Sandra Gal pours water on Martin Kaymer to celebrate US Open win (GIF)

Sandra Gal brought an LPGA tradition with her when celebrating Martin Kaymer’s victory at the US Open Sunday.

Gal is at Pinehurst along with many other female golfers for the US Women’s Open coming up this week and has been supporting her countryman since arriving at the course. The 29-year-old was there at the 72nd hole when Kaymer made his par putt to finish -1 for the round and -9 overall to win the tournament.

Gal then sprayed water on Kaymer, which is what they usually do with LPGA winners. Kaymer didn’t seem as enthusiastic about it as Gal, but he also didn’t seem to mind too much.

Martin Kaymer Sandra Gal

Kaymer’s dominance at the tournament really was incredible. The course was so tough that only three golfers finished under par, yet Kaymer shot 9 under to best the field by eight shots. That is pure dominance.

Martin Kaymer has sunflower on golf bag to honor late mother

Martin Kaymer sunflower

Martin Kaymer is having one heck of a season for his parents.

Kaymer won The Players Championship last month on Mother’s Day, and he’s set to win the US Open at Pinehurst on Father’s Day. The last golfer to accomplish the feat was Tom Kite in 1992.

Kaymer’s father is still alive, but his mother died of skin cancer six years ago. He still honors her with her favorite flower — the sunflower — stitched on his golf bag. That’s prime real estate for potential sponsors, but Kaymer uses it to commemorate his mother instead. Pretty sweet move by him.

Rick Reilly compares Martin Kaymer’s US Open dominance to Nazi Germany


ESPN is likely thrilled that Rick Reilly recently retired after the tweet the former columnist sent on Friday afternoon. Martin Kaymer dominated the US Open field on Thursday and Friday and is currently the tournament leader at 10-under heading into the weekend. Kaymer is from Germany. You can take it from there, Rick.

For those of you who didn’t pay attention in history class, Reilly was making a Nazi Germany reference. The Germans, along with the Soviet Union, invaded Poland in 1939 and quickly took control of the nation. That basically sparked the beginning of World War II.

Surprisingly enough, Reilly did not delete the tweet — at least as of several hours after sending it. I guess that’s what retired life is all about?