Matt Hasselbeck emails Colts’ Stanford graduates to help his 6th-grade daughter with math homework

Matt Hasselbeck revealed the true reason why he’s on the Indianapolis Colts’ roster: to get preferred tutoring for his 6th-grade daughter.

Colts starting quarterback Andrew Luck was a guest on ESPN’s “NFL Live” on Tuesday and confirmed that Hasselbeck emails the team’s Stanford graduates to provide math homework assistance for his daughter. The question came thanks to inside information from Tim Hasselbeck, who is Matt’s brother.

Including Luck, the Colts have four players on their team who went to Stanford. The others are wide receiver Griff Whalen, tight end Coby Fleener and safety Delano Howell.

Between the four of them, someone should be able to answer the questions.

As if worrying about NFL opponents, getting the playbook down and each week’s game plan weren’t enough, now Colts players have to worry about helping Hasselbeck’s daughter on her math homework. Lovely.

I bet things in the Colts’ locker room are a little big like this:

Also in the interview, Luck confirmed he still uses a flip phone and said that Kyle Orton wears the neck beard better than he does.

Andrew Luck flip phone

Matt Hasselbeck has funny tweet about getting steroid tested


Matt Hasselbeck is still kicking around the NFL as a trusted veteran backup at age 38. Has he been able to play 15 seasons of professional football because of performance-enhancing drugs? That’s highly unlikely, but all NFL players are subject to random testing throughout the year. Hasselbeck got “the call” on Wednesday, and he had a pretty funny reaction.

This seems to be the time of year where the NFL surprises players the most with its random tests. Last year, Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was caught off guard when he had to pee in a cup during a visit to his grandmother’s house. Fair is fair, I suppose.

Trent Dilfer: Matt Hasselbeck saved my life, is the ‘best dude in the world’

Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck have battled for the Tennessee Titans starting-quarterback position throughout the offseason, and the veteran Hasselbeck has taken the competition in stride. Locker made a strong claim to the starting job with an impressive performance Thursday night against the Cardinals. According to Hasselbeck’s former teammate and current analyst Trent Dilfer, Locker couldn’t ask for a better mentor than the one he has this season.

Dilfer and Hasselbeck were teammates in Seattle in 2003, which was the most difficult time of Dilfer’s life. The former quarterback and current analyst tragically lost his 5-year-old son to heart disease. During the ESPN broadcast on Thursday, Dilfer credited Hasselbeck with literally saving his life.

“(Hasselbeck was) walking me through the most difficult time of my life. I mean I was a mess,” Dilfer said, according to Nate Davis of USA TODAY. “I’ll be very transparent. I mean I was 265 pounds and drinking myself to sleep. I’m depressed, my wife’s going, ‘What’s going on?’ And it’s that guy, Matthew Hasselbeck, that says, ‘This is over. I love you too much to let you do this to yourself. You need to come back up to Seattle.’ And I credit Matthew Hasselbeck for the type of father I am, the type of husband I am, because he really saved my life in 2003.

“Jake Locker might be the luckiest guy in the NFL right now. He’s got a good football team, he’s got a great coaching staff, and he’s got the best dude in the world — who probably should be playing — mentoring him and pushing him and teaching him those lessons.”

Obviously the relationship between Dilfer and Hasselbeck extends beyond what most of us can understand. However, the second-year quarterback out of Washington echoed some of Dilfer’s sentiments during his own sideline interview when he thanked Hasselbeck for teaching him how to carry himself both on and off the field.

Hasselbeck has always been a good NFL quarterback and is probably still capable of starting on a few teams across the NFL. The way he has handled himself throughout the offseason has surprised some, but after hearing Dilfer’s story, it sounds like it’s just more of the same from one of the league’s classiest acts.

Matt Hasselbeck Compares His Relationship with Seahawks to Facebook

This past offseason, Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks parted ways after 10 long seasons together. Over the past few years, Hasselbeck has battled a number of injuries. The slowing caused by the injuries coupled with the fact that he had turned 35 contributed to Seattle’s decision to part ways with him. Having led the Seahawks to five straight playoff appearances from 2003-2007 — including a Super Bowl appearance in 2005 — and back to the postseason again last year, Hasselbeck thought he still had plenty left in the tank. Perhaps that is why he has mixed emotions toward his former team, according to Jaguars beat writer Tania Ganguli:

That’s probably about as honest an assessment as we’ll see a player give about his former team. Deep down inside Hasselbeck knows Seattle made the right move by parting ways with him. It was time to look toward the future and start grooming a new quarterback. However, he would be lying if he said he didn’t feel mixed emotions toward a team he spent 10 seasons with that wouldn’t bring him back. Considering we’re all very familiar with Facebook, most of us know exactly what he means.

Seahawks Pay Tribute to Matt Hasselbeck with Thank You Ad in Newspaper

The Seattle Seahawks may not have been too motivated to bring back quarterback Matt Hasselbeck this season, but that doesn’t mean they’re not grateful for his contributions to the team. As The Big Lead shared with us via 30 Acre Fortress, the Seahawks took out a “Thank You” ad in the Sunday newspaper. They also ran a “Thank You Matt” campaign on twitter, encouraging fans to send their thanks to Hasselbeck.

Seattle reportedly offered Hasselbeck a one-year deal this offseason. He turned it down because he wanted more money and a longer contract, and he got that from Tennessee (three years, $21 million).

Hasselbeck compiled a 69-62 record over 10 seasons in Seattle and led them to a Super Bowl appearance in 2005. From 2003-2007, he was one of the more underrated quarterbacks in the NFL. Multiple back surgeries and various injuries have limited him the past three years and he’s no longer a very good quarterback, so Seattle made the right decision to let him go. Although we’re not a fan of the generally lame public “Thank You” card, this was a nice gesture by Seattle.

Matt Hasselbeck Practicing with John Carlson in a Parking Lot

When fans think of NFL players, they think of multi-million dollar athletes who have top of the line personal trainers and the best resources available to them. We’re talking exercise machines, recovery hot tubs, and indoor and outdoor facilities to practice. But many of us forget that with the lockout, players no longer have access to their team’s facilities, meaning they need to find an alternative for workouts.

Some people work out in private facilities, gyms, public parks, local athletic fields, and some … in shopping mall parking lots. That’s Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck for you, who told ESPN that’s what he’s done with his tight end, John Carlson.

“I was throwing in a parking lot with John Carlson, our tight end,” Hasselbeck said. “I’m throwing in a parking lot in front of a Goodwill store and a mattress store in the rain, and people are like ‘can’t you go find a high school field?’ You have no idea what it’s like to get kicked out of a high school field by like a gym teacher, so I’m just going to stick to the parking lot.”

I guess when Hasselbeck tries to pull his teammates together in the huddle and say, “hey, it’s just like those days in the parking lot” he’ll have a real-life reference. Honestly, I never ever thought it would come to something like this. How do they even do things without yard markers? Does Hasselbeck tell Carlson to run down to the Accord and cut in? Run a streak to the jeep? I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine practicing in a parking lot is a good thing. Let’s just hope it’s pretty well deserted.

Antonio Cromartie Tweets to Matt Hasselbeck ‘I Will Smash Your Face in’

With the NFL likely facing a work stoppage in the near future, there is major concern that a new Collective Bargaining Agreement will not be reached between the NFL players and owners. Each side wants to win and neither side wants to make concessions.

A stoppage in the country’s most popular sport would be disastrous, and count Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie as someone against it. He recently stated his desire to have the union work everything out with the owners, minimizing the importance of money. Given his profanity-laced criticism of Tom Brady earlier in the playoffs, the harsh words from Cromartie were not surprising. While there was a lot of merit to what he said, such an attitude would hurt the players’ chances in negotiation with the owners. Because of that, his peers were upset.

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck wrote on his twitter: “Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for.” Hasselbeck ended up deleting that tweet, but it’s left Antonio no less upset. Check out what the cornerback tweeted in response Thursday:

Both players certainly went overboard with their comments, but Cromartie crossed a line. It’s too bad because I appreciate what he was saying — careers are more important than money. The only difference is there’s money out there that someone will be making, why not have the players pocket a larger share than they are now? They need to show solidarity, and one remark like that can hurt their case and make it seem like they’re willing to cave. You know the owners must love him for his comments. And as Jesper points out in the comments, Cromartie is probably worried about feeding all eight (nine?) of his kids.