Maryland mascot statue Testudo set on fire


Those of you went to school at the University of Maryland or have ever visited are likely familiar with the statue of Testudo that sits on the College Park campus. Testudo is the Terrapins official mascot. Early Wednesday morning, someone tried to murder Testudo.

Every semester during finals week, Maryland students place “offerings” on and around the statue for good luck on their exams. Sometime in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, those items caught fire. Several students posted photos on Twitter of the mascot clinging to life before the blaze was extingushed.

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Maryland basketball to use the same hideous uniforms as football? (Picture)

When the Maryland football program unveiled their state flag-themed jerseys last season (click here for pictures), they instantly become the ugliest uniforms in college football if not the entire world of sports. Twitter erupted with athletes, celebrities, and regular Joes talking about how horrible they are, but it doesn’t appear that the negative feedback has bothered the university. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Terrapins football team has to run around in these eyesores, it appears the basketball team is going to be sporting a similar look this upcoming season.

As you can see from the photo above that the Testuto Times passed along, the Terps basketball uniforms would be similar to the football uniforms with checkers and other ridiculous patterns and colors. Fortunately they do not have to wear helmets, which are by far the worst part of the football uniforms.

“Maryland Athletics and Under Armour will make sure our fans know when we launch Pride for Maryland Basketball,” Maryland spokesman Doug Dull confirmed in an email to The Dagger on Wednesday, adding that the above photo is merely a “draft rendering.”

Draft rendering or not, anything that looks even remotely close to what the football team has to wear would be a complete disappointment.

For more hideous uniforms, head on over to here or here.

Former Maryland Coach Lefty Driesell Upset Court Named After Gary Williams

Over the past several years, naming college basketball courts after legendary coaches has become increasingly popular. The honor has been given to Coach K, Dickie V., Eddie Sutton and many others. As expected, the gesture is often met with jealousy and opposition from other former coaches or influential figures within the programs. Now that Maryland has decided to name their court after Gary Williams, former Terps coach Lefty Driesell is not pleased.

“It’s not fair to my players that they would put Gary Williams’ name on the court,” Driesell said in an email to the school Tuesday according to the Baltimore Sun. “It’s a disservice to players such as Tom McMillen, John Lucas, Len Elmore, Brad Davis, Greg Manning, Adrian Branch and Steve Sheppard.”

With a record of 461-252 after his 22 years as Maryland’s head coach, Williams is the winningest coach in school history. Driesell’s 348 wins in 17 seasons place him second behind Williams. Some have wondered whether or not a significant gift is coming from Williams and if that factored into the decision to name the court after him. Of course, the school insists it was the “enduring legacy” Gary brought the the program that inspired them to honor him.

The bottom line is you can’t please everyone. Driesell says giving the name “Gary Williams Court” is not fair to those who didn’t play for Williams, but we all know what he means: it’s not fair to him.

Greivis Vasquez: Memphis Would Have Losing Record in ACC

Greivis Vasquez has a reputation for being quite the talker. The guy said of Cameron Indoor Stadium prior to a game against Duke that it was his house. The Blue Devils proceeded to trash the Terps by 41 or so. Do you think the Maryland guard has since learned his lesson? I think not. By the time you read this, Vasquez will either look like a dope or a genius for his comments about Memphis leading up to their game on Saturday. Vasquez said the Tigers would be unsuccessful if they played in the ACC:

“[Memphis would] have a losing record in the league — probably win all of their games outside the league, losing record in the league,” he said. “The ACC is too tough. You can’t just win games night in and night out because you’re so athletic.”

I think Memphis has proven that they’re a talented team playing in a poor conference and that they’re beyond being picked on for the weakness of C-USA. You don’t come within a minute of winning the title last year by being a team that is just mediocre. I bet the Terps lose this one and Greivis eats his words. By the way, what NBA team would want the extra baggage of that big mouth on its roster?? He’s great for us as writers but he’s not good for a team trying to win games.