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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Mascots

Maryland Mascot Getting Bar-Mitvah’d

I guess I’ve completely missed the boat (arc?) on this one. Dan Steinberg of the famed DC Sports Bog passes along news that the Maryland Terps mascot, Testudo, is set to have a Bar Mitzvah in the near future. What I hadn’t realized what that this was a common trend. Per Steinz: In the fall…Read More

Will Sioux Sue North Dakota?

I saw this story somewhere and wanted to visit it for a moment. The University of North Dakota — with which you’re already well acquainted because of their powerhouse college football program — has settled a suit with the NCAA. The suit will give them three years to get approval from the Sioux tribes to…Read More

James Madison and Coastal Carolina Mascots Wants in on the Action

Considering I’ve established this site as an emerging hotbed of mascot melees, I’m quite surprised I missed the brouhaha between the James Madison mascot and the Coastal Carolina mascot. For starters, we had the Orioles bird and the Devil Rays Raymond dancing off, then the Oregon Duck kicked the Houston Cougars’ ass, and I thought…Read More

Chiefs Mascot Does Not Like When Fans Interrupt the Game

First, we had the Oregon Duck mascot kicking the Houston Cougar mascot’s ass. Now, we have a bit of a twist on that story. As I saw on Ballhype, Arrowhead Addict spotted video of the Chiefs’ mascot whopping up on a fan’s ass. Check it out: Can we credit Wolf with an assisted tackle for…Read More

Mascots Dance Off … on Real TV

Not long ago I posted a video of the Devil Rays mascot, Raymond break dancing and serving the Orioles Bird in a dance off contest.  Well, that video used to be available strictly on YouTube.  That is, until Jamie Mottram from Mr. Irrelevant and Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog notoriety decided to put Raymond on…Read More

Mascots Dance Off

Alright, I’ll admit it — I have quite the elementary sense of humor. I still laugh at loud farts, strong wedgies, and five year olds who drop f-bombs. That’s why it’s no surprise that a break dancing contest between the Orioles Bird and the Devil Rays’ Raymond makes me laugh. Can’t speak for you, but…Read More

Name the Steelers Mascot!

While the front office is busy figuring out the future personnel of the franchise, you can help determine the future of the club as well. How you ask? By naming their new mascot. Via Fark comes this story — the Steelers will be introducing a new mascot — a steelworker. Check out the sweet prize…Read More

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