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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Matt Hasselbeck

Matt Hasselbeck still seems surprised he is getting drug tested

Matt Hasselbeck is entering his 17th NFL season. The 39-year-old has appeared in just seven games over the last two seasons since joining the Indianapolis Colts, but he does not receive special treatment when it comes to drug testing. It looks like Hasselbeck got a love letter from the NFL early Monday morning. Random drug…Read More

Matt Hasselbeck has funny tweet about getting steroid tested

Matt Hasselbeck is still kicking around the NFL as a trusted veteran backup at age 38. Has he been able to play 15 seasons of professional football because of performance-enhancing drugs? That’s highly unlikely, but all NFL players are subject to random testing throughout the year. Hasselbeck got “the call” on Wednesday, and he had…Read More

Trent Dilfer: Matt Hasselbeck saved my life, is the ‘best dude in the world’

Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck have battled for the Tennessee Titans starting-quarterback position throughout the offseason, and the veteran Hasselbeck has taken the competition in stride. Locker made a strong claim to the starting job with an impressive performance Thursday night against the Cardinals. According to Hasselbeck‚Äôs former teammate and current analyst Trent Dilfer, Locker…Read More

Matt Hasselbeck Compares His Relationship with Seahawks to Facebook

This past offseason, Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks parted ways after 10 long seasons together. Over the past few years, Hasselbeck has battled a number of injuries. The slowing caused by the injuries coupled with the fact that he had turned 35 contributed to Seattle’s decision to part ways with him. Having led the Seahawks…Read More

Seahawks Pay Tribute to Matt Hasselbeck with Thank You Ad in Newspaper

The Seattle Seahawks may not have been too motivated to bring back quarterback Matt Hasselbeck this season, but that doesn’t mean they’re not grateful for his contributions to the team. As The Big Lead shared with us via 30 Acre Fortress, the Seahawks took out a “Thank You” ad in the Sunday newspaper. They also…Read More

Matt Hasselbeck Practicing with John Carlson in a Parking Lot

When fans think of NFL players, they think of multi-million dollar athletes who have top of the line personal trainers and the best resources available to them. We’re talking exercise machines, recovery hot tubs, and indoor and outdoor facilities to practice. But many of us forget that with the lockout, players no longer have access…Read More

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