Twins mascot catches foul ball in his mouth (GIF)

Twins-mascot-foul-ball-in-mouthThe Minnesota Twins mascot came to play on Tuesday night. Spring training should not be used as an excuse to give less than 100 percent, and TC Bear obviously understands that.

A foul ball was chopped down the third base line in the top of the 7th inning and hopped into the stands. TC somehow tilted his head up and managed to snag the ball in his mouth. It was just as awesome as seeing a fan catch a foul ball in his beer cup.

If TC is doing stuff like this in spring training, who knows what he has in store for the regular season. We can’t wait to find out.

GIF via Cork Gaines

Brewers new mascot dog Hank chews on Cubs toy


The Milwaukee Brewers adopted a dog during the offseason, and the pup has quickly become the team’s newest beloved mascot. Hank was found roaming around the team’s spring training facility in Arizona last month and no owner could be located. The Brewers have since been taking care of the little guy and he appears to be loving life.

On Monday, Hank was given an appropriate new toy. The team let him chew on a little Chicago Cubs doll before the Brewers and Cubs held their spring training game. Unfortunately, Hank’s chewing did not bring the Cubs bad luck and they beat Milwaukee 4-2. That’s not going to stop Hank from continuing to dominate the scene.

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King Cake Baby returns to horrify Pelicans fans


The New Orleans Pelicans seem to be intent on building their new brand by creeping fans out. At the start of the season, they introduced their weird looking mascot Pierre the Pelican. He later “broke his nose,” but we won’t get into that. On Monday night, the Pelicans brought back the ultimate nightmare machine — King Cake Baby.

King Cake Baby is one of three seasonal mascots — along with The King and The Jester — that the Pelicans roll out when Mardi Gras gets close.

As Ball Don’t Lie noted, a king cake is a seasonal food that typically has a small, plastic representative of baby Jesus hidden inside. King Cake Baby proves that we would all be best off if the representation remained a small figurine and not a terrifying giant baby.

Sleep tight, everyone.

Photo: Instagram/Arash Markazi

CSN shows naked Cubs mascot with penis on live TV (Video)

In an absolutely fantastic moment in live TV history, CSN Washington made one of the greatest, albeit inappropriate, blunders that we have ever seen.

On Monday, the Chicago Cubs unveiled their new mascot — Clark the Cub — which aims to appeal to young kids. The mascot looked cute to me and like something that would appeal to youngsters, but the internet got a hold of it and turned it into a big joke, apparently forgetting that the mascot is for, you know, young children.

Anyway, Deadspin sunk their claws into the mascot and said it looked like a “perverted furry.” They then turned it into a meme and encouraged readers to Photoshop dirty images of the mascot, leading to the handy piece of artwork with Clark’s twig and gigs sticking out.

Then, in some amazing twist of incredible fate, Deadspin’s inappropriate photoshop of Clark the Cub ended up on CSN’s broadcast when they did a segment to decide which was the worse mascot: Clark or the New Orleans Pelican. The reaction from host Nicole Darin was priceless.

“Also worth noting … he doesn’t wear any pants! Uhh I think that’s a gag photo,” Darin quickly pointed out.

Darin and her co-host smoothly transitioned into a discussion about whether Yogi Bear wears pants, unlike Clark, whose junk was ever-present in the photo.

Oh man, that was just fantastic on every single level.

Cubs mascot Clark

Mississippi State mascot breaks leg after being hit by ESPN TV cart

Mississippi-State-BullyMississippi State came away with a thrilling overtime victory against Ole Miss in the annual Egg Bowl on Thursday night. Unfortunately, it was not all smiles for the Bulldogs and their fans when the final whistle sounded. Some were left concerned about their mascot “Bully,” who was clipped by an ESPN TV cart on the sideline during the game.

According to Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin, the student who works as Bully, Michaela Mills, suffered a broken leg after she was accidentally hit. Mills was placed in an air cast on Thursday night and had surgery to repair the compound fracture on Friday morning. Some people thought the incident was staged because Mills was still in costume as she was rolled away on a stretcher.

Here’s hoping she has a speedy recovery and the person driving the ESPN TV cart pays closer attention to where they’re going next time.

H/T SB Nation

New Orleans Pelicans unveil their creepy mascot Pierre


The New Orleans Pelicans officially debuted their new name with a loss on Wednesday night, faltering in the second half against a tough Indiana Pacers team. Being that it was the start of the regular season, the Pelicans also unveiled their new mascot.

His name is Pierre, and he may give your children nightmares. Pierre looks like a combination between Big Bird and a circus clown. It’s not a good combination. Maybe he’ll grow on the fans.

If people were cracking jokes about the Pelicans’ team name when it was announced, I can only imagine what they will say about Pierre.

Photo: Twitter/New Orleans Pelicans

‘Raider Rusher’ is the new Oakland Raiders mascot

Raider Rusher mascot

The Oakland Raiders, known for having the most rugged and rowdy fans in the country, are showing a softer side.

According to Darren Rovell, they are making this space-looking creature their new mascot. Yes, the Raiders will have a mascot and, no, it won’t include a mean ‘ol pirate with an eye patch.

So where did this mascot come from? Apparently it’s a character featured in the Nickelodeon show “NFL Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core,” which is an NFL-themed animated TV series.

Don’t worry, we’ve never heard of the show, either.

LBS tried contacting the Raiders to find out if this creature will indeed be the team’s new mascot, but we did not hear back from them. Rovell says the Raiders are announcing “Raider Rusher” as their mascot on Tuesday and that the mascot will be at home games.

So Raiders fans get banned from bars for their behavior and get their entire faces tattooed with the team’s logo now have this Mickey Mouse mascot. Nothing says ferocity on the football field quite like Raider Rusher, ay?