Marques Colston makes boneheaded throw on final play (GIF)

The New Orleans Saints came close to pulling off a comeback against the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, but their effort fell short thanks in part to an extremely boneheaded throw by Marques Colston on the last play of the game.

After scoring a touchdown and kicking an extra point to make it 23-15 with 26 seconds left, the Saints recovered their onside kick. They moved it up to their 49-yard line and had a 3rd-and-2 with 13 seconds. That’s when they screwed up.

Drew Brees completed a pass to Colston by the sidelines for a first down. Colston could have stepped out of bounds with 8 seconds left, and the Saints would have had time for two more plays.

Marques Colston sidelines

But Colston decided to throw the ball, probably as part of a planned play. The issue was he threw the ball forward, which resulted in 5-yard penalty and automatic 10-second runoff, which ended the game.

Even if the call was for Colston to throw, he probably should have realized how much time there was and stepped out of bounds. And even though he didn’t do that, at the least, he should have thrown it backwards.

Marques Colston Takes a Nut Shot

While most Saints fans and players will celebrate with champagne on ice, wide receiver Marques Colston will be using it for a different purpose: to ice his balls. When the Saints embarked on their long drive that culminated with a ballsy call to go for it on 4th and goal at the one, Marques Colston caught a 13-yard pass on 3rd and 3 to take the ball near midfield. He also took something else home with him:

The celebration will be fun but Colston might not be in the happiest of moods. At least he has the entire offseason to heal the family jewels.

Who’s Better: Marques Colston, or Braylon Edwards?

NFL Network started running some outstanding spots last year to promote their fantasy football game. I mean incredible. In fact, that T.J. Who’sYourMama commercial might be the best of all-time. Well, luckily for us, the Network has come out with a new batch of commercials. So now I leave it up to you, which commercial is better? Marques Colston from this year:

Or Braylon Edwards from last year:

OK, so the part where Colston palms the ball and grabs it reaching down, that’s pretty tight. Almost like stopping a bullet with bare hands. But come on, the blindfold! Are you kidding me? I’m going with Braylon here.

(Love to Ryan Wilson at FanHouse for the Colston vid)