Oregon Duck Mascot Suspended for Kicking Houston Cougar’s Ass (Video)

This is one of the better stories I’ve seen all year — it definitely has the potential to be one of LBS’ Greatest Hits. As my buddy Andy pointed out to me, the Oregon Duck has been suspended for opening up a can on the Houston Cougar mascot last week and will miss next weekend’s game at Autzen Stadium. What could he have possibly done that was so bad? See for yourself:

You see him go all Ace Ventura on the Cougar? Plus that WWF elbow drop was fantastic. As if the elbow drop wasn’t enough, then the Duck straight up tea-bagged the Cougar. I’m still laughing. That was pure beauty. Possibly the greatest thing I’ve seen all year. And it least it’s a lot more tame than mascots break dancing against each other.

Mascots Dance Off … on Real TV

Not long ago I posted a video of the Devil Rays mascot, Raymond break dancing and serving the Orioles Bird in a dance off contest.  Well, that video used to be available strictly on YouTube.  That is, until Jamie Mottram from Mr. Irrelevant and Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog notoriety decided to put Raymond on real TV, giving a nice shout out to LBS in the process.  Check out this week’s episode of the Blog Show (the finest 10 minutes of TV anywhere) on Washington Post Live:

Thanks for the love fellas.  My favorite line of the show comes from Agent Steinz around the 4:30 mark “I haven’t seen a teenager put on those kinds of moves since Marcus Vick left Blacksburg.” Nicely done, Steinz.

Mascots Dance Off

Alright, I’ll admit it — I have quite the elementary sense of humor. I still laugh at loud farts, strong wedgies, and five year olds who drop f-bombs. That’s why it’s no surprise that a break dancing contest between the Orioles Bird and the Devil Rays’ Raymond makes me laugh. Can’t speak for you, but it does the trick for me:

Thanks to DK for the tip.

UPDATE: The mascots dancing off made it onto real TV!

Name the Steelers Mascot!

While the front office is busy figuring out the future personnel of the franchise, you can help determine the future of the club as well. How you ask? By naming their new mascot. Via Fark comes this story — the Steelers will be introducing a new mascot — a steelworker. Check out the sweet prize package you get if you win:

The Prize:
4 End Zone field level seats for the Steelers vs. Buffalo game (9/16/07 )
4 VIP Hospitality Tent passes
4 Pre-Game Field Passes
An Authentic Steelers 75th Anniversary game jersey and helmet
1 Parking Pass
1 year of Cricket Wireless Unlimited Phone Service with One MotoKrzr phone
One Blue Tooth wireless headset
One Car Charger
One carrying case

That’s some tight swag. Now…what should we call the dude? My creative juices (not that I had any to begin with) aren’t working. Any suggestions?

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