Matt Bush climbed on stage at strip club and was booted by bouncers before DUI

Matt Bush has become one of the biggest cautionary tales in baseball. A former No. 1 draft pick thanks to his talent and the Padres’ frugality, Bush was charged with DUI and hit and run Thursday.

Bush allegedly took his roommate’s car, got drunk, climbed on stage at a strip club before bouncers booted him, and then hit a motorcyclist while driving on a suspended license. Bush was driving on a highway and changed lanes at the same time a motorcycle in front of him also changed lanes. Bush hit the motorcyclist, 72-year-old Tony Tufano, and allegedly ran over Trufano’s head with his back wheel. He had a .180 blood alcohol content at the time and continued driving until police caught him.

Trufano was in serious condition Saturday and trying to recover from a fractured wrist, several broken bones in his back, several broken ribs, and brain hemorrhaging. Bush is in jail and likely faces a few years in prison — more if Trufano is unable to survive. His bail was set at over $1 million. As part of his push for a smaller bond, Bush’s attorney argued that the Rays reliever only has $2,000 in his bank account. If that’s the case, it would be pretty sad for a guy who signed for over $3 million in 2004.

The Rays have said Bush will not play with them (no surprise) and that they were surprised by the pitcher’s alcohol relapse.

Bush first got into trouble during his first spring training with the Padres trying to get into a club. He was busted at a bar again in 2008, attacked some lacrosse players at a San Diego high school in 2009, and he cried while resisting arrest for a DUI later that year. Even though he admitted he had an alcohol problem and that he was rehabbing, it’s hard to say we’re surprised this is how his story is ending.

Rays Add Matt Bush to 40-Man Roster

We’re never above posting a Matt Bush update here at LBS, even if it doesn’t involve crying on camera. Bush is a former number one overall draft pick by the San Diego Padres who has done nothing but embarrass himself over and over. Initially picked by San Diego to play shortstop, Bush couldn’t swing it so they converted him to a pitcher. He had multiple injuries and off-field problems, so they traded him to Toronto. After many off-field issues, the Blue Jays released Bush and the Rays signed him earlier in the year.

Bush pitched in rookie ball for the Rays for four games and then moved up to high-A Charlotte where he pitched six times. Bush combined to throw 13.2 innings this year, allowing nine hits and five runs. He struck out 20 batters while walking just three in his 10 appearances. Whatever he did apparently impressed the Rays because word came down Saturday that they added him to their 40-man roster as I found out from Rotoworld.

The news means the Rays think pretty highly of Bush for the time being. They could have used the roster spot to protect someone from the Rule 5 Draft, and having him on the extended roster means he’ll be eligible for a call-up in September. I highly doubt he’ll be pitching in the majors anytime soon, but being added to the roster is obviously a strong sign he’s doing something right.

Matt Bush’s Pathetic DUI Crying Video, Resists Arrest

Matt Bush has really turned himself into a first-class laughing stock. Here’s the deal: if you’re a former first-round bust but you do it quietly like Tim Couch or Brian Bullington, you’re not going to catch much crap. But if you’re a total jerk about it like Ryan Leaf or Matt Bush, we won’t soon forget. Just since LBS has been up and running, Bush has literally thrown high school lacrosse players and been arrested at a bar in separate incidents. And now we have visual evidence of what a nut case this guy is:

I don’t know about you, but I can almost get that crying mixed up for some sinister laughing. He sure is doing well with his career. What a loser.

Matt ****in Bush Will Throw a Lacrosse Player at You

I’m not sure there’s another player in baseball that’s never made it to the major leagues yet received as much coverage here at LBS as Matt Bush has. To refresh your memory, Bush was the top overall pick by the Padres some years ago, originally drafted to play shortstop. Once they found out he couldn’t hit a lick they tried to switch him to pitcher. Arm issues and off field incidents have derailed his career, starting with the fight he got into his first week with the team. Then last summer Bush got into yet another fight at a bar in Arizona. As if that wasn’t enough, Bush was involved in some other incidents at a high school in San Diego last month. Bush has just been charged with misdemeanor assault and it occurs to me that I never shared the details of the alleged assault. They are quite entertaining:

A witness, who requested his name not be used, told The San Diego Union-Tribune that Bush was drunk that day, threw a golf club into the dirt, picked up and threw a freshman lacrosse player and hit another one. The witness said Bush yelled “I’m Matt (expletive) Bush,” and “(expletive) East County” before driving over a curb in his Mercedes as he was leaving the campus.

Bush was cut by the Padres and picked up by the Blue Jays, though I’m not really sure why. Bush is actually facing four misdemeanor charges that could result in four years of jail (unlikely) and a $2,000 fine (very likely). Oh, and did I mention that he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest because he failed to show up at court on an underage drinking charge? This guy is certainly a beauty. At least he found something he could hit.

Bust Matt Bush Busted at Bar, Again

If this story looks familiar to you, it’s because we went through this whole thing four years ago. Matt Bush was the No. 1 overall selection in the 2004 MLB draft. The Padres took the local product ahead of top talents who have already produced in the big leagues such as Justin Verlander and Jered Weaver, because they were looking to cut costs. So far that strategy hasn’t paid off for them with Bush. Bush was suspended by the team before he even played a game in their system because of an altercation outside a nightclub. Yes, that was 18-year-old Matt Bush, the recent top overall pick in the draft, being arrested and charged for one felony and three misdemeanors. Despite saying he had changed, Bush was up to his old tricks recently, getting into another altercation at a Peoria bar. Nice. So far the Padres are playing the Fight Club response — the first rule about Matt Bush’s problems off the field is you do not talk about Matt Bush’s problems off the field.

This guy is just an utter mess. After stinking as a hitter trying to play shortstop in his first two years in the minors, the Padres decided to turn him into a pitcher. That plan was working — for like two weeks — until Bush hurt his elbow and had to get Tommy John surgery. And that brings us to the present day where Bush is supposed to be rehabbing his injury. Instead, Bush is spending his time getting into bar fights. Again. What a bust. Doesn’t he realize he has more responsibility as a first overall pick to represent his organization in a better light? Does he realize that he’s working on becoming the biggest bust in MLB draft history? Can he really be OK with that? How can he not have more pride than that? Makes you really scratch your head.

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