Matt Harvey reportedly dating model Asha Leo

Asha-LeoDoes Matt Harvey love models or does Matt Harvey love models? The 25-year-old New York Mets pitcher is currently rehabbing after undergoing Tommy John surgery last October, and it appears as though he is enjoying his free time. On Sunday, Harvey was spotted sitting beside British fashion model Asha Leo at the New York Knicks game.

Yes, this is the same Harvey who was reportedly dating another model named Ashley Haas a couple of months ago. Harvey and Haas were seen together just weeks after he broke up with Anne V — yet another model — after dating her for several months.

Harvey and Leo also attended the New York Rangers-Ottawa Senators game together last weekend and looked extremely cozy.

As the NY Post pointed out, Harvey was not in violation of the rehab agreement he has in place with the Mets. He is allowed to work out in New York while the Mets are playing at home but must report to the team’s spring training facility in Port St. Lucie, Fla. during road trips.

Harvey made it clear last month that he is not happy with the rehab plan and wants to be working with his teammates as much as possible, but we’re guessing he’s perfectly content with his personal life. Remember how the righthander said he wanted to model his dating life after that of Derek Jeter? Three models in roughly two months has Harvey well on his way.

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Matt Harvey was upset with Mets over his rehab plan

Matt Harvey robe meme

Matt Harvey and the New York Mets were at odds over his proposed rehab plan, but it seems like things may be somewhat better now.

Harvey underwent Tommy John surgery on his pitching elbow in October and is setting goals of returning to the team in August, though we’re guessing that is unlikely to happen. Harvey vented to the New York Daily News’ Andy Martino Tuesday about the team’s rehab plans for him and about how the team is censoring him.

The Mets plan to have Harvey rehab at the spring training complex in Port St. Lucie, Florida, while Harvey wants to rehab in New York. Harvey says he wants to be around his teammates and be part of the team, especially since his goal is to return in August.

“I expressed that seven months in Port St. Lucie is a long time,” Harvey told the Daily News. “For me, I strongly felt that my best opportunity, and my motivation to come back quicker, stronger, work harder would be to be with the teammates. That’s kind of what I have always said. I have worked so hard to get to the big leagues and be with this team, it just felt like all of a sudden I was shooed to the back.”

Harvey then complained about how he’s been censored by the team over social media and how he was dissatisfied with his spring training locker.

“It’s just the fact that I have been not allowed to talk to anybody, and that every tweet or Instagram I send is, do not write,” Harvey said. “My locker — me and (Jeremy Hefner, also rehabbing) was basically in a closet. I didn’t think that was right. I don’t know exactly who was in charge of the situation.”

Martino noted that the Mets’ longtime PR director seemed to be unhappy about Harvey’s interview, believing that it was going to cause some problems. Harvey ended up meeting with GM Sandy Alderson after his interview and things seemed to be on a better note after that.

The two sides will come to a mutual agreement on a rehab plan in the next week, and we have a feeling it will be more towards Harvey’s liking.

Matt Harvey reportedly dating model Ashley Haas

Ashley-HaasNew York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey has reportedly gone from one model to the next. On Sunday, news surfaced that Harvey had broken up with model Anne V. after roughly eight months of dating. According to the NY Post’s Page Six, the 24-year-old is now seeing another model named Ashley Haas.

Harvey and Haas were apparently seen together at the Cinema Society and Grey Goose party for the upcoming film “Pompeii,” which is based on the infamous volcano. They did not pose for photos together and could very well have been attending the screening as friends, but some comments Harvey made last season make that seem unlikely.

Back in July, Harvey praised Derek Jeter and the women he has dated throughout his career. The Mets pitcher openly said that he wants to model his life around Jeter’s, so dating a second model in a one-year span would seem to fit that plan perfectly.

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Matt Harvey and model girlfriend Anne V break up

Matt Harvey Anne V

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey and his girlfriend, model Anne V., have broken up, according to a report.

US Weekly reported on Sunday that the two split after around eight months together.

“The split was amicable, and they remain good friends,” a source told Us Weekly.

Harvey, 24, is recovering from Tommy John surgery he underwent in October and said to be progressing well. Anne V. even picked him up and took care of him after his operation.

Harvey and Anne V, whose full last name is Vyalitsnya, first were spotted together at a New York Rangers game last May. They have spent parts of the last few months traveling around Thailand and Vietnam but apparently experienced troubles the past few weeks and called it quits.

We can’t help but wonder whether Harvey’s comments that he wanted to have the dating life of Derek Jeter played any role in the breakup.

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Matt Harvey and model Anne Vyalitsyna are still dating

Matt Harvey Tommy John surgery

Remember how New York Mets ace pitcher Matt Harvey boasted that he wanted to model his dating life after Derek Jeter? Well maybe he’s not making as much progress in that realm as he planned. That’s not to say that Harvey is not dating famous supermodels like Jeter, but it is to say that he appears to be with the same woman and not playing the field.

Back in May we shared that Harvey was dating SI swimsuit model Anne Vyalitsyna. The two must still be together — or at least very close — because Vyalitsyna was there to pick up Harvey following his Tommy John surgery this week. She also joked about him being wheeled out in that nice recliner, saying that Harvey was “pimping his ride.”

Anne V. was also out at Petco Park in San Diego to watch Harvey’s Mets play in August. The two hung out with the Bryan Brothers a few days later:

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Matt Harvey is only here to talk about Qualcomm, Dan Patrick. Not Tommy John surgery

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey gave an incredibly uncomfortable injury to Dan Patrick on Wednesday. It was so bad I was literally cringing while listening to it in the same way I cringe when watching that scene in “Swingers” where Mike calls Nikki and leaves like eight straight messages. It was that painful.

Harvey joined the show to promote something for Qualcomm, but the guy just wouldn’t play along with the questions. I’m not sure if he didn’t think Patrick would give him an opportunity to do his plug — which Patrick would have — or if he just didn’t want to talk about the possibility of Tommy John surgery. But he didn’t want to answer questions, that’s for sure. And answering questions generally is a requirement for an interview. The result was a painful, pathetic four and a half minute conversation that only made Harvey look terrible.

As for who Harvey is dating, it used to be SI swimsuit model Anne Vyalitsyna. Rumor has it she dumped him after listening to that terrible interview. By the way, we still say Harvey ends up having the surgery.

Jesus Harvey, what happened to the guy from the fun bathrobe meme?

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Mitch Williams: Matt Harvey could have had torn UCL since high school

The nightmare scenario for New York Mets fans happened on Monday. An MRI revealed that star pitcher Matt Harvey has a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching elbow.

Matt Harvey MetsHarvey, who started the All-Star Game for the NL at Citi Field this summer, is likely to wait a few weeks before deciding whether to have surgery. His options would be rehabbing and hoping that the tear improves, or undergoing Tommy John surgery, which would likely keep him out for the entire 2014 season.

Harvey has said he wants to try avoiding surgery.

Former Philadelphia Phillies closer Mitch Williams thinks that waiting and seeing if the elbow improves is a viable option for Harvey. Why? Because he thinks it’s possible that Harvey has been pitching with the elbow problem since high school.

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