Maryland mascot statue Testudo set on fire


Those of you went to school at the University of Maryland or have ever visited are likely familiar with the statue of Testudo that sits on the College Park campus. Testudo is the Terrapins official mascot. Early Wednesday morning, someone tried to murder Testudo.

Every semester during finals week, Maryland students place “offerings” on and around the statue for good luck on their exams. Sometime in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, those items caught fire. Several students posted photos on Twitter of the mascot clinging to life before the blaze was extingushed.

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Maryland, Tulsa Rock Insanely Ugly Helmets (Pictures)

If Maryland and Tulsa are any indication, Saturday must have been a day to break out the ugly swag in college football.  Nothing the Terps do with their uniforms this year should surprise us after the roller derby outfits they rocked at the beginning of the season, but their helmets on Saturday were almost as bad.  Tulsa’s were even worse.  Check it out:

In hindsight, the Maryland ones are nothing compared to the Tulsa ones.  That could be the ugliest helmet design college football has ever seen.  If they were intended to distract opponents, they may have done their job as Tulsa beat Rice 38-20. If I saw someone running at me wearing that on their head, I’d be distracted too.

Thanks to Twitter user @cjzero for the pictures.

Maryland’s Helmet Design Stolen from Roller Derby Team?

You know what’s even worse than having the ugliest uniforms in sports? Stealing the awful idea from a women’s roller derby team. Apparently that’s exactly what the Maryland Terps did.

The Baltimore Sun points out that the half shell motif of the Terps’ football helmets bears a striking resemblance to those of the Charm City Roller Girls’ All-Stars.

“They’re not identical, but they’re shockingly similar,” said Hillary “Rosie the Rioter” Rosensteel, the roller derby team’s captain.

Oh yeah, and the husband of one of the players designed and painted the helmets himself. So how about that? Maryland rolls out hideous uniforms that are intended to be the flagship of the Under Armour brand … and the uniforms turn out to be knockoffs of a roller derby team! I don’t know whether to jeer them or rip them. That’s almost as sad as the Yankees stealing their logo from a Manhattan woman’s uncle (allegedly).

Helmet knock to College Football Talk for the story

Maryland’s Uniforms Are Ugliest in College Football, Hands Down

We’ve talked about some pretty ugly uniforms here at LBS. We had the nasty ones the Broncos wore two years ago, those disgusting military unis Oregon had, and Utah’s nasty camo unis. But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the ugliness that is the Maryland outfits. Even Oregon thinks these are gross:

That is the same uniform right there, not two separate ones. It’s like looking at Two Face from Batman or something. Maybe it was free uniform night at Medieval Times. Either way, I am not feeling those uniforms.

Keep in mind those bad boys were designed by Under Armour whose founder played football for Maryland. He’s evidently trying to turn them into the Oregon of the ACC. The team has 32 uniform combinations and they’re designed to match Maryland’s state flag, but they’ve generate one constant reaction: UGLY.

Even the bastion of fashion that is LeBron James thought they were nasty, writing on Twitter “OH GOSH! Maryland uniforms Ewwwwww!”


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Picture Credits: Maryland Terps on Twitter, Jose3030 on Twitter

Ralph Friedgen Fired Because of Business, Not Performance

On Saturday we passed along the news that Maryland and football coach Ralph Friedgen had agreed on a buyout and that Mike Leach was the leading candidate to replace him as head football coach. The news was confirmed Monday when it was officially announced that Ralph would be fired after the team’s December 29th bowl game. As much as we respect what Mike Leach did at Texas Tech, Maryland is not a big-time program and the reality is it will be hard to outperform Friedgen.

Ralph led the Terps to seven bowl games in 10 years and five 8-win or more seasons. After a disappointing 2-10 year last season, he turned in an 8-4 year this season. In 2001, he led the Terps to their first double-digit win season since 1976, and actually accomplished the feat three straight years. So not only will I argue that Friedgen did a wonderful job at Maryland, but I’ll also say that it will be difficult to do much better than he did.

Given all that information, why did Maryland make a change? It’s pretty clear that the reason is not performance-related. In fact, athletic director Kevin Anderson confirmed the move is “a strategic business decision.” What the heck does that mean? College football teams are in the business of winning, and Friedgen won somewhere it’s not easy to win, so what did he do wrong?

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Maryland Agrees to Buyout with Ralph Friedgen, Targeting Mike Leach

Mike Leach desperately wants to coach college football again. His reputation took a huge hit after a concussion scandal that occurred when he was the head coach at Texas Tech.  Donald Trump thinks Leach deserves another shot, as evidence by the letter he sent the president of the University of Miami.  It looks like Leach may finally get his chance.

According to InsideMDSports.com, University of Maryland football coach Ralph Friedgen has verbally agreed to let the university buy out his contract, meaning he will not return in 2011.  Maryland is said to be very interested in hiring Leach to be its next head coach and plans on moving quickly to bring him in.

Leach would be a great hire for Maryland.  He compiled an 84-43 record at Texas Tech from 2000-2009 and is one of the best known offensive minds out there.  Leach was fired as a result of accusations that he mistreated his players, not because he was an ineffective coach.  Bringing in Leach would allow Maryland to sign a big-time coach to lead a program that has not yet reached its potential.

Friedgen had the Terps headed in the right direction, but Leach could do better.  With the likes of Miami, Florida State, and Virginia Tech in the ACC, Maryland would do well to bring in a coach who knows how to put points on the board.  Assuming the player mistreatment accusations don’t effect Leach’s ability to recruit, he should be able to bring in some of the top offensive high school prospects based on his history with Texas Tech.  If he’s interested in the job — which he should be considering there aren’t many offers out there for his services — Maryland should act quickly and bring Leach on board.

Maryland Mascot Getting Bar-Mitvah’d

I guess I’ve completely missed the boat (arc?) on this one. Dan Steinberg of the famed DC Sports Bog passes along news that the Maryland Terps mascot, Testudo, is set to have a Bar Mitzvah in the near future. What I hadn’t realized what that this was a common trend. Per Steinz:

In the fall of 2004, Syracuse’s Otto the Orange was Bar Mitzvahed. ” ‘Otto came and tore down the house,’ said Jacob Perlin, communications vice president for Hillel. ‘He came in dancing and everyone went crazy.’…Shortly after Otto entered and danced the horah, about six male party-goers hoisted Syracuse’s favorite mascot into the air.”

In March of 2006, UNC’s Ramses was Bar Mitzvahed. “A blown up image of Ramses was covered by guests with the signatures and words of good luck such as ‘Rock on Ramses’.”

That fall, Miami’s Sebastian the Ibis was Bar Mitzvahed. “The party lasted three hours, but Sebastian did not read from the Torah, the Jewish Holy Scripture …”

Apparently Bucky the Badger and Central Florida’s mascot have also enjoyed the honors. Storming the Floor has put together an excellent list of mascots who surely won’t be getting Bar-Mitzvah’d in the near future. And while we’re at it, you must check out the post Matt did at With Leather — the mascot photo gallery is tremendous (and where I snagged the photo above). Now, this begs the question: are bris’ next?