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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Marshall Henderson

Marshall Henderson: I’d strap on a bomb vest and go play in Afghanistan

Marshall Henderson has the rare ability to say something offensive almost every time he opens his mouth. The last time we heard from the former Ole Miss star, he sent some moronic tweets about Michael Sam and then tried to play it off as a psychology experiment. On Saturday morning, Henderson made some insensitive comments…Read More

Marshall Henderson says Michael Sam tweet was a psychology experiment for his friend

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wait…wait…hahahahahahahahahaha. Marshall Henderson has officially come up with the most hilarious excuse we have ever heard for an idiotic tweet. On Monday morning, Henderson tweeted that he is boycotting SportsCenter because of ESPN’s “nasty ass” coverage of Michael Sam. Henderson┬ácalled it “sickening” that his two younger brothers had to see Sam and his boyfriend…Read More

Marshall Henderson had two run-ins with police over loud music

Marshall Henderson was suspended indefinitely last week by Ole Miss for a violation of team rules. No specifics were given about the violation, but a report said Henderson failed a drug test. A subsequent report stated that Henderson was pulled over in a traffic stop for speeding and had cocaine and marijuana in his possession….Read More

Marshall Henderson reportedly in possession of cocaine, marijuana

Marshall Henderson reportedly was in possession of cocaine and marijuana when he was pulled over by police in May, which could have led to his suspension by the Ole Miss basketball team. Ole Miss announced on Wednesday that Henderson was suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules. According to a report, Henderson’s violation was…Read More

Marshall Henderson responds to Erin Andrews’ criticism on Twitter

There are few players in college or professional athletics that people love to hate more than Marshall Henderson. On Tuesday, Henderson was suspended indefinitely by Ole Miss for reportedly failing a drug test. Those of us who know some of the details of his checkered past were hardly surprised. After the news broke, several people…Read More

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