Bucks Mascot Bongo Gets Hit in Nuts, Injures Knee in the Process

I’ve made no secret of my fondness for stories involving team mascots. This one is certainly up there. With Andrew Bogut, Michael Redd, and Luke Ridnour out with various injuries, Bucks’ mascot Bongo must have sensed the players were feeling lonely on the injured list. He decided to help make them feel better in the best way possible — by joining their company. Check out this little stunt from the All-Star game in Phoenix. Keep your eye on the mascot doing the Spiderman impression that gets hit in the nuts. That’s Bongo.

As, Jimmy at SI pointed out, I still can’t believe the effin’ thing fit through the freaking hoop! Usually the mascot heads are so fat they would never fit. I’m just astonished. Oh, and as you could tell, Bongo hurt his knee with those shenanigans and will now require surgery. Way to go, Bongo. Hopefully the Bucks have a good health insurance policy for you.

Rice’s Mascot Gets Ejected by Quick Draw Curtis Shaw

If there’s one thing that’s near and dear to my heart, it’s definitely mascot folly. We haven’t had a ton of it lately unfortunately, leaving me to watch the Oregon Duck/Houston Cougar fight to get my fix. But on Wednesday night in the Rice/Tulane game, Rice’s Sammy the Owl got the heave-ho from referee Quick Draw Curtis Shaw, whose reputation precedes him.

I dunno, pretty hard to act tough when you’re suited up in an owl costume. I guess I understand where he’s coming from — he probably has a serious case of mascot envy. Honestly, how much rhino balls would it suck to be an owl when the other mascots in your conference are ferocious beasts like Tigers, Mustangs, and Cougars? He must have had a lot of pent up frustration he let out with the headbutt on Shaw. And credit to Carter Blackburn for absolutely nailing the call! By the way, who knew that Ben Braun was coaching Rice these days?!?

Thanks to FanHouse via Ballhype for the vid

Benny the Bull Holds Grudges

What is it with mascots these days? You had the Oregon Duck go after the Houston Cougar even teabagging the fool, you had Coco Crisp get run over by the Mariner Moose, and now Benny the Bull is taking target practice on opponents? SpinMax emails in with the news that Benny the Bull took a couple shots at some of the Celtics during Tuesday’s game:

Kevin Garnett and James Posey engaged in some late-game trash talking
with Benny the Bull.

“Bulls can talk,” said Garnett, who initially was upset after he and Posey were hit in the back by clothing fired from a T-shirt launcher during a timeout in the closing minutes of the C’s 106-92 victory. “Walking off the floor we got hit by some shirts.”

“I don’t know – I feel threatened,” Posey said. “I don’t feel safe. They really have tough love here, but it was definitely an inside job. They made the mascot do it. I got hit in the back walking away. That spot on my back is sore. I might have to get treatment on it.”

I really wish I could have heard Posey’s comments to see if he was being serious or sarcastic. One thing we do know is that these mascots are getting completely out of hand. Shooting opponents — even with a T-shirt gun — is inappropriate. And this might not be a surprise considering Benny has a criminal record. Maybe Benny’s jacked up personal life is bleeding over into his professional world.

Maryland Mascot Getting Bar-Mitvah’d

I guess I’ve completely missed the boat (arc?) on this one. Dan Steinberg of the famed DC Sports Bog passes along news that the Maryland Terps mascot, Testudo, is set to have a Bar Mitzvah in the near future. What I hadn’t realized what that this was a common trend. Per Steinz:

In the fall of 2004, Syracuse’s Otto the Orange was Bar Mitzvahed. ” ‘Otto came and tore down the house,’ said Jacob Perlin, communications vice president for Hillel. ‘He came in dancing and everyone went crazy.’…Shortly after Otto entered and danced the horah, about six male party-goers hoisted Syracuse’s favorite mascot into the air.”

In March of 2006, UNC’s Ramses was Bar Mitzvahed. “A blown up image of Ramses was covered by guests with the signatures and words of good luck such as ‘Rock on Ramses’.”

That fall, Miami’s Sebastian the Ibis was Bar Mitzvahed. “The party lasted three hours, but Sebastian did not read from the Torah, the Jewish Holy Scripture …”

Apparently Bucky the Badger and Central Florida’s mascot have also enjoyed the honors. Storming the Floor has put together an excellent list of mascots who surely won’t be getting Bar-Mitzvah’d in the near future. And while we’re at it, you must check out the post Matt did at With Leather — the mascot photo gallery is tremendous (and where I snagged the photo above). Now, this begs the question: are bris’ next?

Will Sioux Sue North Dakota?

I saw this story somewhere and wanted to visit it for a moment. The University of North Dakota — with which you’re already well acquainted because of their powerhouse college football program — has settled a suit with the NCAA. The suit will give them three years to get approval from the Sioux tribes to use the nickname, “Fighting Sioux,” which has been the school’s mascot of choice for the past I dunno, 124 years.

Much like the Seminole tribe in Florida, I would only think that having such a nickname is nothing but good publicity. Then again, until Brown University changes to the “Fighting Yids,” I really can’t put myself in their shoes to make the decision. In the position to make the decision however, are Myra Pearson, chairman of the Spirit Lake Sioux, and the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Ron His Horse Is Thunder.

Now things might get a little sticky when it comes time for the two sides to meet. I mean seriously, what do you do? Hello, I’m Larry from the University of North Dakota. How do you do, Mr. Thunder? Or is it Horse? On second thought, should I call you Mr. His Horse Is Thunder? I’m just wondering why the Sioux get tight ass last names like that. Screw it, from now on, I will be Larry His Thunder Stick Is Mighty. Any references to the last name Brown will be heretofor expunged.

James Madison and Coastal Carolina Mascots Wants in on the Action

Considering I’ve established this site as an emerging hotbed of mascot melees, I’m quite surprised I missed the brouhaha between the James Madison mascot and the Coastal Carolina mascot. For starters, we had the Orioles bird and the Devil Rays Raymond dancing off, then the Oregon Duck kicked the Houston Cougars’ ass, and I thought things ended with the Chiefs mascot belly-flopped on a streaking fan. I guess I was wrong. Via the DC Sports Bog (& Grill), and I’m not going to even try and explain which mascot belongs to which school; that would only ruin the fun:

Chiefs Mascot Does Not Like When Fans Interrupt the Game

First, we had the Oregon Duck mascot kicking the Houston Cougar mascot’s ass. Now, we have a bit of a twist on that story. As I saw on Ballhype, Arrowhead Addict spotted video of the Chiefs’ mascot whopping up on a fan’s ass. Check it out:

Can we credit Wolf with an assisted tackle for clearing the pile on that one? Mascots having fun, I love it.