Marshall Henderson: I’d strap on a bomb vest and go play in Afghanistan

Marshall HendersonMarshall Henderson has the rare ability to say something offensive almost every time he opens his mouth. The last time we heard from the former Ole Miss star, he sent some moronic tweets about Michael Sam and then tried to play it off as a psychology experiment. On Saturday morning, Henderson made some insensitive comments about the Middle East.

Speaking about his future, Henderson told Sports Illustrated’s Luke Winn that he recently informed his agent he would “strap on a bomb” if need be to continue his basketball career overseas. He later clarified, but it didn’t really help.

Any team that takes a chance on Henderson — whether its in Europe or at a local YMCA — would know exactly what it was getting itself into. He never shuts his mouth and has been in trouble with the law plenty of times. I’d never even give it a thought.

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Marshall Henderson says Michael Sam tweet was a psychology experiment for his friend

Marshall HendersonHahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wait…wait…hahahahahahahahahaha. Marshall Henderson has officially come up with the most hilarious excuse we have ever heard for an idiotic tweet. On Monday morning, Henderson tweeted that he is boycotting SportsCenter because of ESPN’s “nasty ass” coverage of Michael Sam. Henderson called it “sickening” that his two younger brothers had to see Sam and his boyfriend kiss.

Less than an hour later, Henderson explained that the tweet was simply part of a psychology experiment he was helping his gay friend with. You can’t make this stuff up.

For further context, here are two more tweets that Henderson sent after his first comment about Sam:

The fact that he expects us to believe any of this is amazing. We love to criticize athletes for tweeting dumb stuff and claiming they were hacked, but that probably would have been a better approach for Henderson here. I literally can’t stop laughing.

Marshall Henderson boycotting ESPN because of ‘nasty ass’ Michael Sam coverage

Michael Sam kiss boyfriend

As you have likely heard and/or seen by now, ESPN showed former Missouri linebacker Michael Sam giving his boyfriend a kiss after he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday. We knew the decision to air the embrace would offend some, and we shouldn’t be surprised that former Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson falls under that umbrella.

On Monday morning, Henderson ripped ESPN for showing Sam kissing his boyfriend and expressed concern that his younger brothers had to see it. He called the coverage “sickening.”

Henderson has never been shy about expressing himself on Twitter, so no one should be surprised. Still, his comment is pretty pathetic. You don’t see any outrage when a player is shown kissing his girlfriend or wife after being drafted, so people need to get over it. It’s 2014.

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UPDATE: Marshall Henderson defends himself, says it was an experiment

Mississippi State coach apologizes for saying f— you to Marshall Henderson

Rick Ray Marshall HendersonMississippi State coach Rick Ray apologized on Sunday for cursing at Marshall Henderson at the end of the Bulldogs’ 82-63 loss to their rivals.

Mississippi State was down big in the final seconds when Ray was frustrated and said “f— you” to Henderson. Henderson is used to playing the villain role and was cruising around the court in full-on swag mode. He went 7-for-17 for 19 points.

The coach posted an apology note on Instagram Sunday. This is what the note said:

“I responded inappropriately to an Ole Miss player [Saturday] in our game. I reached out to [Ole Miss] coach [Andy] Kennedy immediately to apologize and subsequently to the player too. There is no reason for a coach to ever have interaction with an opposing player, ever, regardless of the circumstances. I was more upset with our performance than the player. I was totally at fault.”

Well, at least he owned it. But who can really blame him for what he did? Who doesn’t get ticked off at a loudmouth, green-lighted showboater like Henderson? He’s the exact type of guy who would get under everyone’s skin.

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Marshall Henderson had two run-ins with police over loud music

Marshall HendersonMarshall Henderson was suspended indefinitely last week by Ole Miss for a violation of team rules. No specifics were given about the violation, but a report said Henderson failed a drug test. A subsequent report stated that Henderson was pulled over in a traffic stop for speeding and had cocaine and marijuana in his possession. Now we’re learning that Henderson has had a few more run-ins with the police in recent months, albeit mostly minor ones.

USA Today says police went to an apartment on April 4 because of a noise complaint. Henderson answered the door, identified himself, and cooperated with the request to turn down the music.

Three weeks later, the Ole Miss guard was pulled over in his car because of loud music and failure to wear a seatbelt. Henderson was cited for a noise violation and failure to show proof of insurance. The kicker is that after being cited, Henderson allegedly turned his music back up as he drove away, causing the officer to confront him about the issue once again. Henderson turned his music back down after being threatened with jail.

Seriously, does any of this surprise you? The guy loves taunting opponents and has that “I don’t give a bleep” attitude. No surprise that mentality extends to his interactions with police.

Marshall Henderson reportedly in possession of cocaine, marijuana

Marshall HendersonMarshall Henderson reportedly was in possession of cocaine and marijuana when he was pulled over by police in May, which could have led to his suspension by the Ole Miss basketball team.

Ole Miss announced on Wednesday that Henderson was suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules. According to a report, Henderson’s violation was a failed a drug test. Now we’re learning what may have prompted the test (if it wasn’t randomly administered).

The Wall Street Journal reports that Henderson was pulled over by Oxford police in May on suspicion of speeding. The officer noticed a smell of marijuana in the car and says Henderson handed him a bag that contained a small nugget of marijuana. A search by a police dog also turned up a clear plastic bag that appeared to contain a small amount of cocaine.

Henderson was cited for having no proof of insurance, but not charged with anything else.

Henderson has a long history with drugs. In 2009, he was busted for trying to buy 57 grams of marijuana with counterfeit money. He spent some time in jail in 2012 for violating his probation by testing positive for alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.

Based on all this information, is anyone really surprised by the May events?

Marshall Henderson responds to Erin Andrews’ criticism on Twitter

marshall henderson auburn fansThere are few players in college or professional athletics that people love to hate more than Marshall Henderson. On Tuesday, Henderson was suspended indefinitely by Ole Miss for reportedly failing a drug test. Those of us who know some of the details of his checkered past were hardly surprised.

After the news broke, several people jumped all over the opportunity to kick Henderson while he is down. One of those people was FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews.

Of course, Andrews was referring to some of Henderson’s antics like giving Florida fans the Gator chomp and flipping people off on his way off the court. If you thought an indefinite suspension was enough to silence Marshall, you were wrong.

I know it’s hard for him to resist, but Henderson probably shouldn’t be tweeting at a time like this. He already looks like an idiot. There’s no need to make it worse.