Phillie Phanatic Fine After Being Hit in Neck by Foul Ball (Video)

The Phillie Phanatic made a rare appearance at a Lehigh Valley IronPigs minor league game Wednesday night and got popped in the neck by a line drive. Check out the video:

The Phanatic ended up taking a trip to the hospital as we learned from Sportress of Blogitude, and he was released after being treated. USA Today reports that the man who wears the Phanatic costume, Tom Burgoyne, updated his health status on his Facebook profile:

“Hi Everyone – Thanks for all your posts, texts, emails. The Phanatic is fine. He took one off the neck last night it the Iron Pigs game. Since we’re soooo close, I felt his pain and have a nice golf ball-sized knot just above my eye. Bring on the A’s this weekend — the Phanatic will be ready!”

What should we call that, payback for the Phanatic messing with some fans who didn’t appreciate it? A taste of Karma? I bet you never realized how hazardous to one’s health being a mascot can be.

Video via The Fightins, thanks to Where’s Weems

Doncaster Fires Donny Dog Mascot Because of Lingerie Pictures

There are a lot of things a mascot can do to be fired.  Punching a student in the face and giving him a bloody nose, starting a fight with a fan, and throwing snowballs at the crowd are just a few things mascots can do to warrant being canned.  Apparently posing in lingerie next to the mascot’s costume head is another offense that warrants dismissal, as we recently learned from the Doncaster Rovers

According to The Guardian via Dirty Tackle, Tracy Chandler posed in lingerie next to her Donny Dog mascot costume and the photos were passed along to the public.  Chandler claims the images were intended to be “tongue-in-cheek and not seedy” and that they were used to raise money for the NSPCC — a charity that fights child abuse.  Having been Britain’s only female mascot and voluntarily served Doncaster for four years, Chandler told The Guardian she was “devastated” when she learned of her dismissal and “disgusted” by what had happened.

Considering the Doncaster players posed in a naked calendar to raise money for the same organization last year, Chandler can make a case that she is being treated unfairly.  If you think the Chandler situation is bad, you’ll probably think this one is even worse.. In any event, we have no choice but to raise the following question: Who looks better — the Donny Dog or Chandler?

H/T to The Sun for the picture.

Tampa Bay Rays New Body Suit Mascot Sunny Just an April Fool’s Joke

The Tampa Bay Rays played an April Fool’s joke on their fans for the season opener at the Trop on Friday, announcing that mascot Raymond had retired. The Rays then announced that a new mascot named “Sunny” was taking over, and they let loose the body-suited man who freaked out the fans:

No surprise for anyone whose April Fool’s radar was on high alert that this turned out to be a hoax. Body suit Sunny was funny for a night, but I think far too many people would have missed the antics of Raymond, which include fun stuff like this and this. However, no one can argue that Sunny didn’t do his job of getting the fans going:

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Orlando Magic Mascot Stuff Thrown Out of Nets Game

Last time we had a mascot-fan incident, it was the Vanderbilt Commodore popping a fan in the face and giving him a bloody nose (watch the video). We don’t have a video of the latest run-in between a mascot and a fan, but we have insight from a couple of reporters.

Orlando Magic mascot “Stuff” was thrown out of the Prudential Center for scrapping with a fan. Several mascots gathered in New Jersey to celebrate the Nets’ mascot’s birthday but the party didn’t last long. According to Nets reporter Stefan Bondy, a “classless fan allegedly threw beer on Orlando Magic mascot, leading to scuffle at the Rock.” Clippers reporter Lisa Dillman said “Sounded like he was ejected too, escorted down the tunnel by security.”

Dillman also got in the line of the night joking “Frankly, am very curious to read @STUFF_Mascot first’s tweet on the topic. Maybe David Stern has ordered him to not comment.” The quip was quite appropriate given the ongoing quarrel between Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and David Stern. All I know is that this certainly seems to be the season for mascots gone crazy.

Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear Mascot Costume Picture Revealed

Back in October, Ole Miss decided on the Rebel Black Bear as their new mascot, replacing Colonel Reb. Colonel Reb was so historically outdated it was about time they replaced him. Only if we knew they were going with the Rebel Black Bear as a replacement, we would have suggested they take more time figuring out something better. They’re already getting ridiculed for a picture of the mascot’s head that found its way onto the net Monday evening:

The folks at Tiger Droppings, where I first saw the picture, keep likening Rebel Black Bear to Smokey the Bear. The same is true for the people who commented on facebook where Sports by Brooks added the pic. Personally, I think Rebel Black Bear has a meaner streak than the friendly Smokey, so I’m not so sure the comparison is valid. What are they trying to say, all black bears look alike? Why is it that everything comes down to a racial issue?

Vanderbilt Mascot Punches Fan, Gives Him Bloody Nose (Video)

Over the years, we have seen plenty of strange happenings when it comes to mascots.  There have been arrests for incidents involving snowball throwing, Bar-Mitzvahs, dance-offs, nut shots, and much more.  We’ve even seen a few scuffles involving mascots and fans, but I don’t remember any of them resulting in blood gushing from someone’s nose.  On Wednesday night, Mister C changed all that during a game between Vanderbilt and Tennessee.  Take a look at the Vanderbilt mascot fan punch video, courtesy of Barstool U:

If I was that kid I would have gone absolutely ape on the mascot.  There’s something about mascots in those big, bulky costumes that just makes you want to pummel them anyway, no?  That fan was presented with an opportunity.  If he beat the mascot down, no one would have blamed him.  Instead, he grabbed a newspaper and let him off the hook.  Unless, of course, he’s already plotting his attack for the next game.

Phoenix Suns Sol Patrol Member Nick Corrales Dunks Himself (Video)

Trampoline dunks are always a great way to keep the fans occupied during timeouts and breaks at a basketball game. As fans, we’re normally in awe of how much practice it must take for these little acrobats to be able to spring themselves off a trampoline and dunk without breaking their necks. A member of the Phoenix Suns Sol Patrol came dangerously close to doing just that on Wednesday night.

The young man, whom Deadspin informed us is an ASU student named Nick Corrales, caught a little too much air on the trampoline and ended up dunking the ball and himself through the basket. You have to see it to believe it, so check it out:

Corrales is one lucky guy.  If he had eaten one more meal the day that happened, they would probably have been plucking him out of the hoop with a cherry picker.