very good running game his first two years. Now that the Jets’ defense and running game isn’t as good, they need more from Mark and he hasn’t delivered. I also said on record last year that the Jets would not sniff the Super Bowl with him at quarterback, though they did reach the AFC Championship Game.

LBS writer Steve DelVecchio has a harsher assessment of Sanchez, saying he’s not an NFL starter. Del feels Sanchez should have taken many more steps forward in his third year but he hasn’t. Either way, you’re looking at two people who don’t feel Mark Sanchez is very good. He threw a pick six to help his team lose against the Broncos Thursday, and he only generated 13 points in the loss.

We bring this up because Rex Ryan said after his team’s loss “[Sanchez is] going to be our quarterback for as long as I’m here, which I hope is a long, long time.”

Given that GM Mike Tannenbaum traded up to acquire Sanchez, Ryan probably can’t publicly question Mark’s ability without hearing something from his boss. Whether Rex truly believes that or is just saying it for public relations purposes we don’t know. But we do believe that Ryan’s time in New York will not be as good as he hopes if he continues to stick with Sanchez.

Mark has not developed and does not appear capable of leading a high-scoring offense. While most people recognize that Rex Ryan is an excellent defensive coach, not being honest about Sanchez’s deficiencies will likely keep him from winning the Super Bowl he has guaranteed so many times, and it will likely result in years of disappointment. Standing by Sanchez may be admirable, but it could end up being Rex’s downfall.

Mark Sanchez Has Busted Nose Pushed Back into Place Against Raiders

Mark Sanchez got hit hard in the third quarter against the Raiders Sunday and ended up with a busted nose. Though it hasn’t been confirmed that he has a broken nose, the animation above provides all the confirmation one should need. Sanchez went to the sidelines saying his nose was killing him and had it adjusted by the trainers. If he were a real tough guy, he would have gone Steve Nash. After getting his nose busted, Sanchez played the rest of the game with a visor:

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Aaron Rodgers: Mark Sanchez GQ Photo Shoot is ‘Embarrassing’

Aaron Rodgers is a Super Bowl MVP.  Mark Sanchez is not.  What that means to me is that if Rodgers makes fun of Sanchez, Sanchez deserves to be made fun of — for now at least.

Sanchez was certainly aware he would be taking a lot of heat for recently appearing on the cover of GQ and making himself available for a Tom Brady-like spread.  While his photo shoot was not nearly as bad as Kobe Bryant’s white hot fashion photos, there are certainly plenty of shots that open the Sanchize up to some heckling.  Rodgers weighed in on the matter Wednesday morning during an interview from ESPN Milwaukee that Pro Football Talk shared with us.

“Look at this,” Rodgers said. “That’s embarrassing. Page 94 of the GQ thing here. That’s terrible.

“It’s just not really my style (to do something like that),” Rodgers said. “I like my anonymity, I like my privacy. I like being able to be the quarterback during the week and, in the offseason, just be able to do what I want to do and not have to be in the public eye.”

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Mark Sanchez on Being Benched by Rex Ryan: ‘I Wanted to Fight Him’

Rex Ryan isn’t happy unless he is ruffling feathers.  As we told you before, it is almost embarrassing how much he wants the league to hate his Jets.  As for his own guys, Rex is known as a player’s coach.  He rarely singles anyone out and most players love playing under him.  That is one of the reasons it was so surprising to see Ryan call out Mark Sanchez last season and say he was open to benching him.

Sanchez’s recent interview with GQ Magazine gives us an idea of how much that situation truly pissed him off.  When asked about Ryan giving Mark Brunell extra reps in practice late last season, Sanchez responded: “I wanted to fight him. I was really mad.”

The Jets quarterback then outlined what happened during practice when he pushed Brunell out of the way because Ryan hadn’t informed him he would be giving the backup quarterback some extra work.  It may help explain why he wiped a booger on Brunell while standing on the sidelines.

“I was like, ‘(Rex) can come tell me,'” Sanchez says. “And (offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) is like, ‘Come on, man. Don’t do that.'”

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Mark Sanchez Dating Hayden Panettiere?

The recent news of actress Hayden Panettiere breaking up with heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko has been accompanied by some Dirty Sanchez speculation. No, I’m talking about Mark Sanchez and Hayden now dating.  In typical athlete/celebrity couple fashion, Sanchez denied the rumors in an interview with NFL.com. It’s possible the Jets quarterback is also concerned about getting his face pounded by Klitschko, but in any event we’re happy to see he’s moved on from 17-year-old millionaires to wealthy women who are actually old enough to be granted access to a night club in America.

Rumor Fix via Terez Owens was able to capture a few photos of Panettiere and Sanchez hanging out, albeit at an In-N-Out Burger in Southern California.  As far as we know there was no sign of Tim Lincecum, so the Giants hurler must have been between meals at the time.  Of course, there’s always the possibility that the two are just good friends.  Doubt it.  For all of the pictures of Mark Sanchez with Hayden Panettiere check out Rumor Fix.

Mark Sanchez Acts as Chef in Las Vegas

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has spent the week in Las Vegas doing some nice charity work with the Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas. He threw passes to Palms Casino owner and Sacramento Kings enemy George Maloof while putting on a clinic. He also showed off his cooking chops in the Palms Steakhouse kitchen, acting as a chef:

That picture has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was too funny to pass up. Thanks to The Jets Stream for the image.